Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference GECCO-2003

June 26-30, 2004. Seattle, Washington, USA
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Schedule at a Glance
Plenary 08:30-10:00 KEYNOTE SPEECH      
Coffee break                  
Talks 10:30-12:35 GA1 RWA1 AAAA1 GP1 BioApp1 ECI1 GA2 LBP1
Lunch break                  
Talks 13:50-15:30 RWA2 GA3 AAAA2 GP2 SBSE1 ECI2 GA4 LBP2
Coffee break                  
Talks 15:50-17:30 GA5 RWA3 AAAA3 Coevol1 ES1 EvRob GA6 LBP3
Talks 17:30-18:00   
Plenary 08:30-10:00 KEYNOTE SPEECH      
Coffee break                  
Talks 10:30-12:35 RWA4 GP3 GA7 GA8 AIS ECI3 BioApp2 LBP4
Lunch break                  
Talks 13:50-15:30   AAAA4 GA9 GA10 RWA5 ECI4 GP4 SBSE2
Coffee break                  
Talks 15:50-17:30   GA11 LCS1 ES2 RWA6 GA12 EHard LBP5
Talks 17:30-18:00    
Poster session 19:00-22:00  
Plenary 08:30-10:00 ISGEC MEETING      
Coffee break                  
Talks 10:30-12:35 GA13 RWA7 GP5 GA15 GA14 ECI5 BioApp3 LBP6
Lunch break                  
Talks 13:50-15:30 GA16 RWA8 Comp AAAA5 GA17 ECI6 Coevol2 LCS2
Coffee break                  
Talks 15:50-17:30 GA18 RWA9 ES3 LBP7 GA19 LBP8 LBP9 LBP10
Talks 17:30-18:00  

Instructions for Presenters

Includes the late-breaking papers, ECI and the competition session.

Talks highlighted in gray are nominated for best paper awards.

Day/Time/Room Session Chair ID Title Authors
Mon 10:30-12:35 EMERALD I GA1: The best of GA Chair: TBA 320 What Basis for Genetic Dynamics? Chris Stephens, Chryssomalis Chryssomalakos
      423 Dependency Structure Matrix Analysis Tian-Li Yu, David Goldberg
      200 Mating Scheme for Controlling the Diversity-Convergence Balance for Multiobjective Optimization Hisao Ishibuchi, Yohei Shibata
      404 Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Restricted Recombination and Hybrid Genetic Search Gerry Dozier, Hurley Cunningham, Winard Britt, Funing Zhang, Winard Britt, Funing Zhang
      81 Feature subset selection class separability and genetic algorithms Erick Cantu-Paz
Mon 10:30-12:35 EMERALD II RWA1: Prediction and  analysis Chair: TBA 232 Evolutionary Ensemble for Stock Prediction Yung-Keun Kwon, Byung-Ro Moon
      333 Self learning Environment for Life Time Value calculation of customers in Insurance domain Mikhail SIMONOV, Luca Sammartino, Massimo Soroldoni, Andrea Tettamanzi, Mauro Beretta
      154 Comparing Discrete and Continuous Genotypes on the Constrained Portfolio Selection Problem Felix Streichert, Holger Ulmer, Andreas Zell
      111 Exploratory data analysis with interactive evolution Sergey Malinchik, Eric Bonabeau
      103 Generating Multiaxis Tool Paths for Die and Mold Making with Evolutionary Algorithms Klaus Weinert, Marc Stautner
Mon 10:30-12:35 BAINDRIDGE AAAA1: Ants Chair: TBA 491 Cooperative problem solving using an agent based model Michael Kirley, David Cornforth
      222 A Hybrid Ant Colony Optimisation Technique for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Darren Chitty, Marcel Hernandez
      240 Finding Maximum Cliques with Distributed Ants Thang Bui, Joseph Rizzo Jr
      326 Ant System for the $k$-Cardinality Tree Problem Thang Bui, Gnanasekaran Sundarraj
Mon 10:30-12:35 LOPEZ A (5th fl.) GP1: Representations Chair: TBA 186 Virtual Ramping of Genetic Programming Populations Thomas Fernandez
      306 On Multi-Class Classification by Way of Niching Andrew McIntyre, Malcolm Heywood
      391 Alternative Bloat Control Methods Liviu Panait, Sean Luke
      229 Dynamic Limits for Bloat Control Sara Silva, Ernesto Costa
      382 Adapting Representation in Genetic Programming Cezary Janikow
Mon 10:30-12:35 LOPEZ B (5th fl.) BioApp1: The best of BioApp Chair: TBA 256 Evolutionary Computation Techniques for Optimizing Fuzzy Cognitive Maps in Radiation Therapy Systems Konstantinos Parsopoulos, Elpiniki Papageorgiou, Petros Groumpos, Michael Vrahatis
      314 Genetic Programming Neural Networks as a Bioinformatics Tool for Human Genetics Marylyn Ritchie, Christopher Coffey, Jason Moore
      437 Fuzzy Dominance Based Multi-objective GA-Simplex Hybrid Algorithms Applied to Gene Network Models Praveen Koduru, Sanjoy Das, Stephen Welch, Judith L. Roe
      114 GA-facilitated Knowledge Discovery and Pattern Recognition Optimization Michael Peterson, Travis Doom, Michael Raymer
      385 Selection-Insertion schemes in genetic algorithms for the flexible ligand docking problem Helio Barbosa, Camila Magalhaes, Laurent Dardenne
Mon 10:30-12:35 WHIDBEY ECI1: Applications in the aerospace industry Chair: TBA ECI001 Aerodynamic design optimization using evolutionary algorithms Yaochu Jin
      ECI002 How Boeing commercial is leveraging evolutionary computation in design Thomas Dickens
      ECI003 Production Applications of Genetic Algorithm in Multi-disciplinary Aircraft Engine Designs Brent Staubach, Siu Tong
Mon 10:30-12:35 ORCAS GA2: Algorithms Chair: TBA 478 Winnowing Wheat from Chaff: The Chunking GA Hal Stringer, Annie Wu
      363 The Shifting Balance Genetic Algorithm as more than just another Island Model GA Mark Wineberg, Jun Chen
      318 Improving the Perfomance of a Genetic Algorithm by the Use of a Variable-Reordering Algorithm Eduardo Rodriguez-Tello, Jose Torres-Jimenez
      107 Subthreshold Seeking Behavior and Robust Local Search Darrell Whitley, Jonathan Rowe, Keith Bush
