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Late Breaking Papers as of June 06, 2005
LBP-# Session Session-Order Day-Slot-Rm Late-Breaking Paper Title Author 1 (1st name) Author 1 (Last name) Author 2 (1st name) Author 2 (Last name) Author 3 (1st name) Author 3 (Last name) Author 4 (1st name) Author 4 (Last name) Author 5 (1st name) Author 5 (Last name) Author 6 (1st name) Author 6 (Last name)
21 LBP-1 1 Mon S1 R1 Analyzing the Intelligence of a Genetically Programmed Chess Player Ami Hauptman Moshe Sipper                
22 LBP-1 2 Mon S1 R1 System Identification Using Off-Optimum Data From A Genetic Algorithm Stephen Shervais                    
23 LBP-1 3 Mon S1 R1 Digital Circuit Design Using Dynamic Fitness Functions Ceclia Reis Tenreiro Machado Boaventura Cunha            
27 LBP-1 4 Mon S1 R1 An Evolutionary SPDE breeding based Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimizer: Application in Coordination of Robot Ants for Camera Coverage Area Optimization Debray De Sonai Rai Amit Konar Amita Chatterjee        
30 LBP-1 5 Mon S1 R1 An analysis of iterated density estimation and sampling in the UMDAc algorithm Jrn Grahl Stefan Minner Franz Rothlauf            
31 LBP-1 6 Mon S1 R1 School Bus Routing using Harmony Search Zong Geem                    
32 LBP-2 1 Mon S2 R2 The Species Compete-Die out (SCD) Algorithms Model for Evolutionary Computation Meng Yao Chun-Ni Dai Min Pei Zhu-Jie Xie Chun-Hong Chen    
33 LBP-2 2 Mon S2 R2 The Principal Component Particle Swarm Optimization (PCPSO) Mark Voss                    
35 LBP-2 3 Mon S2 R2 Interpolation and Exploration of Response Surfaces using Evolutionary NURBS, LaGrange Constraint and Cylindrical Operators Alejadro Pea Jesus Antonio Hernandez R.                
37 LBP-2 4 Mon S2 R2 Two Ways to Grow Tissue for Artificial Immune Systems
Peter Bentley Julie Greensmith Supiya Ujjin            
38 LBP-2 5 Mon S2 R2 Design of an Adaptive Mutation Operator in an Electrical Load Management Case Study Alvaro Gomes C. Henggeler Antunes A. Gomes Martins            
40 LBP-3 1 Mon S2 R6 [1] Exploratory Research on Molecular Communication between Nanomachines Tatsuya Suda Michael Moore Tadashi Nakano Ryota Egashira Akihiro Enomoto    
41 LBP-2 6 Mon S2 R2 Is the Economy a living object? Martin Vlcek                    
42 LBP-3 2 Mon S2 R6 Model Reference Adaptive Search: A New Approach to Global Optimization Jiaqiao Hu Michael Fu Steven Marcus            
43 LBP-3 3 Mon S2 R6 Applying Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization to Mission Planning for Time-Sensitive Targets Brad Rosenberg Janet Burge Paul Gonsalves            
45 LBP-3 4 Mon S2 R6 Beneficial Aspects of Neutrality in GP Edgar Galvan Lopez Katya Rodriguez Ricardo Poli            
47 LBP-3 6 Mon S2 R6 Genetic Algorithm Strategies for Voronoi Classifier Navigation Matthew Skalny Jim Overholt Greg Hudas Graham Fiorani        
48 LBP-4 1 Tue S1 R1 Comparison of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms in Optimizing Q-Law Low-Thrust Orbit Transfers Seungwon Lee Paul von Allmen Wolfgang Fink Anastassios E. Petropoulos Richard J. Terrile    
50 LBP-4 2 Tue S1 R1 Evolving Driving Agent for Remote Control of Scaled Model of a Car Ivan Tanev Michal Joachimczak Hitoshi Hemmi Katsunori Shimohara        
52 LBP-4 3 Tue S1 R1 The Impact of Pseudorandom Number Quality on P-RnaPredict, a Parallel Genetic Algorithm for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction Kay C. Wiese Andrew Hendriks Alain Deschenes Belgacem Ben Youssef        
53 LBP-4 4 Tue S1 R1 Reduced Human Fatigue Interactive Evolutionary Computation for Micromachine Design Raffi Kamalian Ying Zhang Hideyuki Takagi Alice M. Agogino        
54 LBP-4 5 Tue S1 R1 Addressing the Even-n-parity problem using Compressed Linear Genetic Programming Johan Parent Annie Nowe Anne Defaweux            
55 LBP-4 6 Tue S1 R1 Automatic Concept Evolution (ACE) Terence Claus Fogarty                    
56 LBP-5 1 Tue S3 R1 Co-operative OuLiPian Generative Literature using Human Based Evolutionary Computing Michelle Okaley Hammond Terence Claus Fogarty                
57 LBP-5 2 Tue S3 R1 FAPSTER - A Generic Algorithm for Frequency Assignment Problem Nihat Karaoglu Bernard Manderick                
