Accepted Papers:

Track: Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence
Initial Application of Ant Colony Optimisation to Statistical Disclosure Control Martin Serpell, Jim Smith
Combinatorial Expanding Neighborhood Topology Particle Swarm Optimization for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands Yannis Marinakis, Magdalene Marinaki
A Novel Multimodal-Problem-Oriented Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Zhigang Ren, Muyi Wang, Jie Wu
Locally Informed Crowding Differential Evolution with a Speciation-based Memory Archive for Dynamic Multimodal Optimization Ponnuthurai Suganthan, Swgatam Das
Refined Ranking Relations for Multi Objective Optimization and Application to P-ACO Maik Schwarz, Enrico Reich, Ruby Louisa Viktoria Moritz, Matthias Bernt, Martin Middendorf
Improving the Interpretability of Classification Rules Discovered by An Ant Colony Algorithm Fernando Otero, Alex Freitas
A GPU-based Parallel Fireworks Algorithm for Optimization Ke Ding, Shaoqiu Zheng, Ying Tan
An Improved Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm with Population Adaptation Ming Yang, Zhihua Cai, Changhe Li, Jing Guan
Group-Based Ant Colony Optimization Gunnar Völkel, Markus Maucher, Hans Armin Kestler
Small-World Particle Swarm Optimization with Topology Adaptation Yue-Jiao Gong, Jun ZHANG
PSO for Feature Construction and Binary Classification Bing Xue, Yan Dai, Mengjie Zhang
Migration study on a Pareto-based island model for MOACOs Antonio M. Mora, Pablo García-Sánchez, Juan Julián Merelo, Pedro A. Castillo
Adaptive Memetic Particle Swarm Optimization with Variable Local Search Pool Size Costas Voglis, Panagiotis E. Hadjidoukas, Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos, Dimitrios G. Papageorgiou, Isaac E. Lagaris
A hybrid Particle Swarm with Velocity Mutation for Constraint Optimization Problems Mohammad reza Bonyadi, Xiang Li, Zbigniew Michalewicz
Particle Swarm Optimization with Budget Allocation through Neighborhood Ranking Dimitris Souravlias, Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos
On the Effect of Selection and Archiving Operators in Many-Objective Particle Swarm Optimisation Matthaus Martin Woolard, Jonathan Edward Fieldsend
Adaptive Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Wei-Jie Yu, Wei-Neng Chen, Jun ZHANG
Synergy in Ant Foraging Strategies: Memory and Communication Alone and In Combination Kenneth Letendre, Melanie E. Moses
Optimal Computing Budget Allocation in Particle Swarm Optimization Juan Rada-Vilela, Mengjie Zhang, Mark Johnston
GESwarm: Grammatical Evolution for the Automatic Synthesis of Swarm Robotics Collective Behaviors Eliseo Ferrante, Edgar Alfredo Duenez-Guzman, Ali Emre Turgut, Tom Wenseleers
Track: Artificial Life/Robotics/Evolvable Hardware
Evolution of Station Keeping as a Response to Flows in an Aquatic Robot Jared M. Moore, Anthony J. Clark, Philip K. McKinley
Ribosomal Robots: Evolved Designs Inspired by Protein Folding Sebastian Risi, Daniel Walton Cellucci, Hod Lipson
Behavioral Repertoire Learning in Robotics Antoine CULLY, Jean-Baptiste MOURET
Combining Fitness-based Search and User Modeling in Evolutionary Robotics Josh C. Bongard, Gregory S. Hornby
Effective Diversity Maintenance in Deceptive Domains Joel Lehman, Kenneth O. Stanley, Risto Miikkulainen
A True Finite-State Baseline for Tartarus Grant Dick
Critical Interplay Between Density-dependent Predation and Evolution of the Selfish Herd Randal S. Olson, David B. Knoester, Christoph Adami
Generic Behaviour Similarity Measures for Evolutionary Swarm Robotics Jorge Gomes, Anders Lyhne Christensen
Unshackling Evolution: Evolving Soft Robots with Multiple Materials and a Powerful Generative Encoding Nick Cheney, Rob MacCurdy, Hod Lipson, Jeff Clune
