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A-Life, Evolutionary Robotics and Adaptive Behavior:  
# 581 Vinod Valsalam, James Bednar, Risto Miikkulainen: Constructing Good Learners using Evolved Pattern Generators.
# 236 Daniel Ashlock, Justin Schonfeld: A Study of Evolutionary Robustness in Stochastically Tiled Polyominos.
# 113 Ricardo Landa Becerra, Carlos Coello Coello: Optimization with Constraints using a Cultured Differential Evolution Approach.
Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence:
# 221 H. F. Wedde, M. Farooq, T. Pannenbaecker, B. Vogel, C. Mueller, J. Meth, R. Jeruschkat: BeeAdHoc - An Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Inspired by Bee Behavior. 
Artificial Immune Systems:
# 450 F. de Franga, F. Von Zuben, L. de Castro: An Artificial Immune Network for Multimodal Function Optimization on Dynamic Environments.
# 534 F. Gonzalez, J. Galeano, A. Veloza, A. Rojas: Discriminating and Visualizing Anomalies Using Negative Selection and Self-Organizing Maps.
# 291 Zaiyi Guo, Hann Kwang Han, Tay Joc Cing: Sufficiency Verification of HIV-1 Pathogenesis based on Multi-Agent Simulation.
Biological Applications:
# 109 Joshua Payne, Margaret Eppstein: A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
with Pattern Search for Finding Heavy Atoms in Protein Crystals.
# 172 Leon Poladian: A GA for Maximum Likelihood Phylogenetic: Inference using Neighbour-Joining as a Genotype to Phenotype Mapping.
# 488 Habtom Ressom, Rency Varghese, Daniel Saha, Eduard Orvisky,
Lenka Goldman, Christopher Loffredo, Radoslav Goldman: Particle Swarm
Optimization for Analysis of Mass Spectral Serum Profiles.
# 563 Faustino Gomez, Juergen Schmidhuber: Co-evolving Recurrent Neurons Learn Deep Memory POMDPs.
# 515 Sevan Ficici: Monotonic Solution Concepts in Coevolution.
# 302 Elena Popovici, Kenneth DeJong: Understanding Cooperative Co-evolutionary Dynamics via Simple Fitness Landscapes.
Estimation of Distribution Algorithms:
# 161 Kumara Sastry, Hussein A. Abbass, David E. Goldberg, and D. D. Johnson: Sub-structural Niching in Estimation Distribution Algorithms.
# 192 Stefan Droste: Not All Linear Functions are Equally Difficult for the Compact Genetic Algorithm.
# 413

Martin Butz, Martin Pelikan, Xavier Llora, David Goldberg: Extracted Global Structure Makes Local Building Block Processing Effective in XCS.

Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization:
# 299 Katharina Lehmann and Michael Kaufmann: Evolutionary Algorithms for the Self-Organized Evolution of Networks.
# 183 Christian Gunia: On the Analysis of the Approximation Capability of Simple Evolutionary Algorithms for Scheduling Problems.
Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization:
# 1 Frank Neumann, Ingo Wegener: Minimum Spanning Trees Made Easier Via Multi-Objective Optimization.

Evolutionary Strategies & Evolutionary Programming:

# 227 Tobias Storch: Transformations of Objective Functions Change the Behavior of Evolutionary and Black-Box Algorithms.
# 130 Thomas Jansen and Ulf Schellbach: Theoretical Analysis of a Mutation-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for a Tracking Problem in the Lattice.
# 294 Carsten Witt and Jens Jägersküpper: Rigorous Runtime Analysis of a (µ+1) ES for the Sphere Function.
Genetic Algorithms:
# 248 Monte Lunacek, Darrell Whitley, James Knight: Measuring Mobility.
# 387 Shengxiang Yang: Memory-Based Immigrants for Genetic Algorithms in Dynamic Environments.
# 447 Ivan Garibay, Annie S. Wu, Ozlem Garibay: On Favoring Positive Correlations between Form and Quality of Candidate Solutions.
# 487 Edwin de Jong, Richard Watson, Dirk Thierens: On the Complexity of Hierarchical Problem Solving.
# 558 Chongshan Zhang, Khaled Rasheed: Improving GA Search Reliability Using Maximal Hyper-Rectangle Analysis.
# 580 Chandimal de Silva, Joe Suzuki: On the Stationary Distribution of GAs with Fixed Crossover Probability.
Genetic Programming:
# 132 Mark Collins: Finding Needles in Haystacks is Harder with Neutrality.
# 595 Jianjun Hu, Xiwei Zhong, Daisuke Kihara, Erik Goodman: Open-ended Robust Design of Analog filters Using Genetic Programming.
Learning Classifier Systems and Other Genetics-Based Machine Learning:
# 179 Mellor Drew: A First Order Logic Classifier System.
# 411 Martin Butz: Kernel-based, Ellipsoidal Conditions in the Real-Valued XCS Classifier System.
# 557 Daan Wierstra, Faustino Gomez, Juergen Schmidhuber: Modeling Non-Linear Dynamical Systems with Evolino.
Meta-heuristics and Local Search:
# 99 Walter Cedeno and John McLoughlin III: The Enhanced Evolutionary Tabu Search and its Application to the Quadratic Assignment Problem.
Real World Applications:
# 79 Yiu Fai Sit, Risto Miikkulainen: Learning Basic Navigation for Personal Satellite Assistant using Neuroevolution.
# 242 Jeffrey Ridder, Jason HandUber: Mission Planning for Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses Using a Genetic Algorithm.
# 430 Deon Garrett, Dipankar Dasgupta, Rodrigo Silva, Joseph Vannucci, James Simien: Genetic Algorithms for the Sailor Assignment Problem
# 550 Lucas Bradstreet, Luigi Barone, Lyndon While: Map-labelling with a Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm.
Search-based Software Engineering:
# 108 Philip McMinn and Mike Holcombe: Evolutionary Testing of State-Based Programs
# 57 Lionel Briand, Yvan Labiche, and Marwa Shousha: Stress Testing Real-Time Systems with Genetic Algorithms.


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