Message from the Workshop Chair  

GECCO 2013: Unified Call for Workshop Papers Submission: March 28

On behalf of the workshop organizers, we call for your participation in the 16 very diverse workshops Gecco is offering you this year. Please also have a look at the workshops' own pages.

The workshop program is more than papers and talks, it gives you the possibility to introduce new ideas and discuss them with others, to connect to people working on similar topics, and to develop common visions for the areas that interest you the most. Be part of it!

2nd Workshop on Understanding Problems

Industry-oriented workshop on Symbolic Regression and Modeling

Black Box Optimization Benchmarking 2013

Sixteenth International Workshop on Learning Classifier Systems

Evolutionary Music

Evolutionary Computation Software Systems

Visualisation Methods in Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Evolutionary Computation and Multi-Agent Systems and Simulation

Medical Applications of Genetic and      Evolutionary Computation

Evolutionary Computation for the Automated Design of Algorithms                           

Green and Efficient Energy Applications of Genetic and EC

Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia in Optimisation

Computational Synthesis of Systems from Building Blocks

Evolulutionary Computation in Bioinformatics

Stack-based Genetic Programming              

Student Workshop (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Please note that we merge the two student workshops this year in order to improve communication and knowledge transfer. If you are a student in this area you need to be here!

You can find the overview information with some more details here

Many thanks go to the workshop organizers for setting up this huge and interesting program, please support them by submitting your workshop papers until March 28. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam this July.

Best wishes,

Mike Preuss Workshops Chair






Workshops-more info


Unified Call for Workshop Papers Submission March 28


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