Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference GECCO-2003

June 26-30, 2004. Seattle, Washington, USA
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Did you have problems with the electronic submission system?
Our conference server is set to receive files up to 5 megabytes each.
However, for a short period of time a bug (now fixed) prevented the confmaster program from handling files over 500k.

The problem is now solved. If you experienced problem subitting your paper to GECCO due to this bug, please accept our apologies and try again now.

If you still have problems uploading your paper in confmaster, you can email the file to gecco04@aaai.org

If you do email your file, please register the paper with confmaster (so that title, keywords, abstracts etc. are available for the
reviewer assignement process) if you haven't already, and upload a small dummy PDF file with following statement

"This paper was sent directly to AAAI due to the following problem"

plus a brief description of the problem as the content of the PDF file. We will manually insert your file into the system so it is
available for the reviewers.

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