      298 Population-based Iterated Local Search: guiding neighbourhood search by crossover Dirk Thierens
Mon 10:30-12:35 SAN JUAN LBP1: Chair: TBA LBP001 Parametric Regression Through Genetic Programming Edwin Roger Banks, James Hayes, Edwin Nunez
      LBP002 The Harmonic Decision Matrix: a group of operators for the fuzzy-logic, multi-objective decisions and optimizations Benoit Bagot
      LBP003  Search Operator Bias in Linearly Structured Genetic Programming Garnet C.  Wilson, Malcolm I.  Heywood
      LBP004 owards a Generally Applicable Self-adapting Hybridization of  Evolutionary Algorithms Wilfried Jakob, Christian Blume, Georg Bretthauer
      LBP005 An Adaptive Diploid Evolutionary Algorithm for Floating-Point Representations in Dynamic Environments A. Sima Uyar
      LBP006 Optimising the Performance of a Formula One Car using a Genetic  Algorithm Krzysztof  Wloch , Peter J.  Bentley
      LBP007 Double Orthogonal Arrays Based Genetic Algorithm for Primer Design Chungnan  Lee, Yi-Te  Li , Jain-Shing  Wu, Ta-Yuan  Chou
      LBP008 Development of the parallel optimization method based on genetic simulated annealing Z.G Wang, Y.S.  Wong , M.  Rahman
Mon 13:50-15:30 EMERALD I RWA2: The best of RWA Chair: TBA 153 Efficient Clustering-Based Genetic Algorithms in Chemical Kinetic Modelling Lionel Elliott, Derek Ingham, Adrian Kyne, Nicolae Mera, Mohamed Pourkashanian, sean whittaker
      185 Evolutionary Drug Scheduling Model for Cancer Chemotherapy Liang Yong, K.S. Leung, Mok Shu Kam Tony
      106 A Broad and Narrow Approach to Interactive Evolutionary Design - An Aircraft Design Example Oliver Bandte, Sergey Malinchik
      300 An Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for DNA Sequencing with Positive and Negative Errors Thang Bui, Waleed Youssef
Mon 13:50-15:30 EMERALD II GA3: Algorithms Chair: TBA 347 Exploiting Modularity Hierarchy and Repetition in Variable-Length Problems Edwin de Jong, Dirk Thierens
      283 Combining a Memetic Algorithm with Integer Programming Ivana Ljubic, Gunnar Klau, Andreas Moser, Petra Mutzel, Philipp Neuner, Ulrich Pferschy, Gnther Raidl, Rene Weiskircher
      321 Distribution of Evolutionary Algorithms in Heterogeneous Networks Juergen Branke, Andreas Kamper, Hartmut Schmeck
      120 Robust and Efficient Genetic Algorithms with Hierarchical Niching and a Sustainable- Jianjun Hu, Erik Goodman
Mon 13:50-15:30 BAINDRIDGE AAAA2: New ideas Chair: TBA 146 Artificial Life and Natural Intelligence Keith Downing
      324 Bluenome: A Novel Developmental Model of Artificial Morphogenesis Taras Kowaliw, Peter Grogono, Nawwaf Kharma
      395 A New Universal Cellular Automaton Discovered by Evolutionary Algorithms Emmanuel Sapin, Olivier Bailleux, Jean-Jacques Chabrier, Pierre Collet
      228 Implications of Epigenetic Learning via Modification of Histones on Performance of GP Ivan Tanev, Kikuo Yuta
Mon 13:50-15:30 LOPEZ A (5th fl.) GP2: The best of GP Chair: TBA 374 Evolving Local Search Heuristics for SAT Using Genetic Programming Alex Fukunaga
      331 Using Genetic Programming to Obtain a Closed-Form Approximation to a Recursive Function Evan Kirshenbaum, Henri Suermondt
      388 A Demonstration of Neural Programming Applied to Non-Markovian Problems Gabriel Balan, Sean Luke
      172 Robotic Control Using Hierarchical Genetic Programming Marcin Pilat, Franz Oppacher
Mon 13:50-15:30 LOPEZ B (5th fl.) SBSE1: The best of SBSE Chair: TBA 319 Search Based Automatic Test-Data Generation at an Architectural Level Yuan Zhan, John Clark
      169 Evaluation of Different Fitness Functions for the Evolutionary Testing of an Autonomous Parking Syst joachim wegener, oliver bhler
      264 Evaluating Evolutionary Testability with Software-Measurements Frank Lammermann, Andre Baresel, joachim wegener
      247 Hybridizing Evolutionary Testing with the Chaining Approach Phil McMinn, Mike Holcombe
Mon 13:50-15:30 WHIDBEY ECI2: Scheduling Chair: TBA ECI004 Scheduling with evolutionary algorithms:  Some thoughts and an example Peter Ross
      ECI005 Scheduling Production and Delivery of Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen to 10,000 Sites With a Combined Genetic Algorithm and Ant System David Davis
      ECI006 Scheduling steam injection for oil wells Charles Guthrie
Mon 13:50-15:30 ORCAS GA4: MOO Chair: TBA 158 Dynamic Uniform Scaling for Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms Gerulf Pedersen, David Goldberg
      62 Optimal Operating Conditions for Overhead Crane Maneuvering Using Multi-Objective EAs Kalyanmoy Deb, Naveen Gupta
      224 Simple Population Replacement Strategies for a Steady-State Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Christine Mumford
      412 Some Issues on the Implementation of Local Search in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Hisao Ishibuchi, Kaname Narukawa
Mon 13:50-15:30 SAN JUAN LBP2: Chair: TBA LBP074  Periodicity Emerges from Evolved Energy-Efficient and  Long-Range Brachiation Richard W. Timm, Hod Lipson
      LBP010 Empirical Comparison of Incremental Reuse Strategies in Genetic Programming for Keep-Away Soccer William H. Hsu, Scott J. Harmon, Edwin Rodriguez, Christopher Zhong
      LBP011 Incremental Evolution of Autonomous Controllers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Multi-objective Genetic Programming Gregory J. Barlow, Choong K. Oh, Edward Grant