Self-adapting Fitness Evaluation Times for On-line Evolution of Simulated Robots Cristian Dinu, Plamen Dimitrov, Berend Weel, A.E. Eiben
Long-Term Evolutionary Dynamics in Heterogeneous Cellular Automata David Medernach, Taras Kowaliw, Conor Ryan, Rene Doursat
Confronting the Challenge of Learning a Flexible Neural Controller for a Diversity of Morphologies Sebastian Risi, Kenneth O. Stanley
A Coevolutionary Approach to Learn Animal Behavior Through Controlled Interaction Wei Li, Melvin Gauci, Stephen A. Billings, Roderich Gross
Right On The MONEE Evert Haasdijk, A.E. Eiben, Berend Weel
Track: Biological and Biomedical Applications
Particularities of Evolutionary Parameter Estimation in Multi-stage Compartmental Models of Thymocyte Dynamics Daniela Zaharie, Lavinia Moatar-Moleriu, Viorel Negru
Inferring Large Scale Genetic Networks with S-System Model Ahsan Raja Chowdhury, Madhu Chetty, Nguyen Xuan Vinh
Off-Lattice Protein Structure Prediction with Homologous Crossover Brian Olson, Kenneth De Jong, Amarda Shehu
Permutation-Based Ant Colony Optimisation for the Discovery of Gene-Gene Interactions in Genome Wide Association Studies Emmanuel Sapin, Ed Keedwell, Tim Frayling
mDBN: Motif-Based Learning of Dynamic Bayesian Network for the Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Networks Nizamul Morshed, Madhu Chetty, Nguyen Xuan Vinh, Terry Caelli
Track: Digital Entertainment Technologies and Arts
Aesthetic Selection and the Stochastic Basis of Art Design and Interactive Evolutionary Computation Alan Dorin
Rolling Horizon Evolution versus Tree Search for Single-Player Real-Time Games Diego Perez, Spyridon Samothrakis, Simon Lucas, Philipp Rohlfshagen
Enhancements to Constrained Novelty Search: Two-Population Novelty Search for Generating Game Content Antonios Liapis, Georgios N. Yannakakis, Julian Togelius
Open-Ended Behavioral Complexity for Evolved Virtual Creatures Dan Lessin, Don Fussell, Risto Miikkulainen
Trace Selection for Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms Jonathan Eisenmann, Matthew Lewis, Rick Parent
Evolving Structures in Electronic Dance Music Arne Eigenfeldt, Philippe Pasquier
Track: Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
Towards Large Scale Continuous EDA: A Random Matrix Theory Perspective Ata Kaban, Jakramate Bootkrajang, Robert John Durrant
Design of Test Problem for Genetic Algorithm Shih-Ming Wang, Jie-Wei Wu, Wei-Ming Chen, Tian-Li Yu
A Bayesian Approach for Constrained Multi-Agent Minimum Time Search in Uncertain Dynamic Domains Pablo Lanillos, Javier Yañez-Zuluaga, Eva Besada-Portas
More Concise and Robust Linkage Learning by Filtering and Combining Linkage Hierarchies Peter A.N. Bosman, Dirk Thierens
Effects of Discrete Hill Climbing on Model Building for Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Wei-Ming Chen, Chu-Yu Hsu, Tian-Li Yu, Wei-Che Chien
A Niching Scheme for EDAs to Reduce Spurious Dependencies Po-Chun Hsu, Tian-Li Yu
Geometric-Based Sampling For Permutation Optimization Olivier Regnier-Coudert, John McCall, Mayowa Ayodele
Track: Evolution Strategies and Evolutionary Programming
On the behaviour of the (1lambda)-ES for a conically constrained problem Dirk V. Arnold
A Natural Evolution Strategy with Asynchronous Strategy Updates Tobias Glasmachers
An Evolution Strategy Assisted by Ensemble of Local Gaussian Process Models Jianfeng Lu, Bin Li, Yaochu Jin
A Median Success Rule for Non-Elitist Evolution Strategies: Study of Feasibility Ouassim Ait ElHara, Anne Auger, Nikolaus Hansen
Asynchronous Differential Evolution with Adaptive Correlation Matrix Mikhail Zhabitsky, Evgeniya Zhabitskaya
Intensive Surrogate Model Exploitation in Self-adaptive Surrogate-assisted CMA-ES (saACM-ES) Ilya Loshchilov, Marc Schoenauer, Michele Sebag
Track: Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization
Second Order Partial Derivatives for NK-landscapes Wenxiang Chen, Darrell Whitley, Doug Hains, Adele Howe
Study on the Benefits of Using Multi-Objectivization for Mining Pittsburgh Partial Classification Rules in Imbalanced and Discrete Data Julie Jacques, Julien Taillard, David Delerue, Laetitia Jourdan, Clarisse Dhaenens
An Effective Heuristic for the Smallest Grammar Problem Florian Benz, Timo Kötzing
MuACOsm - A New Mutation-Based Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Learning Finite-State Machines Daniil Chivilikhin, Vladimir Ulyantsev
A Memetic Algorithm for the Multi-Objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem Yuan Yuan, Hua Xu
Cartesian products of scalarization functions for many-objective QAP instances with correlated flow matrices Madalina Mihalea Drugan
Ordered Racing Protocols for Automatically Configuring Algorithms for Scaling Performance James Styles, Holger H. Hoos
Which Algorithm Should I Choose at any Point of the Search: An Evolutionary Portfolio Approach Shiu Yin Yuen, Chi Kin Chow, Xin Zhang
Evolutionary Algorithm for the k-Interconnected Multi-Depot Multi-Traveling Salesmen Problem Carlos E. Andrade, Flávio K. Miyazawa, Mauricio G. C. Resende
An Analytical Investigation of Block-based Mutation Operators for Order-based Stochastic Clique Covering Algorithms David Chalupa
An Evolutionary Multi-Agent System for Database Query Optimization Frederico Augusto de Cezar Almeida Gonçalves, Frederico Gadelha Guimarães, Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza
Hill-climbing Strategies on Various Landscapes: An Empirical Comparison Matthieu Basseur, Adrien Goeffon
The Generalized Minimum Spanning Tree Problem: A Parameterized Complexity Analysis of Bi-level Optimisation Do&#287,an Çörü&#351,, Per Kristian Lehre, Frank Neumann
On Set-based Local Search for Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization Matthieu Basseur, Adrien Goëffon, Arnaud Liefooghe, Sébastien Verel
Track: Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
On finding well-spread Pareto optimal solutions by preference-inspired co-evolutionary algorithm Rui Wang, Bo Guo, Tao Zhang
Attempt to Reduce the Computational Complexity in Multi-objective Differential Evolution Algorithms Martin Drozdik, Hernan Aguirre, Kiyoshi Tanaka
Edges of Mutually Non-dominating Sets David Walker, Richard Everson, Jonathan Fieldsend
MOEA/D for Traffic Grooming in WDM Optical Networks Alvaro Rubio-Largo, Qingfu Zhang, Miguel Angel Vega-Rodríguez
Many-Hard-objective Optimization using Differential Evolution based on Two-stage Constraint-handling Kiyoharu Tagawa, Akihiro Imamura
Revisiting the NSGA-II Crowding-Distance Computation Félix-Antoine Fortin, Marc Parizeau
Two-Stage Non-Dominated Sorting and Directed Mating for Solving Problems with Multi-Objectives and Constraints Minami Miyakawa, Keiki Takadama, Hiroyuki Sato
Many-Objective Optimization using Differential Evolution with Variable-Wise Mutation Restriction Roman Denysiuk, Lino Costa, Isabel Espirito Santo
Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization To Attain Practically Desirable Solutions Natsuki Kusuno, Hernan Aguirre, Kiyoshi Tanaka, Masataka Koishi
A Hybrid Evolutionary Approach with Search Strategy Adaptation for Mutiobjective Optimization Ahmed Kafafy, Stephane Bonnevay, Ahmed Bounekkar
Generalizing the Improved Run-Time Complexity Algorithm for Non-Dominated Sorting Félix-Antoine Fortin, Simon Grenier, Marc Parizeau
A Fast Approximation-Guided Evolutionary Multi-Objective Algorithm Markus Wagner, Frank Neumann
Iterated Multi-Swarm Andre Britto, Sanaz Mostaghim, Aurora Pozo
Multi-Objective Optimization with Surrogate Trees Denny Verbeeck, Francis Maes, Kurt De Grave, Hendrik Blockeel
Parameterized Average-Case Complexity of the Hypervolume Indicator Karl Bringmann, Tobias Friedrich
