Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference GECCO-2003

June 26-30, 2004. Seattle, Washington, USA
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All registrants receive:
a) two printed volumes, the Conference Proceedings and the Tutorial Notes;
b) two CD ROMs, one is an electronic version of the Conference Proceedings, the second includes the Workshops Proceedings, the Late-Breaking Papers, the Proceedings of the Evolutionary Computing in Industry track, and the Tutorial Notes;
c) admission to either a workshop or a tutorial in each of the four timeslots on Saturday June 26 and in each of the four timeslots on Sunday June 27;
d) all technical sessions Monday-Wednesday June 28-30;
e) free refreshments; and
f) one admission each to the opening reception and to the poster reception.

Registration Options 

GECCO 2004 Registration

ISGEC or AAAI Members

(on or before March 31)

(April 1- June 2*)

(June 1 or later)





























* We are extending the deadline for taking advantage of the lower GECCO-2004 registration fees to midnight Pacific Time on Wednesday June 2.

You can pay the member rates by joining ISGEC now. You then receive two journals for one year for a total added cost of only $20. Students must send legible proof of student status. A limited number of student travel grants are available to apply, see below.

PDF format
available HERE
DOC format
available HERE

Please complete and email or fax back (1-650-321-4457) (if paying by credit card); if paying by check, please mail to this address:

GECCO 2004
c/o American Association for Artificial Intelligence
445 Burgess Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025

NEW: Online Registration form

GECCO 2004 author instructions PDF format (contains the Springer Copyright Form and the Extra Page Fee Form)

A substantial number of STUDENT TRAVEL GRANTS are available (101 were provide for GECCO 2003). Apply before the end of March.

To apply, please complete this form in PDF format or as a Word Document and send by mail or fax to:

GECCO-2004 Student Travel Grants
c/o American Association for Artificial Intelligence
445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA
Fax: (650) 321-4457

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