      LBP012 KLP Not Always Efficient Sanyou  Zeng, Lixin  Ding, Shuzhen  Yao, Lishan  Kang
      LBP075 Methods for Covering Missing Data in XCS John H. Holmes, Jennifer A. Sager, Warren B . Bilker
      LBP014 An architecture for massive parallelization of the compact genetic algorithm Fernando G. Lobo, Claudio  Lima, Hugo  Martires
Mon 15:50-17:30 EMERALD I GA5: Applications Chair: TBA 462 Dynamic and Scalable Evolutionary Data Mining: Olfa Nasraoui, Carlos Rojas, Cesar Cardona
      450 PID Controller Tuning for Stable and Unstable Processes Applying GA Jose Torres-Jimenez, Marco Paz, Enriqe Quintero
      69 Applying Search Algorithms to the Temperature Inversion Problem Monte Lunacek, Darrell Whitley, Philip Gabriel, Graeme Stephens
      211 Using a Genetic Algorithm to Design and Improve Storage Area Network Architectures Paul Layzell, Liz Dicke, Andrew Byde, Dave Cliff
Mon 15:50-17:30 EMERALD II RWA3: Circuits and controllers Chair: TBA 420 Transfer of Neuroevolved Controllers in Unstable Domains Faustino Gomez, Risto Miikkulainen
      97 An Evolutionary Constraint Satisfaction Solution for Over the Cell Channel Routing ADNAN ACAN, AHMET UNVEREN
      238 A Hybrid Genetic Approach for Circuit Bipartitioning Jong-Pil Kim, Yong-Hyuk Kim, Byung-Ro Moon
      400 An Island-based GA Implementation for VLSI Standard-cell Placement Guangfa Lu, Shawki Areibi
Mon 15:50-17:30 BAINDRIDGE AAAA3: Teams and culture Chair: TBA 291 Cultural Evolution for Sequential Decision Tasks: Dara Curran, Colm O'Riordan
      5 Organizational Strategic Adaptation in the Presence of Inertia and Errorful Assessments of Payoffs Anthony Brabazon, Arlindo Silva, Tiago Ferra de Sousa, Michael O'Neill, Robin Matthews, Ernesto Costa
      176 Automatic Creation of Team-Control Plans Using an Assignment Branch in Genetic Programming Talbott Walter
      393 Efficient Evaluation Functions for Multi-Rover Systems Adrian Agogino, Kagan Tumer
Mon 15:50-17:30 LOPEZ A (5th fl.) Coevol1: The best of Coev Chair: TBA 215 A Cooperative Coevolutionary Multiobjective Algorithm Using Non-dominated Sorting Antony Iorio, Xiaodong Li
      359 Similarities between Co-Evolution and Learning Classifier Systems and their Applications Ramon Palacios-Durazo, Manuel Valenzuela-Rend¢n
      350 The Incremental Pareto-Coevolution Archive Edwin de Jong
      351 Automated Extraction of Problem Structure Anthony Bucci, Jordan Pollack, Edwin de Jong
Mon 15:50-17:30 LOPEZ B (5th fl.) ES1: Representations and algorithms Chair: TBA 147 An evolution strategy using a continuous version of the Gray-code neighbourhood distribution Jonathan Rowe, Dzena Hidovic
      284 Node-depth Encoding for Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to Network Design Alexandre Delbem, Andre de Carvalho, Claudio Policastro, Adriano Pinto, Karen Honda, Anderson Garcia
      30 Convergence Examples of a Filter-Based Evolutionary Algorithm Lauren Clevenger, William Hart
      1 Randomized Local Search Evolutionary Algorithms and the Minimum Spanning Tree Problem Frank Neumann, Ingo Wegener
Mon 15:50-17:30 WHIDBEY EvRob: Evolutionary robotics Chair: TBA 220 Learning to Acquire Autonomous Behavior Yutaka Inoue, Takahiro Tohge, Hitoshi Iba
      184 Evolution Robustness and Adaptation of Sidewinding Locomotion of Simulated Snake-like Robot Ivan Tanev, Thomas Ray, Andrzej Buller
      129 Robot Trajectory Planner using Multi-Objective Genetic Eduardo Pires, Jos‚ Machado, Paulo Oliveira
      145 Evolved Motor Primitives and Sequences in a Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network Rainer Paine, Jun Tani
Mon 15:50-17:30 ORCAS GA6: Analysis and theory Chair: TBA 132 Inequality's Arrow: The Role Of Greed & Order In Genetic Algorithms Anil Menon
      430 Bistability of the Needle Function in the Presence of Truncation Selection Alden Wright, Greg Cripe
      217 Growth Curves and Takeover Time in Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms Gabriel Luque, Enrique Alba
      127 Modelling Selection Intensity for Toroidal Cellular Evolutionary Algorithms Mario GIACOBINI, Enrique Alba, Andrea Tettamanzi, Marco Tomassini
Mon 15:50-18:00 SAN JUAN LBP3: Chair: TBA LBP015 Using GP to Model Contextual Human Behavior - Competitive with Human Modeling Performance Hans  Fernlund, Avelino  Gonzalez
      LBP016 Investigating the evolvability of biologically inspired CA David  Basanta, Mark  Miodownik, Peter  Bentley , Elizabeth  Holm
      LBP017 Phylogenetic inference using evolutionary multi-objective optimisation Leon  Poladian , Lars  Jermiin
      LBP018 A Local Search Algorithm Based on Genetic Recombination for Traveling Salesman Problem Peng  Gang , Ichiro  Iimura, Hidenobu  Tsurusawa, Shigeru  Nakayama
      LBP019 A Comparative Analysis of Simplification and Complexification in the Evolution of Neural Network Topologies Derek James, Philip Tucker
      LBP020 SELF-ADAPTATION IN GENETIC ALGORITHMS USING MULTIPLE GENOMIC  REDUNDANT REPRESENTATIONS Maheswara Prasad, Kasinadhuni Michael L., Gargano Joseph, DeCicco William, Edelson
      LBP021 pplication of a  Neuroevolutionary Approach to Emergent Task Decomposition in Collective Robotics Jekanthan Thangavelautham, Gabriele M.T., D'Eleuterio
      LBP022 Discrimination of Unexploded Ordnance from Clutter Using Linear Genetic Programming Frank D. Francone, Larry Deschaine, Jeffrey J. Warren, Thomas Battenhouse, Jr.