A Comparison of Different Algorithms for the Calculation of Dominated Hypervolumes Christopher Priester, Kaname Narukawa, Tobias Rodemann
Track: Generative and Developmental Systems
Heterochronic Scaling of Developmental Durations in Evolved Soft Robots John Rieffel
Critical Factors in the Performance of HyperNEAT Thomas G. van den Berg, Shimon Whiteson
Neuroannealing: Martingale-driven Learning for Neural Network Alan Justin Lockett, Risto Miikkulainen
Gene Networks Have a Predictive Long-Term Fitness Michael E. Palmer
Evolving Multimodal Controllers with HyperNEAT Justin K. Pugh, Kenneth O. Stanley
On Learning to Generate Wind Farm Layouts Dennis Wilson, Emmanuel Awa, Sylvain Cussat-Blanc, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, Una-May O'Reilly
Single-Unit Pattern Generators for Quadruped Locomotion Gregory W. Morse, Sebastian Risi, Charles Snyder, Kenneth O. Stanley
Neuroevolution Results in Emergence of Short-Term Memory in Multi-goal Environment Konstantin Lakhman, Mikhail Burtsev
A Hox Gene Inspired Generative Approach to Evolving Robot Morphology Eivind Samuelsen, Kyrre Glette, Jim Torresen
Track: Genetic Algorithms
Improving Evolutionary Solutions to the Game of MasterMind Using an Entropy-based Scoring Method Juan-Julián Merelo-Guervós, Pedro Castillo, Antonio M. Mora, Anna Isabel Esparcia-Alcázar
A Multiset Genetic Algorithm for the Optimization of Deceptive Problems António Manuel Rodrigues Manso, Luís Miguel Parreira Correia
Hyperplane Initialized Local Search for MAXSAT Doug Hains, Darrell Whitley, Adele Howe, Wenxiang Chen
Extended Virtual Loser Genetic Algorithm for the Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem Anabela Simões, Ernesto Costa
Analysis of Diversity Mechanisms for Robust Optimisation in Dynamic Environments with Low Frequencies of Change Pietro S. Oliveto, Christine Zarges
pEvoSAT: A Novel Permutation Based Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Boolean Satisfiability Problem Boris Shabash, Kay Wiese
Lessons From the Black-Box: A Fast Crossover-Based Genetic Algorithm Benjamin Doerr, Carola Doerr, Franziska Ebel
Hierarchical Problem Solving with the Linkage Tree Genetic Algorithm Dirk Thierens, Peter A.N. Bosman
Constructing Low Star Discrepancy Point Sets with Genetic Algorithms Carola Doerr, Francois-Michel De Rainville
Hybridizing Evolutionary Algorithms with Opportunistic Local Search Christian Gießen
The Influence of Linkage Learning in the Linkage Tree GA when Solving Multidimensional Knapsack Problems Jean Paulo Martins, Alexandre Cláudio Botazzo Delbem
On the usefulness of linkage processing for solving MAX-SAT Krzysztof L. Sadowski, Peter A.N. Bosman, Dirk Thierens
A Variance Decomposition Approach to Genetic Algorithms Analysis Tiago Paixão, Nick Hamilton Barton
Track: Genetic Programming
Running Programs Backwards Krzysztof Krawiec, Bartosz Wieloch
Runtime Analysis of Mutation-Based Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming for Basis Functions Regression Alberto Moraglio, Andrea Mambrini
Genetic Programming for Edge Detection using Multivariate Density Wenlong Fu, Mark Johnston, Mengjie Zhang
Approximating Geometric Crossover by Semantic Backpropagation Krzysztof Krawiec, Tomasz Pawlak
An Effective Parse Tree Representation for Tartarus Grant Dick
Pattern-Guided Genetic Programming Krzysztof Krawiec, Jerry Swan
Self-adaptive Mate Choice for Cluster Geometry Optimization António Leitão, Penousal Machado
Cartesian Genetic Programming encoded Artificial Neural Networks: A Comparison using Three Benchmarks Andrew James Turner, Julian Francis Miller
An Efficient Distance Metric for Linear Genetic Programming Marco Gaudesi, Giovanni Squillero, Alberto Paolo Tonda
Efficient Indexing of Similarity Models with Inequality Symbolic Regression Tomas Bartos, Tomas Skopal, Juraj Mosko