58 LBP-5 3 Tue S3 R1 Evolving Multi-Variate Time-Series Patterns for the Discrimination of Fraudulent Financial Filings Thomas Kiehl Bethany Hoogs Christina LaComb Deniz Senturk        
59 LBP-5 4 Tue S3 R1 Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimal Error-Correcting Codes Wolfgang Haas Sheridan Houghten                
60 LBP-5 5 Tue S3 R1 Lessons Learned in Modeling Dynamic Systems using Genetic Programming Juan Flores Mario Graff                
61 LBP-5 6 Tue S3 R1 Discussions on LGA with Parallel System Peng Gang Takeshi Nakatsuru Shigeru Nakayama            
62 LBP-6 1 Wed S1 R1 Autonomous Robot Motion Planning in Diverse Terrain Using Genetic Algorithms Terrence Fries                    
64 LBP-6 2 Wed S1 R1 Comparative Study of Several Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms Ali Farhang Mehr                    
65 LBP-6 3 Wed S1 R1 Queue-based Genetic Programming Elko Tchernev Dhananjay Phatak                
66 LBP-6 4 Wed S1 R1 Genetic Programming for Discrimination of Buried Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Edwin Roger Banks Edwin Nunez Paul Agarwal Claudette Owens Marshall McBride Ron Liedel
67 LBP-6 5 Wed S1 R1 An Incremental Approach to the Proportional GA Han Yu Annie Wu                
68 LBP-6 6 Wed S1 R1 Optimal groundwater sampling network design through ant colony optimization Amy Chan Hilton Yuanhai Li                
69 LBP-7 1 Wed S2 R2 Benchmarking Evolutionary Algorithms: The Huygens Suite Cara MacNish                    
70 LBP-7 2 Wed S2 R2 Evolving a Neural Network Active Vision System for Shape Discrimination Derek James Philip Tucker                
71 LBP-7 3 Wed S2 R2 Co-evolution of Fitness Maximizers and Fitness Predictors Michael Schmidt Hod Lipson                
72 LBP-7 4 Wed S2 R2 Evolving Buildable Flapping Ornithopters Floris van Breugel Hod Lipson                
73 LBP-7 5 Wed S2 R2 Using Fuzzy Logic to Relax Constraints in GA-Based Service Composition Massimiliano Di Penta Luigi Troiano                
74 LBP-7 6 Wed S2 R2 Spontaneous emergence of self-replicating, competing cube species in physical cube automata Greg Studer Hod Lipson                
75 LBP-8 1 Wed S3 R1 The Multi-objective Evolution of Mobile Robot Behavior Praveen Koduru Ashish Ahuja Kyle McDowell Lukas Lansky Sanjoy Das Stephen Welch
76 LBP-8 2 Wed S3 R1 Data Mining Using Hybrid Evolutionary Models for Creating Data Classification Rules Bora Uran Michael Gargano                
77 LBP-8 3 Wed S3 R1 A Case for Exhaustive Optimization Sanza Kazadi Michele Lee Lauren Lee            
78 LBP-8 4 Wed S3 R1 ASPHALT PAVEMENT CRACK CLASSIFICATION: A COMPARISON OF GA, MLP, AND SOM Haroun Rababaah Dana Vrajitoru James Wolfer            
79 LBP-8 5 Wed S3 R1 Classification of Seafloor Habitats using Genetic Programming Sara Silva Yao-Ting Tseng                
80 LBP-8 6 Wed S3 R1 Incorporating Advice into Evolution of Neural Networks Chern Han Yong Kenneth O. Stanley Risto Mikkulainen            
81 LBP-9 1 Wed S3 R2 An FPGA-Based General Purpose Neural Network Chip With On-Chip Learning Yaser M.A. Khalifa Yu Jen Fan                
82 LBP-9 2 Wed S3 R2 Reinventing the Wheel: An Experiment in Geometric Innovation Josh Bongard Hod Lipson                
83 LBP-9 3 Wed S3 R2 A Statistical Comparison of Grammatical Evolution Strategies in the Domain of Human Genetics Bill White Joshua Gilbert Jason Moore            
84 LBP-9 4 Wed S3 R2 Blind Inference of Nonlinear Cable Network Topology from Sparse Data Vic Anand Hod Lipson Francisco Valero-Cuevas            
85 LBP-10 1 Wed S3 R3 Prefix Gene Expression Programming Xin Li Chi Zhou Weimin Xiao Peter C. Nelson        
86 LBP-10 2 Wed S3 R3 Finding the Optimal Search Dimension for Evoultion Strategies with a small Population Yaochu Jin Markus Olhofer Bernhard Sendhoff            
87 LBP-10 3 Wed S3 R3 FTO: A genetic algorithm for tunnel design optimisation Martin Reed Stefan Schenk Gunter Swoboda            
88 LBP-10 4 Wed S3 R3 A Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Dynamic Routing Algorithm with SPDE based Differential Evolution Approach Debray De Sonai Rai Amit Konar Amita Chatterjee        

UnaMay OReilly:
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