Tue 10:30-12:35 EMERALD I RWA4: Pattern recognition and graphics Chair: TBA 61 Evolving a Roving Eye for Go Kenneth Stanley, Risto Miikkulainen
      451 Feature Synthesis using Genetic Programming for Face Expression Recognition Bir Bhanu, Jiangang Yu, Xuejun Tan, Yingqiang Lin
      270 CellNet Co-Ev: Evolving Better Pattern Recognizers Using Competetive Co-Evolution Nawwaf Kharma, Taras Kowaliw, Chris Jensen, Moghnieh Hussein, Yao Jane
      435 Optimization of Constructive Solid Geometry via a Tree-Based Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Karim Hamza, Kazuhiro Saitou
Tue 10:30-12:35 EMERALD II GP3: Techniques Chair: TBA 39 A Descriptive Encoding Language for Evolving Modular Neural Networks Jae-Yoon Jung, James A. Reggia
      157 Evolving Caching Strategies for the Internet Juergen Branke, Pablo Funes, Frederik Thiele
      59 Shortcomings with Tree-structured Edge Encodings for Neural Networks Gregory Hornby
      286 Evolving Quantum Circuits and Programs through Genetic Programming Paul Massey, John Clark, Susan Stepney
      225 pi Grammatical Evolution Michael O'Neill, Anthony Brabazon, Miguel Nicolau, Sean Mc Garraghy, Peter Keenan
Tue 10:30-12:35 BAINDRIDGE GA7: Analysis and theory Chair: TBA 4 The Ising Model on the Ring: Mutation versus Recombination Simon Fischer, Ingo Wegener
      328 Ruffled by Ridges: How Evolutionary Algorithms can fail Darrell Whitley, Monte Lunacek
      338 Upper Bounds on the Time and Space Complexity of Optimizing Additively Separable Functions Matthew Streeter
      98 Analysis of the (1+1) EA for a Noisy OneMax Stefan Droste
      305 A Statistical Model of GA Dynamics for the OneMax Problem Bulent Buyukbozkirli, Erik Goodman
Tue 10:30-12:35 LOPEZ A (5th fl.) GA8: Algorithms Chair: TBA 414 Trap Avoidance in Strategic Game Playing with Case Injected Genetic Algorithms Chris Miles, Sushil Louis, Rich Drewes
      341 Adaptive sampling for noisy problems Erick Cantu-Paz
      167 Parameter-less Optimization with the Extended Compact Genetic Algorithm and Iterated Local Search Cl udio Lima, Fernando Lobo
      56 Introduction of a New Selection Parameter in Genetic Algorithm Laure Rigal, Bruno Castanier, Philippe Castagliola
      3 Simultaneity Matrix for Solving Hierarchically Decomposable Functions Chatchawit Aporntewan, Prabhas Chongstitvatana
Tue 10:30-12:35 LOPEZ B (5th fl.) AIS: Artificial Immune Systems Chair: TBA 35 A Comment on opt-AiNET: An Immune Network Algorithm for Optimisation Jonathan Timmis, Camilla Edmonds
      438 Real-Valued Negative Selection using Variable-Sized Detectors Zhou Ji, Dipankar Dasgupta
      2 An investigation of r-chunk detector generation on higher alphabets Thomas Stibor, Kpatscha M. Bayarou
      60 Combining Computational Immunology and Coevolutionary GA for Anomaly Detection Xiaoshu Hang, Honghua Dai
      415 Vulnerability Analysis of Immunity-Based Intrusion Detection Systems Using Evolutionary Hackers Gerry Dozier, Douglas Brown, Krystal Cain, John Hurley
Tue 10:30-12:35 WHIDBEY ECI3: Applications in the automotive and military industry Chair: TBA ECI007 Decomposition-based assembly synthesis of automotive body structures Kazuhiro Saitou
      ECI008 Multiobjective optimization with GA's is now considered David Powell
Tue 10:30-12:35 ORCAS BioApp2: Regulatory networks and classification Chair: TBA 429 Automating Genetic Network Inference Using a Very Low Sampling Estimation-Verification EA Josh Bongard, Hod Lipson
      262 A GA Approach to the Definition of Regulatory Signals in Genomic Sequences Roberto Mosca, Giulio Pavesi, Mauri Giancarlo
      130 Optimizing Topology and Parameters of Gene Regulatory Network Models from Time-Series Experiments Christian Spieth, Felix Streichert, Nora Speer, Andreas Zell
      52 Identification of Informative Genes for Molecular Classification Topon Paul, Hitoshi Iba
      23 Comparing Genetic Programming and Evolution Strategies on Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks Felix Streichert, Hannes Planatscher, Christian Spieth, Holger Ulmer, Andreas Zell
Tue 10:30-12:35 SAN JUAN LBP4: Chair: TBA LBP023 Investigation of Constant Creation Techniques in the Context of Gene Expression Programming Xin Li, Chi Zhou, Peter C. Nelson, Thomas M. Tirpak
      LBP024 An Agent Too Far: The Genetic Distance Evaluation of a Simulated  World E. J. P. Earon, G. M. T. D'Eleuterio
      LBP025 Improving Evolutionary Algorithms with Multi-representation Island Models Zbigniew Skolicki, Kenneth De Jong
      LBP026 A-HEP: Adaptive Hybrid Evolutionary Programming for Learning Bayesian  Networks Kit-Ying Lee, Man-Leung Wong, Yong Liang, Kwong-Sak Leung, Kin-Hong Lee
      LBP027 Parsing Probabilistic Context Free Languages with Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms Ramon Lefuel, Brian J. Ross
      LBP029 Developing Automated Helicopter Models Using Simulated Annealing and Genetic Search Namir  Aldawoodi , Rafael  Perez , Wendy  Alvis, Kimon Valavanis
      LBP071 Advanced Formula Prediction using Simulated Annealing Namir Aldwoodi, Rafael Perez
      LBP031 The RBF-Gene model Virginie LEFORT, Carole KNIBBE, Guillaume BESLON, Joël FAVREL
Tue 13:50-15:30 EMERALD II AAAA4: The best of AAAA Chair: TBA 15 Adaptive and Evolvable Network Services Tadashi Nakano, Tatsuya Suda
      137 Using Clustering Techniques to Improve the Performance of a Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimizer Gregorio Toscano Pulido, Carlos Coello Coello