GEARNet: Grammatical Evolution with Artificial Regulatory Networks Rui Lopes, Ernesto Costa
Automatic Inference of Hierarchical Graph Models using Genetic Programming with an Application to Cortical Networks Alexander Bailey, Beatrice Ombuki-Berman, Mario Ventresca
Structural Difficulty in Grammatical Evolution versus Genetic Programming Ann Thorhauer, Franz Rothlauf
Accelerating convergence in Cartesian Genetic Programming by using a new genetic operator Andreas Meier, Mark Gonter, Rudolf Kruse
Prioritized Grammar Enumeration: Symbolic Regression by Dynamic Programming Tony Worm, Kenneth Chiu
Genetic Programming with Genetic Regulatory Networks Rui Lopes, Ernesto Costa
Length Bias and Search Limitations in Cartesian Genetic Programming Brian W. Goldman, William Punch
Benchmarking Pareto Archiving heuristics in the presence of concept drift: Diversity versus age Aaron Atwater, Malcolm I. Heywood
Track: Genetics Based Machine Learning
Networks of Transform-Based Evolvable Features for Object Recognition Taras Kowaliw, Wolfgang Banzhaf, René Doursat
Searching for Novel Clustering Programs Enrique Naredo, Leonardo Trujillo
Evolving Large-scale Neural Networks for Visual Reinforcement Learning Jan Koutník, Giuseppe Cuccu, Juergen Schmidhuber, Faustino Gomez
Extending Scalable Learning Classifier System with Cyclic Graphs to Solve Complex Large-Scale Boolean Problems Muhammad Iqbal, Will N. Browne, Mengjie Zhang
Selection Strategy for XCS with Adaptive Action Mapping Masaya Nakata, Pier Luca Lanzi, Keiki Takadama
Comparing Multi-objective and Threshold-moving ROC Curve Generation for a Prototype-based Classifier Ricardo Aler, Julia Handl, Joshua D. Knowles
Evolving Artificial Neural Networks for Nonlinear Feature Construction Tobias Berka, Helmut A. Mayer
An Analysis of a Spatial EA Parallel Boosting Algorithm Uday Kamath, Carlotta Domeniconi, Kenneth De Jong
Self Organizing Classifiers and Niched Fitness Danilo V. Vargas, Hirotaka Takano, Junichi Murata
An Evolutionary Data-Conscious Artificial Immune Recognition System Darwin Tay, Chueh Loo Poh, Richard Ian Kitney
Learning Genetic Programming Based Regression Ensembles at Scale Kalyan Kumar Veeramachaneni, Owen Derby, Una-May O'Reilly, Dylan Sherry
Analysis of the Niche Genetic Algorithm in Learning Classifier Systems Tim Kovacs, Robin Tindale
Track: Integrative Genetic and Evolutionary Computation
Improving Coevolution by Random Sampling Paweł, Liskowski, Krzysztof Krawiec, Wojciech Jaśkowski, , Marcin Grzegorz Szubert
Using Representative Strategies for Finding Nash Equilibrium Chih-Yuan Chou, Tian-Li Yu
Shaping Fitness Function for Evolutionary Learning of Game Strategies Marcin Grzegorz Szubert, Wojciech Ja&#347,kowski, Pawe&#322, Liskowski, Krzysztof Krawiec
Solving Satisfiability in Fuzzy Logics by Mixing CMA-ES Tim Brys, Madalina M. Drugan, Peter A. N. Bosman, Martine De Cock, Ann Nowé
Track: Parallel Evolutionary Systems
ParadisEo-Mo-Gpu: a Framework for Parallel Gpu-based Local Search Metaheuristics Nouredine Melab, Thé van Luong, Karima Boufaras, El-Ghazali Talbi
The asynchronous island model and NSGA-II: study of a new migration operator and its performance Marcus Märtens, Dario Izzo
Speeding Up Model Building for ECGA on CUDA Platform Chung-Yu Shao, Tian-Li Yu
A Parallel Evolutionary Approach to Solve the Relay Node Placement Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks Jose M. Lanza-Gutierrez, Juan A. Gomez-Pulido, Miguel A. Vega-Rodriguez, Juan M. Sanchez-Perez
A Parallel Memetic Algorithm on GPU to Solve the Task Scheduling Problem in Heterogeneous Environments Ali Mirsoleimani, Ali Karami, Farshad Khunjush
Accelerating Population-Based Search Heuristics by Adaptive Resource Allocation Joachim Lepping, Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Denis Trystram
Track: Real World Applications
