Sunday, July 8

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Introductions to Topics in EC:

Design of Competent Gas: Toward a Computational Theory of Innovation
Dave Goldberg
Intro to GA
Darrell Whitley
Intro to GP
John Koza
Intro to Evolution Strategies
Ingo Rechenberg
Intro to Classifier Systems
Pier Luca Lanzi
Evolutionary Computation: A Unified Overview
Ken DeJong
Immune System Computing
Steven Hofmeyr
Data Mining with Evol. Algs
Alex Freitas
Ant Colony Optimization
Martin Middendorf
Parallel Genetic Algorithms
Erick Cantu-Paz

Advanced Topics in EC:
“No Free Lunch" Theorem
Darrell Whitley
Introduction to GA Theory
Michael Vose
Foundations of GP Theory, I&II
Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms
Kalyanmoy Deb
Evolutionary Scheduling & Routing
Peter Ross

New Directions in EC:

Evolvable Hardware
Tetsuya Higuchi
On-chip Evolvable Hardware
Adrian Stoica
Intro. to Evolutionary Robotics
Takeshi Gomi
GP with Lin./Machine Code Genomes
Wolfgang Banzhaf

Specialized Applications of EC:
Intro to Adaptive Geno-Fuzzy Systems
Chuck Karr
Evol. Design in Structural Engineering
Don Grierson
Introduction to DNA Computing
Junghuei Chen
Russell Deaton
Digital Organisms for Study of Biological Evolution
Charles Ofria
C. Wilke
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One Conference : Many “Mini-Conferences”

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