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Accepted Papers:

Title Author
Application of Evolutionary Methods to 3D Geoscience Modelling Bradley James Alexander, Stephan Theil, Jared Peacock
DACCO: A Discrete Ant Colony Algorithm to Cluster Geometry Optimization Nuno Lourenço, Francisco Pereira
A Study of Different Quality Evaluation Functions in the cAnt-Miner PB Classification Algorithm Matthew Medland, Fernando Esteban Barril Otero
Locality-based Multiobjectivization for the HP Model of Protein Structure Prediction Mario Garza-Fabre, Gregorio Toscano-Pulido, Eduardo Rodriguez-Tello
Evolutionary advantage of foresight in markets Daniel Hennes, Daan Bloembergen, Michael Kaisers, Karl Tuyls, Simon Parsons
Post-processing Operators for Decision Lists Maria A. Franco, Natalio Krasnogor, Jaume Bacardit
Adaptive Differential Evolution with Optimization State Estimation Wei-jie Yu, Jun ZHANG
A Novel Approach to Represent Time-delayed Genetic Interactions using S-System Model Ahsan Chowdhury, Madhu Chetty, Xuan Nguyen Vinh
Automated Mechanism Design with Co-Evolutionary Hierarchical Genetic Programming Techniques John A. Doucette, Darren Abramson
Constant Time Steepest Ascent Local Search with Statistical Lookahead for NK-Landscapes Darrell Whitley, Wenxiang Chen
Optimal Cyclic Replacement Policy in MSS Maintenance via Binomial-PSO Angel Eduardo Muñoz Zavala, Evelyn Jade Hernández Ramos
The Choice of the Offspring Population Size in the $(1,\lambda)$ EA Jonathan Rowe, Dirk Sudholt
Distance-Based Bias in Model-Directed Optimization of Additively Decomposable Problems Martin Pelikan, Mark W. Hauschild
An Investigation of Local Patterns For Estimation of Distribution Genetic Programming Erik Hemberg, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, James Mc Dermott, Una-MayO'Reilly
Analysis of a Variant of the CMA-ES on Quadratic Functions Youhei Akimoto
Runtime Analysis of Convex Evolutionary Search Alberto Moraglio, Dirk Sudholt
Local Preference-inspired Co-evolutionary Algorithms RUIWANG, Robin C. Purshouse, Peter J. Fleming
The Max Problem Revisited: The Importance of Mutation in Genetic Programming TimoKötzing, Andrew Michael Sutton, Frank Neumann, Una-MayO'Reilly
Challenging Heuristics: Evolving Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems Jorge Moreno-Scott, Jose Carlo sOrtiz-Bayliss, Hugo Terashima-Marin
Comparing Methods for Module Identification in Grammatical Evolution John Mark Swafford, Miguel Nicolau, Erik Hemberg, Michael O'Neill, Anthony Brabazon
Open-ended coevolution and the emergence of complex irreducible functional units in iterated number sequence games Benjamin Inden
Why Six Informants is Optimal in PSO Jose Garcia-Nieto, Enrique Alba
Crossover Speeds Up Building-Block Assembly Dirk Sudholt
Spatial Co-Evolution - quicker, fitter and less bloated Robin Harper Harper
Symbolic Regression of Multiple-Time-Scale Dynamical Systems Theodore W. Cornforth, Hod Lipson
Novel Embryogeny for Architectural Design Daniel Richards
Linkage Tree Genetic Algorithms: Variants and Analysis Brian W. Goldman, Daniel R. Tauritz
On the Properties of the R2 Indicator Dimo Brockhoff, Heike Trautmann, Tobias Wagner
Distance Measures for HyperGP with Fitness Sharing Jan Drchal, Miroslav Snorek
Representations and Operators for Improving Evolutionary Software Repair} Claire Le Goues, Westley Wemer, Stephanie Forrest
A Manifold Operator Representation for Adaptive Design Jacob Beal, Hala Mostafa, Benjamin Axelrod, Annan Mozeika, Aaron Adler, Gretchen Markiewicz, Kyle Usbeck
On the Relationship Between Environmental and Morphological Complexity in Evolved Robots Joshua E. Auerbach, Joshua C. Bongard