Searching for the Minimum Failures that Can Cause a Hazard in a Wireless Sensor Network Iain Bate, Mark Louis Fairbairn
Red Swarm: Smart Mobility in Cities with EAs Daniel H. Stolfi, Enrique Alba
Vehicular Mobility Model Optimization Using Cooperative Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithms Sune Steinbjorn Nielsen, Gregoire Danoy, Pascal Bouvry
A Multi-Objective Approach to Evolving Platooning Strategies in Intelligent Transportation Systems Willem Van Willigen, Evert Haasdijk, Leon Kester
Stochastic Volatility Modeling with Computational Intelligence Particle Filters Ayub Hanif, Robert Elliott Smith
Hybrid Discrete Harmony Search Algorithm for Scheduling Re-processing Problem in Remanufacturing Kaizhou Gao, P.N. Suganthan
Controlling Tensegrity Robots through Evolution Atil Iscen, Adrian Agogino, Vytas SunSpiral, Kagan Tumer
A Hybrid Genetic Approach for Stereo Matching Eliyahu Kiperwasser, Omid David, Nathan S. Netanyahu
Fast and Effective Multi-Objective Optimisation of Wind Turbine Placement Raymond Tran, Junhua Wu, Christopher Denison, Markus Wagner, Frank Neumann
Multi- user Detection in Multi-Carrier CDMA Wireless Broadband System Using a Binary Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm Athanasios Vasilakos
Minimising Longest Path Length in Communication Satellite Payloads via Metaheuristics Apostolos Stathakis, Grégoire Danoy, Julien Schleich, Pascal Bouvry, Gianluigi Morelli
Human Action Recognition Optimization Based on Evolutionary Feature Subset Selection Alexandros Andre Chaaraoui, Francisco Flórez-Revuelta
Self-Adjusting Focus of Attention by means of GP for improving a Laser Point Detection System León Felipe Dozal, Francisco Chávez, Eddie Clemente, Francisco Fernández, Gustavo Olague
On the impact of streaming interface heuristics on GP trading agents: An FX benchmarking study Alexander Loginov, Malcolm Heywood
A Novel Movable Partitions Approach with Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving the Hydroelectric Unit Commitment Problem Pedro de Lima Abrão, Elizabeth Fialho Wanner, Paulo Eduardo Maciel Almeida
Hybrid POMDP based Evolutionary Adaptive Framework for Efficient Visual Tracking Algorithms Yan Shen, Sarang Khim, WonJun Sung, Minhaz Uddin Ahmed, Phill Kyu Rhee
Pipe Smoothing Genetic Algorithm for Least Cost Water Distribution Network Design Matthew Barrie Johns, EDWARD KEEDWELL, DRAGAN SAVIC
Automatic String Replace by Examples Andrea De Lorenzo, Eric Medvet, Alberto Bartoli
Optimization of a Supersonic Airfoil Using the Multi-Objective Alliance Algorithm Valerio Lattarulo, Pranay Seshadri, Geoffrey T. Parks
Evolutionary Path Generation for Reduction of Thermal Variations in Thermal Spray Coating Daniel Hegels, Heinrich Müller
Cluster Energy Optimizing Genetic Algorithm Vera A. Kazakova
Differential Evolution based Human Body Pose Estimation from Point Clouds Roberto Ugolotti, Stefano Cagnoni
Estimating MLC NAND Flash Endurance: A Genetic Programming Based Symbolic Regression Application Damien Hogan, Tom Arbuckle, Conor Ryan
Search for a grand tour of the Jupiter Galilean moons Dario Izzo, Luís F. Simões, Marcus Märtens, Guido de Croon, Aurelie Heritier, Chit Hong Yam
MOEA/D assisted by RBF Networks for Expensive Multi-Objective Optimization Problems Saúl Zapotecas Martínez, Carlos A. Coello Coello
Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization for Selecting Members of an Ensemble Streamflow Forecasting Model Darwin Brochero, Christian Gagné, François Anctil
Track: Search-Based Software Engineering
A Comparison of Two Memetic Algorithms for Software Class Modelling Jim Smith, Chris Simons
A Scenario-based Robust Model For The Next Release Problem Matheus Henrique Esteves Paixao, Jerffeson Teixeira de Souza