      482 An Interactive Artificial Ant Approach to Non-Photorealistic Rendering Yann Semet, Una-May O'Reilly, Fredo Durand
      296 Evolving a self-repairing mature French flag organism Julian Miller
Tue 13:50-15:30 BAINDRIDGE GA9: Linkage learning and model building Chair: TBA 390 Real-coded Bayesian Optimization Algorithm Chang Wook Ahn, R. S. Ramakrishna, David Goldberg
      394 Quality and Efficiency of Model Building for Genetic Algorithms Tian-Li Yu, David Goldberg
      315 Introducing Subchromosome Representations to the Linkage Learning Genetic Algorithm Ying-ping Chen, David Goldberg
      199 Linkage Identification by Nonlinearity Check for Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms Masaru Tezuka, masaharu munetomo, Kiyoshi Akama
Tue 13:50-15:30 LOPEZ A (5th fl.) GA10: Rules and neurons Chair: TBA 237 Experimental Evaluation of Discretization Schemes for Rule Induction Jesus Aguilar-Ruiz, Jaume Bacardit, Federico Divina
      418 Evolving Reusable Neural Modules Joseph Reisinger, Kenneth Stanley, Risto Miikkulainen
      213 Training Neural Networks with GA Hybrid Algorithms Enrique Alba, J. Francisco Chicano
      452 Evolution of Fuzzy Rule BAsed Classifiers Jonatan Gomez
Tue 13:50-15:30 LOPEZ B (5th fl.) RWA5: Image and signal processing Chair: TBA 193 Designing Multiplicative General Parameter Filters Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithms Jarno Martikainen, Seppo J. Ovaska
      175 Discovery of Human-Competitive Image Texture Features Using Genetic Programming Brian Lam, Vic Ciesielski
      112 Memetic Optimization of Video Chain Designs Walid Ali, Alexander Topchy
      439 Reducing the Cost of the Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm with Image Local Response in Electronic Imagi Igor Maslov
Tue 13:50-15:30 WHIDBEY ECI4: Antennae and Evolutionary Hardware Chair: TBA ECI009 The engineer's role in automated design of antennas Derek Linden
      ECI010 Electromagnetic Design using Evolutionary Computations at Boeing James M. Bornholdt
      ECI011 Evolved Antennas for NASA's Space Technology 5 Mission Jason Lohn
Tue 13:50-15:30 ORCAS GP4: Analysis Chair: TBA 121 Softening the Structural Difficulty in Genetic Programming with TAG-Based Representation and Inserti Hoai Nguyen, McKay R I
      192 On the strength of size limits in linear genetic programming Nic McPhee, Alex Jarvis, Ellery Crane
      349 A competitive building block hypothesis Conor Ryan, Hammad Majeed, R. Muhammad Atif Azad
      91 Fitness Clouds and Problem Hardness in Genetic Programming Leonardo Vanneschi, Manuel Clergue, Philippe Collard, Marco Tomassini, Sebastien Verel
Tue 13:50-15:30 SAN JUAN SBSE2: Other SBSE Chair: TBA 372 Finding Optimal Metrics To Classify Software Maintainability Using A Parallel Genetic Algorithm Rodrigo Vivanco, Nicolino Pizzi
      308 Mutation Testing Using Genetic Algorithms: A Co-evolution Approach Konstantinos Adamopoulos, Mark Harman, Rob Hierons
      152 Using Interconnection Style Rules to Infer Software Architecture Relations Mitchell Brian, Spiros Mancoridis, Martin Traverso
Tue 15:50-17:30 EMERALD II GA11: Analysis and theory Chair: TBA 446 Looking Under the EA Hood with Price's Equation Jeffrey Bassett, Mitchell Potter, Kenneth De Jong
      303 How Are We Doing? Predicting Evolutionary Algorithm Performance Mark Renslow, Brenda Hinkemeyer, Bryant Julstrom
      85 Computational Complexity and Simulation of Rare Events of Ising Spin Glasses Martin Pelikan, Jiri Ocenasek, Simon Trebst, Matthias Troyer, Fabien Alet
      33 Schema Disruption in Chromosomes that are Structured as Binary Trees William Greene
Tue 15:50-17:30 BAINDRIDGE LCS1: The best of LCS Chair: TBA 376 Bounding Learning Time in XCS Martin Butz, David Goldberg, Pier Luca Lanzi
      281 High classification accuracy does not imply effective genetic search Tim Kovacs, Manfred Kerber
      277 Gradient-based Learning Updates Improve XCS Performance in Multistep Problems Martin Butz, David Goldberg, Pier Luca Lanzi
      279 Mixed Decision Trees: Minimizing Knowledge Representation Bias in LCS Xavier Llora, Stewart Wilson
Tue 15:50-17:30 LOPEZ A (5th fl.) ES2: The best of ES Chair: TBA 71 Actuator Noise in Recombinant Evolution Strategies on General Quadratic Fitness Models Hans-Georg Beyer
      214 On the Complexity to Approach Optimum Solutions by Inhomogeneous Markov Chains Andreas Albrecht
      9 An Analysis of the ($\mu$+1)~EA on Simple Pseudo-Boolean Functions Carsten Witt
      18 On the Choice of the Population Size Tobias Storch
Tue 15:50-17:30 LOPEZ B (5th fl.) RWA6: Vehicles and traffic Chair: TBA 139 Co-evolutionary Agents Self-organization for city traffic congestion modeling Luis Hercog
      480 Solution to the Fixed Airbase Problem for Autonomous URAV Site Visitation Sequencing Amit Agarwal, Meng-Hiot Lim, Chan Yee Chew, Tong Kiang Poo, Meng Joo Er, Yew Kong Leong
      484 Inflight Rerouting for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Amit Agarwal, Meng-Hiot Lim, Maung Ye Win Kyaw, Meng Joo Er
      352 Evolution-Based Deliberative Planning for Cooperating Unmanned Ground Vehicles in a Dynamic Environm Talib Hussain, David Montana, Gordon Vidaver
Tue 15:50-17:30 WHIDBEY GA12: Crossover Chair: TBA 332 An Effective Real-Parameter Genetic Algorithm with Parent Centric Normal Crossover for Multimodal Op Pedro Ballester, Jonathan N. Carter