A Genetic Algorithm for Designing Ensemble Methods of Neural Networks Symone Soares, Carlos Antunes, Rui Araújo
Accelerating Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms through Comparative and Predictive User Models Gregory S. Hornby, Josh Bongard
Evaluation of the Performance of Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimization of Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Heating Plants Markus Beck, Michael de Paly, Jozsef Hecht-Méndez, Peter Bayer, Andreas Zell
How to be a Successful App Developer: Lessons from the Simulation of an App Ecosystem Soo Ling Lim, Peter J. Bentley
Equitable Equilibrium: Evolutionary Detection Réka Nagy, Mihai Alexanru Suciu, D. Dumitrescu
Predetermined versus Learned Linkage Models Dirk Thierens, Peter Bosman
Towards a Population-based Framework for improving Stochastic Local Search Algorithms Ignacio Araya, Leslie Perez, Maria Cristina Riff
Asynchronous Master/Slave MOEAs and Heterogeneous Evaluation Costs Mouadh Yagoubi, Marc Schoenauer
A Comparison of a Communication Strategies in Cooperative Learning Michael Solomon, Terence Soule, Robert B. Heckendorn
An Evolutionary Algorithm with Solution Archives and Bounding Extension for the Generalized Minimum Spanning Tree Problem Bin Hu, Günther R. Raidl
Reverse engineering of GRNs: an evolutionary approach based on the Tsallis entropy Mariana Recamon de Mendoza, Fabrício M. Lopes, Ana Lúcia Cetertich Bazzan
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization for Generating Ensembles of Classifiers in the ROC Space Julien-Charles Levesque, Audrey Durand, Christian Gagne, Robert Sabourin
Evolutionary Approaches to the Generation of Optimal Error Correcting Codes Daniel E. Mc Carney, Sheridan Houghten, Brian J. Ross
An Exploration-Exploitation Compromise-Based Adaptive Operator Selection for Local Search Nadarajen Veerapen, Jorge Maturana, Frédéric Saubion
GP Needs Better Benchmarks James Mc Dermott, David R. White, Sean Luke, Luca Manzoni, Mauro Castelli, Leonardo Vanneschi, Wojciech Jaskowski, krzysztofkrawiec, RobinHarper, KennethDe Jong, Una-MayO'Reilly 
Breast Cancer Detection Using Cartesian Genetic Programming evolved Artificial Neural Network Arbab Masood Ahmad, Gul Muhammad Khan, Sahibzada Ali Mahmud, Julian Francis Miller
Off-Line Building Block Identification Hsuan Lee, Tian-Li Yu
The Unconstrained Automated Generation of Cell Image Features for Medical Diagnosis Tara sKowaliw, Wolfgang Banzhaf
A Memory Efficient and Continuous-valued Compact EDA for Large Scale Noisy Problems Sergio Rojas-Galeano, Nestor Rodriguez
Parameter Tuning of Evolutionary Reactions Systems Mauro Castelli, Luca Manzoni, Leonardo Vanneschi
Genetic Programming for Edge Detection Using Blocks to Extract Features Wenlong Fu, Mark Johnston, Mengjie Zhang
On the Cumulative Effect of Bloat and Genetic Transposition on the Efficiency of Incremental Evolution of Snake-like Robot Ivan Tanev, Tuze Kuyucu, Katsunori Shimohara
A New SAX-GA Methodology applied to Investment Strategies Optimization António Canelas, Rui Neves, Nuno Horta
Using Interactive Evolutionary Computation (IEC) with Validated Surrogate Fitness Functions for Redistricting Christine Chou, Steven Kimbrough, John Sullivan, C. Jason Woodard, Frederic H. Murphy
Hybrid Metaheuristic particle filters for stochastic volatility estimation Robert Elliott Smith, Muhammad Shakir Hussain
Darwinian Rivers: Evolving Stream Topographies to Match Hyporheic Residence Time Distributions Forrest Stonedahl, Susa H. Stonedahl
A Hybrid Heuristic For The k-medoids Clustering Problem Mariá Cristina V. Nascimento, Franklina Maria Bragion Toledo, Andre Carlos Ponce Leon Ferreira Carvalho
