July 12-16, 2003. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Evolutionary Computing in Industry
This year’s GECCO includes, for the second year, a track on Evolutionary Computation in Industry (ECI). The presentations in this track will be of most use to managers, technology scouts, and other individuals interested in assessing the potential of evolutionary algorithms to solve their industrial optimization problems.
The goal of the presenters in this track is to tell you about the realities and possibilities of evolutionary computation applications and to describe successful industrial applications, rather than to focus on technical details and the particular approaches taken.

There are six sessions in the Evolutionary Computation in Industry track:

• The first session contains an introduction to evolutionary computation in industry, including two presentations describing successful industrial projects. (Monday July 14, 13:15–14:30)
• The second session concerns evolutionary computation and design, and includes three presentations describing the solution of design problems using evolutionary algorithms. (Monday July 14, 15:00–16:15)
• The third session concerns evolutionary computation and data mining. The session will focus on the newly-evolving field of classifier systems and their application to learning generalizations and rules from databases and simulations. (Tuesday July 15, 13:15–14:30)
• The fourth session concerns innovative uses of evolutionary algorithms, and will showcase the state of the art in various domains. (Tuesday July 15, 15:00–16:15)
• The fifth session concerns evolutionary computation and logistics, and includes talks showing a variety of ways in which evolutionary algorithms can be combined with other algorithms to produce cutting-edge solutions to real problems. (Wednesday July 16, 13:15–14:30)
• The sixth session concerns lessons learned in evolutionary computation applications, and includes two presentations detailing the things to do and not to when applying an evolutionary algorithm application in a practical setting. The session will conclude with a brief discussion planning for next year’s Evolutionary Computation in Industry track. (Wednesday July 16, 15:00–16:15)

All ECI sessions will take place in the Western Stage House.

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