Best Paper Nominations

Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence - ACO+SI

Robustness of Ant Colony Optimization to Noise
Friedrich, Kötzing, Krejca, Sutton

The Impact of Centrality on Individual and Collective Performance in Social Problem-Solving Systems
Araujo, Grando, Lamb, Noble

An Ant Colony Optimization Based Memetic Algorithm for the Dynamic Travelling Salesman Problem
Mavrovouniotis, Müller, Yang

Artificial Life, Robotics, and Evolvable Hardware - ALIFE

Novelty-based evolutionary design of morphing underwater robots
Corucci, Calisti, Hauser, Laschi

Biological and Biomedical Applications (BIO)

Evolutionary optimization of cancer treatments in a cancer stem cell context
Monteagudo, Santos

Continuous Optimization - Evolution Strategies and Evolutionary Programming (CO)

On Lagrangian Constraint Handling for the (1+1)-ES
Arnold, Porter

Towards an Analysis of Self-Adaptive Evolution Strategies on the Noisy Ellipsoid Model: Progress Rate and Self-Adaptation Response
Melkozerov, Beyer

Digital Entertainment and Arts - DETA

Solving Interleaved and Blended Sequential Decision-Making Problems through Modular Neuroevolution
Schrum, Miikkulainen

Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (EDA)

Kernels of Mallows Models for Solving Permutation-based Problems
Ceberio, Mendiburu, Lozano

Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization and Metaheuristics (ECOM)

Tunnelling Crossover Networks
Ochoa, Chicano, Tinós, Whitley

Global vs Local Search on Multi-objective NK-landscapes: Contrasting the Impact of Problem Features
Daolio, Liefooghe, Verel, Aguirre, Tanaka

A Sequence-based Selection Hyper-heuristic Utilising a Hidden Markov Model
Kheiri, Keedwell

Evolutionary Machine Learning -EML

Simpler is Better: a Novel Genetic Algorithm to Induce Compact Multi-label Chain Classifiers
Gonçalves, Plastino, Freitas

Subspace clustering using evolvable genome structure
Peignier, Rigotti, Beslon

Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization - EMO

Greedy Hypervolume Subset Selection in the Three-Objective Case
Guerreiro, Fonseca, Paquete

Obtaining optimal Pareto front approximations using scalarized preference information
Braun, Shukla, Schmeck

Benchmarking Numerical Multiobjective Optimizers Revisited
Brockhoff, Hansen, Tran

An Experimental Investigation of Variation Operators in Reference-Point Based Many-Objective Optimization
Yuan, Xu, Wang

Genetic Algorithms - GA

Mk Landscapes, NK Landscapes and MAX-kSAT: A proof that the only challenging problems are deceptive.

Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization for Complex Control Tasks
Liang, Miikkulainen

Gray-Box Optimization using the Parameter-less Population Pyramid
Goldman, Punch

Generative and Developmental Systems - GDS

Innovation Engines: Automated Creativity and Improved Stochastic Optimization via Deep Learning
Nguyen, Yosinski, Clune

Genetic Programming - GP

An efficient structural diversity technique for Genetic Programming
Burks, Punch

Memetic Semantic Genetic Programming
Ffrancon, Schoenauer

Genetic Programming with Epigenetic Local Search
La Cava, Helmuth, Spector, Danai

Parallel Evolutionary Systems - PES

Injection, Saturation and Feedback in Meta-Heuristic Interactions
Nowak, Izo, Hennes

Real World Applications - RWA

Selecting Best Investment Opportunities from Stock Portfolios Optimized by a Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm

Evolving Solutions to TSP Variants for Active Space Debris Removal
Izzo, Getzner, Hennes, Simões

Exploiting Linkage Information and Problem-Specific Knowledge in Evolutionary Distribution Network Expansion Planning
Luong, La Poutré, Bosman

Search-Based Software Engineering and Self-* Search (SBSE-SS)

Random or GA Search for OO Test Suite Generation? Actually, Random Is Usually Good Enough
Shamshiri, Rojas, Fraser, McMinn

Extracting Variability-Safe Feature Models from Source Code Dependencies in System Variants
Assunção, Lopez-Herrejon, Linsbauer, Vergilio, Egyed 


Improved Runtime Bounds for the (1+1) EA on Random 3-CNF Formulas Based on Fitness-Distance Correlation
Doerr, Neumann, Sutton





Important Dates:
Conference: July 11-15, 2015

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