Self-Adaptive Surrogate-Assisted Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy Ilya Loshchilov, Marc Schoenauer, Michele Sebag
tk-SA: Accelerated Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Application Mapping on Networks-on-Chip Bo Yang, Liang Guang, Tero Säntti, Juha Plosila
MT-CGP: Mixed Type Cartesian Genetic Programming Simon Harding, Vincent Graziano, Jürgen Leitner, Jürgen Schmidhuber
HyperNEAT-GGP: A HyperNEAT-based Atari General Game Player Matthew Hausknecht, Piyush Khandelwal, Risto Miikkulainen, Peter Stone
Evolving Bio-PEPA Process Algebra Models Using Genetic Programming David Marco, Carron Shankland, David Cairns
Local Optima Networks and the Performance of Iterated Local Search Fabio Daolio, Marco Tomassini, Gabriela Ochoa, Sebastien Verel
Sample Aware Embedded Feature Selection for Reinforcement Learning Steven Loscalzo, Robert Wright, Kevin Acunto, Lei Yu
Algorithm Selection Based on Exploratory Landscape Analysis and Cost-Sensitive Learning Bernd Bischl, Olaf Mersmann, Heike Trautmann, Mike Preuss
Efficient Filters for the Simulated Evolution of Small Sorting Networks Drue Coles
CGrAnt: a Swarm Intelligence-based Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks Ana Cristina Kochem Vendramin, Anelise Munaretto, Myriam Regattieri Delgado, Aline Carneiro Viana
Bee Algorithms for Solving DNA Fragment Assembly Problem with Noisy and Noiseless data Tanay Kumar Saha, Jesun Sahariar Firoz, M. Sohel Rahman
An Efficient Genetic Algorithm for Subgraph Isomorphism Jaeun Choi, Yourim Yoon, Byung-RoMoon
An Approach for Estimating Separability and its Application on High Dimensional Optimization Ricardo Landa, Yazmin Rojas, Gregorio Toscano-Pulido
Exploring Boundaries: Optimising Individual Class Boundaries for Binary Classification Problem Jeannie M. Fitzgerald, Conor Ryan
Evolving a Conspicuous Point Detector based on an Artificial Dorsal Stream - SLAM System Daniel Hernandez, Gustavo Olague, Eddie Clemente, Leon Dozal
Convergence of Hypervolume-Based Archiving Algorithms II: Competitiveness Karl Bringmann, Tobias Friedrich
Evolutionary Algorithm for Prioritized Pairwise Test Data Generation Javier Ferrer, Peter M. Kruse, Francisco Chicano, Enrique Alba
A New Methodology for the GP Theory Toolbox Jeffrey K. Bassett, Uday K. Kamath, Kenneth A. De Jong
A hybrid heuristic/metaheuristic algorithm for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling problems with transportation constraints Qiao Zhang, Hervé Manier, Marie-Ange Manier
Instance-Linked Attribute Tracking and Feedback for Michigan-Style Supervised Learning Classifier Systems Ryan Urbanowicz, Ambrose Granizo-Mackenzie, Jason Moore
Introducing the use of model-based evolutionary algorithms for EEG-based motor imagery classification Roberto Santana, Laurent Bonnet, Jozef Legeny, Anatole Lécuyer
A Hyper-Heuristic Evolutionary Algorithm for Automatically Designing Decision-Tree Algorithms Rodrigo C. Barros, Márcio P. Basgalupp, André C. P. L. F. de Carvalho, Alex A. Freitas
Meta-Optimization for Parameter Tuning With a Flexible Computing Budget Juergen Branke, Jawad Asem Elomari
A Preference-Based Bi-Objective Approach to the Payment Scheduling Negotiation Problem with the Extended r-Dominance and NSGA-II Wei-neng Chen, Jun ZHANG
A GPU-based Implementation of an Enhanced GEP Algorithm Shuai Shao, Xiyang Liu, Mingyuan Zhou, Jiguo Zhan, Xin Liu, Yanli Chu, Hao Chen
Learning Fuzzy Cognitive Maps from Data by Ant Colony Optimization Ye Chen, Lawrence J. Mazlack, Long J. Lu
Reducing the Arity in Unbiased Black-Box Complexity Benjamin Doerr, Carola Winzen
Higher-Order Linkage Learning in the ECGA David Andrei Iclanzan