      346 Crossover Population Dynamics and Convergence in the GAuGE System Miguel Nicolau, Conor Ryan
      288 Topological Interpretation of Crossover Alberto Moraglio, Riccardo Poli
      196 Central Point Crossover for Neuro-Genetic Hybrids Soonchul Jung, Byung-Ro Moon
Tue 15:50-17:30 ORCAS EHard: Evolvable hardware Chair: TBA 255 A Reconfigurable Chip for Evolvable Hardware Yann Thoma, Eduardo Sanchez
      477 High Temperature Experiments for Circuit Self-Recovery Didier Keymeulen, Ricardo Zebulum, Vu Duong, Michael Ferguson, Xin Guo, Adrian Stoica
      416 The Emergence of Ontogenic Scaffolding in a Stochastic Development Environment John Rieffel, Jordan Pollack
      409 On the Evolution of Analog Electronic Circuits Using Building Blocks on a CMOS FPTA Joerg Langeheine, Martin Trefzer, Daniel Bruederle, Karlheinz Meier, Johannes Schemmel
Tue 15:50-18:00 SAN JUAN LBP5: Chair: TBA LBP046 Virtual Witches and Warlocks: A Quidditch Simulator and  Quidditch-Playing Teams Coevolved via Genetic Programming Raphael Crawford-Marks, Lee Spector, Jon Klein
      LBP033 Crossover and Mutation in Genetic Algorithms Using Graph-Encoded Chromosomes Sam Stone, Brian Pillmore, Walling Cyre
      LBP034 An Evolutionary Approach for Multiobjective Optimization using  Adaptive Representation of Solutions Crina Grosan
      LBP035  Convergence Control in ACO Bernd Meyer
      LBP036 Genetic Network Programming with Reinforcement Learning  and its Performance Evaluation Shingo Mabu, Kotaro Hirasawa, Jinglu Hu
      LBP037 Improving on the Kalman Swarm: Extracting its Essential Characteristics Christopher K., Monson Kevin, D. Seppi
      LBP038  Using Genetic Programming to Evolve Weighting Schemes  for the Vector Space Model of Information Retrieval Ronan Cummins, Colm O'Riordan
      LBP039 Determining the Best Parent Selection Method for a Genetic  Algorithm through Varying Problem Sizes and Complexities Daman Oberoi, Bart Ryler
Wed 10:30-12:35 EMERALD I GA13: Representations  Chair: TBA 201 The Edge-Set Encoding Revisited Carsten Tzoppe, Franz Rothlauf, Hans Josef Pesch
      396 Improving the Locality Properties of Binary Representations Adrian Grajdeanu, Kenneth De Jong
      479 An Effective Chromosome Representation for Evolving Flexible Job Shop Schedules Joc Cing Tay, Djoko Wibowo Wibowo
      464 Effects of module encapsulation in repetitively modular genotypes on the search space Ivan Garibay, Ozlem Garibay, Annie Wu
      392 Evolving Genotype to Phenotype Mappings with a Multiple-Chromosome Genetic Algorithm Chow Rick
Wed 10:30-12:35 EMERALD II RWA7: Applications Chair: TBA 42 Unveiling Optimal Operating Conditions for an Epoxy Polymerization Process Using Multi-Objective EA Kalyanmoy Deb, Kishalay Mitra, Rinku Dewri, Saptarshi Majumdar
      280 Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for Multi-Objective Optimisation of Water Distribution Networks Ed Keedwell, Soon-Thiam Khu
      454 The Lens Design using the CMA-ES Algorithms Yuichi Nagata
      148 Validating a model of colon colouration using an Evolution Strategy with adaptive approximations Dzena Hidovic, Jonathan Rowe
      118 Optimized Design of MEMS Raffi Kamalian, Hideyuki Takagi, Alice Agogino
Wed 10:30-12:35 BAINDRIDGE GP5: Operators Chair: TBA 340 Run Transferable Libraries --- Learning Functional Bias in Problem Domains Maarten Keijzer, Mike Cattolico, Conor Ryan
      110 Comparison of Selection Strategies for Evolutionary Quantum Circuit Design Andr‚ Leier, Wolfgang Banzhaf
      48 On Na‹ve Crossover Biases with Reproduction for Simple Solutions to Classification Problems David Terrio, Malcolm Heywood
      258 Grammatical Constant Creation Ian Dempsey, Michael O'Neill, Anthony Brabazon
      364 Memetic Crossover for Genetic Programming Brent Eskridge, Dean Hougen
Wed 10:30-12:35 LOPEZ A (5th fl.) GA15: Operators Chair: TBA 368 Designing Competent Mutation Operators via Probabilistic Model Building of Neighborhoods Kumara Sastry, David Goldberg
      466 A Gene Based Adaptive Mutation Strategy for Genetic Algorithms Sima Uyar, Sanem Sariel, Gulsen Eryigit
      293 Let's Get Ready to Rumble: Crossover Versus Mutation Head to Head Kumara Sastry, David Goldberg
      254 A Systematic Study of Genetic Algorithms with Genotype Editing Chien-Feng Huang, Luis Rocha
      453 Self Adaptation of Operator Rates in Evolutionary Algorithms Jonatan Gomez
Wed 10:30-12:35 LOPEZ B (5th fl.) GA14: Applications Chair: TBA 73 Metaheuristics for Natural Language Tagging Lourdes Araujo, Gabriel Luque, Enrique Alba
      47 Two-and-a-Half Evolutionary Codings of Rectilinear Steiner Arborescences Bryant Julstrom, Athos Antoniades
      204 Effectiveness of Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms in the Design of a Robust Saturated Con Andrea Soltoggio
      471 Limit Cycle Prediction in Nonlinear Multivariable Systems Using Genetic Algorithm Farzan Rashidi
Wed 10:30-12:35 WHIDBEY ECI5: Design issues Chair: TBA ECI012 Design of automotive body structures for crashworthiness Kazuhiro Saitou
      ECI013 Evolving Everyday Products: Rocket Science or Art Shail Patel
      ECI014 Optimization of store performance for personalized pricing using evolutionary computation Cem Baydar
Wed 10:30-12:35 ORCAS BioApp3: Modelling, alignment, and more Chair: TBA 233 A Genetic Approach for Gene Selection on Microarray Expression Data Yong-Hyuk Kim, Su-Yeon Lee, Byung-Ro Moon
