Organizers and Tracks:

Program Tracks
Three days of presentations of the latest high-quality results in more than 15 program tracks specializing in various aspects of genetic and evolutionary computation.

GECCO Organizers:

General Chair:
Frank Neumann
Tobias Friedrich
Proceedings Chair:
Andrew M. Sutton
Publicity/Social Media Chair:
Per Kristian Lehre
Tutorials Chair:
Carlos Cotta

Competitions Chair:
Mike Preuss
Evolutionary Computation in Practice:
Thomas Bartz-Beielstein
Jörn Mehnen

Late Breaking Abstracts Chair:
Francisco Chicano
Workshops Chairs:
Gisele Pappa
Markus Wagner

Students Chair:
Tea Tušar

Business Committee:
Jürgen Branke
Pier-Luca Lanzi

Planned Program Tracks:

ACO-SI - Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence - Martin Middendorf
- Xiaodong Li
AIS-BIO - Artificial Immune Systems and Biological and Biomedical Applications - Mengjie Zhang
- Emma Hart
CO - Continuous Optimization - Youhei Akimoto
- Peter A. N. Bosman
CS - Complex Systems (Artificial Life/Robotics/Evolvable Hardware/Generative and Developmental Systems) - Terry Soule
- Risto Miikkulainen
DETA - Digital Entertainment Technologies and Arts - Daniele Loiacono
- Julian Togelius
ECOM - Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization and Metaheuristicsstics - Holger Hoos
- Manuel López-Ibáñez
EML - Evolutionary Machine Learning - Julia Handl
- Faustino J. Gomez
EMO - Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization - Carlos M. Fonseca
- Heike Trautmann
GA - Genetic Algorithms - Alberto Moraglio
- William F. Punch
GP - Genetic Programming - Krzysztof Krawiec
- Zdenek Vasicek
HOP - Hot Off the Press - Benjamin Doerr
IGEC- Integrative Genetic and Evolutionary Computation - Thomas Jansen
- Jim Smith
PES - Parallel Evolutionary Systems - Simone A. Ludwig
- JJ Merelo
RWA - Real World Applications - Boris Naujoks
- Enrique Alba
SBS-SS - Search-Based Software Engineering and Self-* Search - Gabriela Ochoa
- Simon M. Poulding
THEORY - Theory - Timo Kötzing
- Dirk Sudholt


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