July 12-16, 2003. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Submitting Papers

Important Dates for Technical Paper:

Paper submissions deadline has passed, but people can still submit to the workshops
(including the graduate student workshop) and to Late Breaking Papers.

January 22 , 2003 Electronic Paper and Title Page Submission Deadline
January 27 , 2003 Hardcopy Paper and Title Page Submission Deadline
(if requested by AAAI)
March 5, 2003 Paper Author Notifications Sent
April 4, 2003 Camera-Ready Copy Deadline
July 12-16, 2003 GECCO-2003

Each paper submitted to GECCO will be rigorously reviewed, in a blind review process, by one of at least thirteen separate and independent program committees specializing in various aspects of genetic and evolutionary computation. These committees make their own final decisions on submitted papers for their areas, subject only to conference-wide space limitations and procedures.

Each track chair will nominate the best papers from their track fo "Best paper of GECCO awards". GECCO attendees will select the best papers by ballot during the conference. Some of these papers will be invited to submit revised and extended versions of their papers to a special issue of the Kluwer Journal, Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines. These papers will be reviewed on a 'fast track' basis."

Best Application papers from the RWA Track will be invited to submit a revised and enhanced version of the paper to the 'Applied Soft Computing' Journal.

The conference proceedings will be published in book form and on CD-ROM and distributed at the conference.

The GECCO review process is "double blind," meaning that reviewers should not be able to infer the identities of the authors of the papers that they are reviewing (and, of course, that authors will not know the identities of their reviewers).


format for manuscripts submitted to GECCO 2003

Each paper MUST identify a category under which it will be reviewed.

Review categories include:

- A-Life, Adaptive Behavior, Agents, and Ant Colony Optimization
- Artificial Immune Systems
- Coevolution
- DMQ, DNA, Molecular, and Quantum Computing
- Evolvable Hardware
- Evolutionary Robotics
- Evolution Strategies/Evolutionary Programming
- Evolutionary Scheduling Routing
- Genetic Algorithms
- Genetic Programming
- Learning Classifier Systems
- Real World Applications
- Search Based Software Engineering

Authors must submit electronic versions of their papers, as described in the next paragraph. If the electronic version does not print properly, authors will be immediated requested to submit two hard copies of their papers. If requested, hardcopies must arrive at the AAAI office no later than Monday, January 27, 2003. Hardcopy submissions are only required if the electronic submission fails to print properly, as determined by the AAAI. Authors may elect to send two hard copies at the time of their electronic submission to avoid courier charges or the risk of a submission arriving too late.

The address is:
c/o AAAI,
445 Burgess Drive,
MenloPark, CA 94025, USA.
Phone 650-328-3123.

Authors are required to register on the GECCO-2003 paper submission software at http://www.aaaiservices.org/ConfMaster/,and to submit a formatted electronic version of their paper through this software no later than Wednesday, January 22, 2003. A login and password, as well as detailed instructions about how to submit an electronic paper, will be sent to to the author by email after registering with ConfMaster.

Paper Length and Format.
The electronic version must be a PDF or ps (Postscript) file formatted for 8-1/2" x 11" US letter paper. No electronic submissions formatted for A4 paper will be accepted for review. All technical paper submissions must be formatted according to the guidelines on the GECCO-2003 web site, and must not exceed twelve formatted pages. Formatting instructions can be read and downloaded here. In order to make double blind reviewing possible, authors should omit their names and affiliations from the paper. Also, while the references should include all published literature relevant to the paper, including previous works of the authors, it should not include unpublished works. When referring to one's own work, use the third person rather than the first person. For example, say "Previously, Cantu-Paz [7] has shown that...", rather than "In our previous work [7] we have shown that...." Try to avoid including any information in the body of the paper or references that would identify the authors or their institutions. Such information can be added to the final camera-ready version for publication.

Title Page. In addition to two copies of the submitted paper, authors should submit one copy of a separate title page, including the title of the paper, the names and addresses of all authors, a short abstract of less than 200 words, the track category, list of acknowledgments (if any), and the following declaration: "The author confirms that the material in papers represents substantially new work that has not been previously published by conferences, journals, or edited books in the evolutionary computation field." This one page can be a printout of the email sent to the author by the electronic submission software.

Submissions received after the deadlines or that do not meet the length or formatting requirements detailed on the GECCO-2003 web site will not be accepted for review. Authors who do not have access to the Web should contact AAAI at gecco@aaai.org no later than January 15, 2003 for alternate submission instructions. No email or fax submissions will be accepted.

Notification of receipt of the electronic paper will be mailed to the first author (or designated author) soon after receipt. If there are problems with the electronic submission, AAAI will contact the primary author by email. The last day for inquiries regarding lost submissions is January 31, 2003.

Authors without access to a WWW browser with forms support should mail a printed title page to the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, whose address is at the end of this call. This title page must arrive no later than January 22, 2003, and should include all the information listed in the "Title Page" paragraph below.

Review criteria will include significance of the work, novelty, clarity, writing quality, and sufficiency of information to permit replication (if applicable). The first-named author (or other corresponding author designated by the authors when submitting) will be notified of acceptance or rejection (on approximately the first week of March 2003).

By submitting a paper, the author(s) agree that, if their paper is accepted, they will submit a final revised camera-ready version by the deadline for camera-ready papers (in early April, 2003), they will register at least one author by the deadline for camera-ready papers, and at least one author will attend and present the accepted paper at the conference.

The material in papers must represent substantially new work that has not been previously published by conferences, journals, or edited books in the evolutionary computation field. GECCO permits a paper to be submitted that is substantially similar to a paper being submitted contemporaneously for review in another conference or journal; however, if the submitted paper is accepted by the GECCO conference, the authors agree that substantially the same material will not be published by another conference or journal in the evolutionary computation field. (Material may be later revised and submitted to a journal if permitted by the journal involved.)

The proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
Springer offers a 33% discount on their publications to authors of accepted papers.

It will be possible to submit a late breaking paper after the 22 Jan deadline for regular papers

Referees will evaluate submissions using a form similar to this one


limited number of student travel grants are available.

To apply, please complete this form and send by mail or fax to:

GECCO-2003 Student Travel Grants
c/o American Association for Artificial Intelligence
445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA
Fax: (650) 321-4457

If you really want to get snazzy, you could create an online form with the same info and email it to gecco@aaai.org

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