Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference GECCO-2003

June 26-30, 2004. Seattle, Washington, USA
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Free Tutorials Planned

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The conference will include over 30 free tutorials from some of the world's foremost experts in several topics of interest to genetic and evolutionary computation researchers and practitioners.

Instructions for Presenters

Workshops and Tutorials Schedule PDF version

Introductory Tutorials .

Genetic Algorithms
June 27 8:30-10:20

Erik Goodman
Genetic Programming
June 27 10:40-12:30
John Koza
Evolution Strategies
June 27 14:00-15:50
Thomas Bäck
A Unified Approach to EC
June 26 14:00-15:50
Ken De Jong
Learning Classifier Systems
June 27 16:10-18:00
Tim Kovacs
Probabilistic Model-building GAs
June 26 16:10-18:00
Martin Pelikan
Particle Swarm Optimization
June 26 8:30-10:20
Russ Eberhart
Introductory Statistics for Evolutionary Computation
June 26 10:40-12:30
Steffen Christensen and Mark Wineberg
Advanced Tutorials  
Genetic Programming Theory
June 27 14:00-15:50
W. B. Langdon
Genetic Algorithm Theory
June 27 10:40-12:30
Jonathan Rowe
Biological Applications
June 26 14:00-15:50
J. Foster, W. Banzhaf
Taxonomy and Coarse Graining in EC
June 26 16:10-18:00
Chris Stephens
No Free Lunch
June 27 16:10-18:00
Darrell Whitley
Multiobjective Optimization with EC
June 27 14:00-15:50
Kalyanmoy Deb
Computational Complexity and EC
June 27 8:30-10:20
Ingo Wegener
Evolvable Physical Media
June 26 8:30-10:20
Julian Miller
Evolvable Hardware Applications
June 26 10:40-12:30
Tetsuya Higuchi
June 26 8:30-10:20
Franz Rothlauf
Theoretical Population Genetics
June 26 14:00-15:50
Joseph Felsenstein
Bionik: Building on Biological Evolution
June 27 10:40-12:30
Ingo Rechenberg
Spatially Structured EAs
June 27 16:10-18:00
Marco Tomassini
Tutorials on Specialized Techniques & Applications  
Interactive Evolutionary Computation
June 26 14:00-15:50
Hideyuki Takagi
Evolutionary Fault Tolerant Systems
June 27 8:30-10:20
Garry Greenwood
GP for Symbolic Regression
June 26 16:10-18:00
Maarten Keijzer
Grammatical Evolution
June 26 10:40-12:30
Conor Ryan
Evolutionary Robotics
June 27 8:30-10:20
Dario Floreano
Evolutionary Music
June 27 10:40-12:30
Al Biles
EAs for Combinatorial Optimization
June 26 8:30-10:20
Peter Ross
Optimization in Dynamic Environments
June 26 16:10-18:00
Jürgen Branke
Evolutionary Algorithms for Design
June 26 10:40-12:30
Ian Parmee
Evolving Neural Networks
June 27 16:10-18:00
Xin Yao
Industrial Evolutionary Computing
June 27 14:00-15:50
Arthur Kordon, Guido Smits
and Mark Kotanchek


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