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ECP Schedule
27- June
Morning Design Application
Thomas Baeck/chair
10:15 Strategies for Design Optimization: Lessons from Automotive Systems Erik Goodman, Red Cedar Technology
10:45 Evolutionary Computation for the Automated Design of Space Systems Rich Terrile, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11:15 Lens Design Using Hybrid Coded NSGA2 Shaine Joseph, University of Missouri-Rolla
11:45 Evolution Strategies for Engineering Design Optimization Thomas Baeck, NuTech Solutions
Afternoon Marketing/Energy Application
Cem Baydar/chair
13:40 Better Marketing Analytics Using Genetic Algorithms Doug Newell, Genalytics Inc.
14:10 Evolutionary Graphical Design Eric Bonabeau, Icosystem Corporation
14:40 Symbolic Regression in Multicollinearity Problems Flor Castillo, The Dow Chemical Company
15:10 Applying Genetic Programming to Reservoir History Matching Problem Tina Yu, ChevronTexaco


28- June
Morning Technology Transfer from Academia to Industry
David Davis/chair
10:15 How To Get Industry Projects If You're An Academic Darrell Whitley, Colorado State University
10:45 Crystallographic Case Study in an Interdisciplinary Evolutionary Computation Course Margaret Eppstein, The University of Vermont
11:15 University Models for Industrial Interactions Thomas Baeck, NuTech Solutions
Lunch Technology Transfer from Academia to Industry
David Davis/chair
12:30 Results of the EC Survey Gregory Hornby, NASA Ames Research Center
12:50 R&D Best Practices and Technology Vision Cem Baydar, Accenture
01:10 How To Get Hired In Industry If You're A Student David Davis, NuTech Solutions
Afternoon Biomedical Application
Bill Worzel/chair
13:40 Multi-objective Optimization for Concurrent Mining of Disparate Genomic Datasets Cole Harris, Exagen Diagnostics, Inc.
14:10 Neuro-Fuzzy-Evolutionary Computing Masoud Nikravesh, The Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing
14:40 Using GP To Develop Rules For Staging Bladder Cancer Bill Worzel, Genetics Squared, Inc.


29- June
Morning Military Application
Kenneth De Jong/chair
10:15 Army application  
10:45 Navy application  
11:15 Air Force application  
Afternoon Panel
David Davis/chair
13:40 EC applications in the next 10 years  

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