Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference GECCO-2003

June 26-30, 2004. Seattle, Washington, USA
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Call for Late-Breaking Papers for
Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2004

Submission of LBPs is now closed. A list of accepted papers is available here.

Deadline: 21st May 2004

Papers describing late-breaking developments in the field of genetic and evolutionary computation are being solicited for presentation at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation 2004 Conference (GECCO-2004) to be held on June 26-30 (Saturday-Wednesday), 2004 at the Red Lion hotel in Seattle, Washington USA, and inclusion in a special CD-ROM to be distributed to all attendees of the conference. This special CD-ROM is distinct from the conference proceedings.

The purpose of late-breaking papers is to provide conference attendees with information about research that was initiated, enhanced, improved, or completed after the original paper submission deadline in January 2004.

Late-breaking papers will be briefly examined for relevance and minimum standards of acceptability, but will not be peer reviewed in detail. Paper acceptance decisions will be made as soon as possible after receipt of the submission, so late-breaking papers may be submitted any time between now and the May 21, 2004 deadline.

Note that all papers included in the Late Breaking Papers CD-ROM must also be presented at GECCO-2004. At least one author of each Late Breaking Paper must register for GECCO-2004, or the paper will not appear in the Late Breaking Papers CD-ROM.

We currently plan that late-breaking papers will be presented orally in special sessions held during GECCO-2004.

Authors will individually retain copyright (and all other rights) to their late-breaking papers and should feel free to submit them (either before or after the above deadline) for publication by other conferences or journal-.

Submission procedure

All 4 of the following items must be submitted by May 21, 2004. Because the late-breaking papers are published on a very tight time schedule, please be very attentive in carrying out each of the following 4 steps correctly no later than May 21, 2004:

(1) Send a PDF electronic copy of your paper as an email attachment to the LBP chair, Maarten Keijzer (email: mkeijzer@cs.vu.nl). Late-breaking papers must be submitted in camera-ready form in accordance with the camera-ready GECCO- 2004 format specifications that can be found here. Late-breaking papers should be no more than 12 pages in length. Please be very careful about formatting your paper (and testing it, by printing it out) because of the very tight time schedule. No paper-based submissions can be accepted.

(2) FAX a SIGNED "permission to publish" form that can be downloaded here to the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (FAX: +1-650-321-4457). No paper-based submissions can be accepted.

(3) Send a plain text email to both gecco04abs@aaai.org and mkeijzer@cs.vu.nl including the following information:
- First Name and Last Name for all the authors of the paper
- Paper title
- Abstract
- Name and email of the proposed presenter of the paper

(4) At least one presenter of the paper must have paid the registration fee and be registered for GECCO-2004 by May 21, 2004. Registration may be accomplished in several ways (including FAX and credit card).

Since there will be no opportunity for revisions, authors should be especially careful that their original submission is fully compliant with all requirements above.

Producing a PDF version of your manuscript

PDF documents can be produced either by using commercial software available from Adobe or by using free conversion tools such as those available at http://www.gobcl.com/, http://www.pdf995.com/, http://www.ps2pdf.com/convert/convert.htm for Windows or the ps2pdf and pdflatex utilities under Unix/Linux. In addition, recent versions of MS Word may be able to save directly in PDF format. Please, preview your PDF file with acrobat reader to check that all the fonts and figures are properly reproduced before submitting the manuscript.

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