Minimizing Test Suites in Software Product Lines Using Weight-based Genetic Algorithms Shuai Wang, Shaukat Ali, Arnaud Gotlieb
The Optimisation of Stochastic Grammars to Enable Cost-Effective Probabilistic Structural Testing Simon Poulding, John A. Clark, Rob Alexander, Mark J. Hadley
Search-based Model Merging Marouane Kessentini, Wafa Werda, Philip Langer, Manuel Wimmer
Cost-aware Pareto Optimal Test Suite Minimisation for Service-centric Systems mustafa bozkurt
A Grammatical Evolution Approach for Software Effort Estimation Rodrigo C. Barros, Márcio P. Basgalupp, Ricardo Cerri, Tiago S. da Silva, André C. P. L. F. de Carvalho
Testing Of Precision Agricultural Networks for Adversary-induced Problems Karel Paul Bergmann, Jörg Denzinger
A Theoretical Runtime and Empirical Analysis of Different Alternating Variable Searches for Search-Based Testing Joseph Kempka, Phil McMinn, Dirk Sudholt
The Use of Development History in Software Refactoring Using a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Ali Ouni, Marouane Kessentini, Houari Sahraoui, Mohamed Salah Hamdi
Test Suite Generation with Memetic Algorithms Gordon Fraser, Andrea Arcuri, Phil McMinn
Track: Self-* Search
S-Race: A Multi-Objective Racing Algorithm Tiantian Zhang, Michael Georgiopoulos, Georgios Anagnostopoulos
Sustainable Cooperative Coevolution with a Multi-Armed Bandit Francois-Michel De Rainville, Michèle Sebag, Christian Gagné, Marc Schoenauer, Denis Laurendeau
Novelty and Interestingness Measures for Design-space Exploration Edgar Reehuis, Markus Olhofer, Thomas Bäck, Bernhard Sendhoff
Is the Meta-EA a Viable Optimization Method? Sean Luke, A.K.M. Khaled Ahsan Talukder
Generating Single and Multiple Cooperative Heuristics for the One Dimensional Bin Packing Problem Using a Single Node Genetic Programming Island Model Kevin Sim, Emma Hart
The importance of the learning conditions in Hyper-Heuristics Nuno Lourenço, Francisco Baptista Pereira, Ernesto Costa
An analysis of post-selection in automatic tuning Zhi Yuan, Thomas Stuetzle, Hoong Chuin Lau, Mauro Birattari, Marco Montes de Oca
Non Stationary Operators Selection with Island Models Caner Candan, Adrien Goeffon, Frédéric Lardeux, Frédéric Saubion
Entropy-based Adaptive Range Parameter Control for Evolutionary Algorithms Aldeida Aleti, Irene Moser
Track: Theory
Can Quantitative and Population Genetics Help Us Understand Evolutionary Computation? Nick Barton
Population Size Matters: Rigorous Runtime Results for Maximizing the Hypervolume Indicator Anh Quang Nguyen, Andrew M. Sutton, Frank Neumann
NP-Completeness and the Coevolution of Exact Set Covers Jeffrey Horn
A Method to Derive Fixed Budget Results From Expected Optimisation Times Benjamin Doerr, Thomas Jansen, Carsten Witt, Christine Zarges
Improved Runtime Analysis of the Simple Genetic Algorithm Pietro S. Oliveto, Carsten Witt
Particle Swarm Optimization Almost Surely Finds Local Optima Manuel Schmitt, Rolf Wanka
How the (1 + λ) Evolutionary Algorithm Optimizes Linear Functions Benjamin Doerr, Marvin Künnemann
Runtime Analysis of Ant Colony Optimization on Dynamic Shortest Path Problems Andrei Lissovoi, Carsten Witt


  By Track:
Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence
Artificial Life/Robotics/Evolvable Hardware
Biological and Biomedical Applications
Digital Entertainment Technologies and Arts
Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
Evolution Strategies and Evolutionary Programming
Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization
Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
Generative and Developmental Systems
Genetic Algorithms
Genetic Programming
Genetics Based Machine Learning
Integrative Genetic and Evolutionary Computation
Parallel Evolutionary Systems
Real World Applications
Search-Based Software Engineering
Self-* Search




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