Late Breaking Abstracts

Organiser: Dirk Sudholt,  University  of Sheffield

Time  and  Location:  Saturday, July 12, 8:30-18:00, Port Alberni

Instructions:  Speakers are allocated 18 minutes for each presentation, 14 minutes for set up and presentation and 4 minutes for questions.

Session I: Classification  and Learning


8:30–8:48     Evaluation  of Fitness  Functions  of GA Classification

Ming-Der Yang, Yeh-Feng  Yang, Yi-Ping  Chen


8:48–9:06      A  Novel Quantum  Genetic  Clustering Algorithm  for Data Segmentation

Ming-An Zhang, Yong Deng, Dong-Xia Chang


9:06–9:24      A  Novel Genetic  Clustering  Algorithm  with Variable-Length  Chromosome Representation

Ming-An Zhang, Yong Deng, Dong-Xia Chang


9:24–9:42      Towards the Automated  Generation  of Term-Weighting  Schemes for Text Categorization

Mauricio Garcia-Limon, Hugo Jair Escalante, Manuel Montes-y-Gomez, Alicia Morales-Reyes, Eduardo Morales


9:42–10:00    Genetic  Algorithms for Evolving Deep Neural Networks

Omid E. David,  Iddo Greental


Session II:  Algorithm Design


10:40–10:58  A Study on the Efficiency of Neutral Crossover Operators in Genetic Algorithms

Applied to the Bin Packing Problem

Eneko Osaba,  Fernando Diaz, Roberto Carballedo, Idoia de la Iglesia, Enrique  Onieva,  Asier



10:58–11:16  A  Study  on the Impact  of  Heuristic  Initialization  Functions  in a  Genetic  Algorithm Solving the N-Queens Problem

Eneko Osaba,  Fernando Diaz, Roberto Carballedo, Enrique  Onieva,  Pedro  Lopez


11:16–11:34  Some Measurements  on the Effects  of the Curse of Dimensionality

Stephen Chen, James Montgomery, Antonio Bolufé-Röhler


11:34–11:52  A Genetic Algorithm for Linear Ordering Problem Using an Approximate Fitness


Jinhyun Kim, Byung-Ro  Moon


11:52–12:10  An Iterative Model Refinement Approach for MOEA Computation Time Reduction

Mathias Ngo, Raphaël Labayrade


12:10–12:28  NSGA-II Implementation Details May Influence Quality of Solutions for the Job- Shop Scheduling Problem

Maxim Buzdalov,  Irina  Petrova, Arina  Buzdalova


Session III:  Applications


14:00–14:18  Adaptive  Memetic Algorithm  for the Vehicle Routing  Problem with  Time Windows

Jakub Nalepa


14:18–14:36  A  Fast Genetic  Algorithm  for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Marcin Cwiek, Jakub Nalepa


14:36–14:54  Evolved Transforms  for Improved  Reconstruction  of  Lossy-Compressed NASA Images

Frank  W. Moore, Brendan  J. Babb


14:54–15:12  Portfolio  Optimization Using an Integer  Genetic Algorithm

Javier Fernández-Rendón, Katya Rodríguez-Vázquez


15:12–15:30  Improving Reconstructed Images Using Hybridization between Local Search and

Harmony Search Meta-Heuristics

Ahlem Ouaddah, Dalila Boughaci


Session IV:  Swarm Intelligence


16:10–16:28  First Results  of Performance Comparisons on Many-Core Processors in Solving

QAP with  ACO: Kepler GPU versus Xeon Phi

Mikiko Sato, Shigeyoshi Tsutsui, Noriyuki Fujimoto, Yuji Sato, Mitaro  Namiki


16:28–16:46  Bat-Inspired  Optimization  Approach Applied to Jiles-Atherton  Hysteresis  Parameters  Tuning

Leandro  dos Santos Coelho, Viviana  Cocco Mariani,  Helon Vicente Hultmann Ayala,  Andre

Mendes da Silva, Nelson Jhoe Batistela, Jean Vianei Leite


16:46–17:04  A  Modified Gravitational  Search Algorithm for Continuous  Optimization
Emerson Hochsteiner  de Vasconcelos Segundo,  Gabriel  Fiori  Neto,  Andre  Mendes da Silva, Viviana  Cocco Mariani,  Leandro  dos Santos Coelho


17:04–17:22  ABC+ES:   A   Novel Hybrid  Artificial   Bee  Colony  Algorithm   with   Evolution


Marco Antônio Florenzano  Mollinetti, Daniel Leal Souza, Otávio Noura  Teixeira


17:22–17:40  A  Speed-Up and Speed-Down Strategy  for Swarm Optimization

Haopeng Zhang, Fumin  Zhang, Qing Hui




Session I
Session II
Session III
Session IV
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