      190 Evolving Better Multiple Sequence Alignments Luke Sheneman, James Foster
      316 Systems Biology Modeling in Human Genetics using Petri Nets and Grammatical Evolution Jason Moore, Lance Hahn
      488 An evolutionary approach with pharmacophore-based scoring functions for virtual database screening Jinn-Moon Yang, Tsai-Wei Shen, Yen-Fu Chen, Yi-Yuan Chiu
      379 Computer-Aided Peptide Evolution for Virtual Design Belda Ignasi, Xavier Llora, Matinell Marc, Tarrago Teresa, Giralt: Ernest
Wed 10:30-12:35 SAN JUAN LBP6: Chair: TBA LBP040 Crossover and Mutation in Genetic Algorithms Using Graph-Encoded Chromosomes Sam Stone, Brian Pillmore, Walling Cyre
      LBP041 Control structures in linear and stack-based Genetic Programming Elko B. Tchernev, Dhananjay S. Phatak
      LBP042 Constraint Handling of an Optical Components Selection Problem using a new Genetic Crossover Scheme Mohammad Amin, Malin  Premaratne
      LBP043 EcoSFERES: A Tool for the Design of Self-Organized Agent-Based Applications Stéphane DONCIEUX, Samuel LANDAU, Nicolas GUELFI
      LBP044 Developing Cooperation of Multiple Agents Using Genetic Network Programming with Automatically Defined Groups Tadahiko Murata, Takashi Nakamura
      LBP045 Genetic Programming for Guiding Branch and Bound Search Konstantinos Kostikas, Charalambos Fragakis
      LBP032  An Evolutionary Technique for Multicriterial Optimization Based on Endocrine Paradigm Corina Rotar
      LBP047 A Grid-based Ant Colony System for Automatic Program Synthesis Sergio A. Rojas, Peter J. Bentley
Wed 13:50-15:30 EMERALD I GA16: Techniques Chair: TBA 45 Encoding Bounded-Diameter Spanning Trees for Evolutionary Search with Random Keys Bryant Julstrom
      402 Non-Stationary Subtasks can Improve Diversity in Stationary Tasks Christopher Willis-Ford, Terry Soule
      375 Modeling dependencies of loci with string classification according to fitness differences miwako tsuji, masaharu munetomo, Kiyoshi Akama
      485 Interactive one-max problem allows to compare the performance of interactive and human-based GA Chihyung Cheng, Alexander Kosorukoff
Wed 13:50-15:30 EMERALD II RWA8: Applications Chair: TBA 413 Evolving Wavelets using a Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithm and Lifting Uli Grasemann, Risto Miikkulainen
      246 Genetic Lagrange Multiplier Optimization for Multi-Campaign Assignment Problem Yong-Hyuk Kim, Byung-Ro Moon
      440 A Generic Network Design for a Closed-loop Supply Chain using Genetic Algorithm Eoksu Sim, Sungwon Jung, Haejoong Kim, Jinwoo Park
      455 Automatic Synthesis of an 802.11a Wireless LAN Antenna using Genetic Programming Rian Sanderson
Wed 13:50-15:30 BAINDRIDGE Comp: Competitions Chair: TBA Com001 Introduction Simon Lucas
      Com002 Winner Tiny GP competition To be determined
      Com003 Winner Learning DFA from noisy data competition To be determined
      Com004 Winner CELLZ competion To be determined
      Com005 Runner ups and discussion To be determined
Wed 13:50-15:30 LOPEZ A (5th fl.) AAAA5: Swarms Chair: TBA 134 SWAF: Swarm Algorithm Framework for Numerical Optimization Xiao-Feng Xie, Wen-Jun Zhang, Zun-Jing Wang
      212 Grammatical Swarm Michael O'Neill, Anthony Brabazon
      143 Adaptively Choosing Neighbourhood Bests using Species in a Particle Swarm Optimizer Xiaodong Li
      136 The Kalman Swarm Christopher Monson, Kevin Seppi
      141 Better Spread and Convergence: Particle Swarm Multiobjective Optimization Using the Maximin Fitness Xiaodong Li
Wed 13:50-15:30 LOPEZ B (5th fl.) GA17: EDA and BOA Chair: TBA 115 Fitness Inheritance in the Bayesian Optimization Algorithm Martin Pelikan, Kumara Sastry
      168 Parameter-less Hierarchical BOA Martin Pelikan, Tz-Kai Lin
      230 PolyEDA: Combining Estimation of Distribution Algorithms and Linear Inequality Constraints Joern Grahl, Franz Rothlauf
      427 An Estimation of Distribution Algorithm Based on Maximum Entropy Alden Wright, Riccardo Poli, Chris Stephens, W. B. Langdon, Sandeep Pulavarty
Wed 13:50-15:30 WHIDBEY ECI6: Panel Chair: TBA ECI-PANEL PANEL Discussion on "Next steps in evolutionary computation in industry"  
Wed 13:50-15:30 ORCAS Coevol2: Analysis, theory and MOO Chair: TBA 218 Predicting Genetic Drift in $2\times2$ Games Anthony Liekens, Huub ten Eikelder, Peter Hilbers
      72 A model of coevolutionary Genetic Algorithms on two-bit landscape Chang Ming
      263 A Sensitivity Analysis of a Cooperative Coevolutionary Algorithm Biased for Optimization Liviu Panait, R. Wiegand, Sean Luke
Wed 13:50-15:30 SAN JUAN LCS2: Analysis and improvements Chair: TBA 271 Analysis and improvements of the Adaptive Discretization Intervals knowledge representation Jaume Bacardit, Josep Maria Garrell-Guiu
      57 Classifier Systems for Continuous Payoff Environments Stewart Wilson
      101 Improving MACS thanks to a comparison with 2TBNs Sigaud Olivier, Thierry Gourdin, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin
      335 System Level Hardware--Software Design Exploration with XCS Fabrizio Ferrandi, Pier Luca Lanzi, Donatella Sciuto
Wed 15:50-17:30 EMERALD I GA18: Analysis and theory Chair: TBA 94 A Polynomial Upper Bound for a Mutation-Based Algorithm on the Two-Dimensional Ising Model Simon Fischer
      195 Epistasis Measures for Detecting Independently Optimizable Partitions of Variables Byung-Ro Moon, DONG-IL SEO, Sung-Soon Choi
      164 The Royal Road Not Taken Brian Howard, John Sheppard
      54 Polynomial Approximation of Survival Probabilities Under Multi-Point Crossover Sung-Soon Choi, Byung-Ro Moon
Wed 15:50-17:30 EMERALD II RWA9: Real world applications Chair: TBA 119 Multiple Species Weighted Voting ? a Genetic-Based Machine Learning System Alexander Tulai, Franz Oppacher
      389 Object Oriented Design and Implementation of a General Evolutionary Algorithm Robert Vanyi
      29 An informed operator based genetic algorithm for tuning the reaction rate parameters of Nicolae Mera, Lionel Elliott, Derek Ingham, Adrian Kyne, Mohamed Pourkashanian, Christopher Wilson
      49 Biomass Inferential Sensor Based on Ensemble of Models Generated by Genetic Programming Arthur Kordon, Elsa Jordaan, Lawrence Chew, Guido Smits, Torben Bruck, Keith Haney, Annika Jenings
Wed 15:50-17:30 BAINDRIDGE ES3: Techniques Chair: TBA 426 A Novel Multi-objective Orthogonal Simulated Annealing Algorithm Shu Li-Sun, Ho Shinn-Jang, Ho Shinn-Ying, Chen Jian-Hung
      90 Program Evolution by Integrating EDP and GP Kohsuke Yanai, Hitoshi Iba
      131 An Improved Diversity Mechanism for Solving Constrained Optimization Problems Efren Mezura Montes, Carlos Coello Coello
      221 Reducing Fitness Evaluations Using Clustering Techniques and Neural Network Ensembles Yaochu Jin, Bernhard Sendhoff
Wed 15:50-18:00 LOPEZ A (5th fl.) LBP7: Chair: TBA LBP048 Repeated Sequences in Linear GP Genomes W. B. Langdon, W. Banzhaf
      LBP013 A philosophical essay on life and its connections  with genetic algorithms Fernando G, Lobo
      LBP050 An Application of Evolutionary Algorithms to Predict the  Extent of SLHF Anomaly Associated with Coastal Earthquake Guido Cervone, Liviu Panait, Ramesh Singh, Menas Kafatos, Sean Luke
      LBP051  Function Approximation by means of Multi-Branches Genetic  Programming Katya Rodriguez-Vazquez, Carlos Oliver-Morales
      LBP052 Equilibrium and Extinction In a  Trisexual Diploid Mating System Erik Buehler, Sanjoy Das, Jack F. Cully
      LBP053 Ant Colony Algorithms for Routing in Sensor Networks Sanjoy Das, Gurdip Singh, Seep Pujar, Praveen Koduru
      LBP054 Enhancing A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Through Flexible Evolution Daniel Salazar, Blas Galván, Gabriel Winter
      LBP055 Simple Incremental Testing John Woodward
Wed 15:50-17:30 LOPEZ B (5th fl.) GA19: Techniques Chair: TBA 38 Clustering with Niching Genetic K-means Algorithm Weiguo Sheng, Allan Tucker, Xiaohui Liu
      67 Solving Large-Scale Integer Linear Programs Using A Customized Genetic Algorithm Kalyanmoy Deb, Koushik Pal
      442 Inducing Sequentiality Using Grammatical Genetic Codes Ohnishi Kei, Kumara Sastry, Ying-ping Chen, David Goldberg
      257 A Note on Classification with Scaled Genetic Algorithms in a Coevolutionary Setting Lothar Schmitt
Wed 15:50-18:00 WHIDBEY LBP8: Chair: TBA LBP056 Organization Design Optimization Using Genetic Programming Bijan KHosraviani, Raymond E. Levitt, John R. Koza
      LBP057 Navigation Using Inverting Genetic Algorithms: Initial Conditions and Node-Node Transitions Steven J. Simske, David C. Matthews
      LBP058  Breeding Swarms: A GA/PSO Hybrid Matthew Settles, Terence Soule
      LBP059 Evolutionary Music Composer Yaser M.A. Khalifa, Hunter Shi, Gustavo Abreu
      LBP060 A Correlated Fitness Landscape Describes Growth in Experimental Microbial Ecosystems: Initial Results Frederik P.J. Vecasteele, Thomas F. Hess, Ronald L. Crawford
      LBP061 Association-Based Evolution of Comprehensible Neural Logic Networks Henry Wai-Kit Chia, Chew-Lim  Tan
      LBP062 Functional Modularity in the Test Bed of Economic Theory -- Using Genetic Shu-Heng Chen, Bin-Tzong Chie
      LBP064 An Autonomous Agent-Based Surveillance System Yaser Khalifa, Ehi Okoene
Wed 15:50-18:00 ORCAS LBP9: Chair: TBA LBP063 How to Draw a Straight Line Using a GP: Benchmarking Evolutionary Design Against 19th Century Kinematic Synthesis Hod Lipson
      LBP065 Evolving Dynamic Gaits on a Physical Robot Viktor Zykov, Josh Bongard, Hod Lipson
      LBP066 Relationship between Genetic Algorithms and Ant Colony Optimization Osvaldo Gómez, Benjamín Barán
      LBP067 Understanding Competitive Co-evolutionary Dynamics via Fitness  Landscapes Elena Popovici, Kenneth De Jong
      LBP068 Lamarckian Repair and Darwinian Repair    in EMO Algorithms for Multiobjective 0/1 Knapsack Problems Shiori Kaige, Kaname Narukawa, Hisao Ishibuchi
      LBP069 Exhaustive Directed Search Sanza Kazadi, Daniel Johnson, Jhanisus Melendez, Brian Goo
      LBP070 On the sampling property of real-parameter crossover Shin  Ando, Shigenobu  Kobayashi
      LBP030 Complementary selection and variation for an efficient multiobjective optimization of complex systems Benoit BAGOT, Hartmut POHLHEIM
Wed 15:50-18:00 SAN JUAN LBP10: Chair: TBA LBP072 The Evolution of Genetic Regulatory Networks for Single and Multicellular Development Sanjeev Kumar
      LBP073 Feature Selection and Classification in Brain Computer Interfaces by a Genetic Algorithm Luca Citi, Riccardo Poli, Caterina Cinel, Francisco Sepulveda
      LBP009 Chemical Genetic Programming - The Effect of Evolving Amino Acids Wojciech  Piaseczny , Hideaki  Suzuki , Hidefumi  Sawai
      LBP049 A Highly Efficient Function Optimization with Genetic Programming Joao Pujol, Riccardo Poli


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