Experimental Evaluation of Topological-based Fitness Functions to Detect Complexes in PPI Networks Clara Pizzuti, Simona Ester Rombo
Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to Elucidate Ionic Water Cluster Structure Formation Omar Paranaiba Vilela Neto, André Silva Pimentel, Marco Aurélio Cavalcanti Pacheco, Ênio Frota da Silveira
Incremental Gaussian Model-Building in Multi-Objective EDAs with an Application to Deformable Image Registration Peter A. N. Bosman, Tanja Alderliesten
Co-evolutionary Predictors for Kinematic Pose Inference Daniel Le Ly, Ashutosh Saxena, Hod Lipson
Guided Evolution in XCSF Patrick Oliver Stalph, Martin Volker Butz
A Test Problem with Adjustable Degrees of Overlap and Conflict among Subproblems Wei-Ming Chen, Chung-Yu Shao, Po-Chun Hsu, Tian-Li Yu
Gaussian mixture modeling for dynamic particle swarm optimization of recurrent problems Eduardo Vellasques, Robert Sabourin, Eric Granger
Mutation Strength Control by Meta-ES on the Sharp Ridge Hans-Georg Beyer, Michael Hellwig
Integrating Particle Swarm Optimization with Reinforcement Learning in Noisy Problems Grigoris S. Piperagkas, George Georgoulas, Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos, Chrysostomos D. Stylios, Aristidis Likas
Linkage Neighbors, Optimal Mixing and Forced Improvements in Genetic Algorithms Peter A.N. Bosman, Dirk Thierens
Fixed Budget Computations: A Different Perspective on Run Time Analysis Thomas Jansen, Christine Zarges
A New Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on a Performance Assessment Indicator Cynthia A. Rodríguez Villalobos, Carlos A. Coello Coello
Improving the Performance of Vector Hyper-heuristics through Local Search José Carlos Ortiz-Bayliss, Hugo Terashima-Marín, Santiago Enrique Conant-Pablos, Ender Özcan, Andrew J. Parkes
Depictions of Genotypic Space for Evaluating the Suitability of Different Recombination Operators Robert Collier, Christian Fobel, Gary Grewal, Mark Wineberg
Tag-based Modularity in Tree-based Genetic Programming Lee Spector, Kyle Harrington, Thomas Helmuth
Effects of Discrete Objective Functions with Different Granularities on the Search Behavior of EMO Algorithms Hisao Ishibuchi, Masakazu Yamane, Yusuke Nojima
Adaptive Learning Evaluation Model For Evolutionary Art Yang Li, Ming Chen, Changjun Hu
Accelerating Evolution via Egalitarian Social Learning Wesley Tansey, Eliana Feasley, Risto Miikkulainen
Multi-Container Loading with Non-Convex 3d Shapes Philipp Nebel, Gunther Richter, Karsten Weicker
On Neighborhood Tree Search Houda Derbel, Bilel Derbel
Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Sensor Network with Mobile Sink Jing-hui Zhong, Jun ZHANG
A Parameterized Runtime Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms for MAX-2-SAT Andrew Michael Sutton, Jareth Day, Frank Neumann
Evolving Axonal Delay Neural Networks for Robot Control Francis Jeanson, Anthony White
Influence of Selection on Structure Learning in Markov Network EDAs: An Empirical Study Alexander Edward Ian Brownlee, John A. W. McCall, Martin Pelikan
GENOM-POF: Multi-Objective Evolutionary Synthesis of Analog ICs with Corners Validation Nuno Lourenço, Nuno Horta
A Hybridization between Memetic Algorithm and Semidefinite Relaxation for the Max-Cut Problem Bo Song, Victor O. K. Li
SDE: A Stochastic Coding Differential Evolution for Global Optimization Jing-hui Zhong, Jun ZHANG
A Developmental Solution to (Dynamic) Capacitated Arc Routing Problems using Genetic Programming Thomas Weise, Alexandre Devert, Ke Tang
Automatic Generation of Graph Models For Complex Networks by Genetic Programming Alexander Bailey, Mario Ventresca, Beatrice Ombuki-Berman
How long should we run in dynamic optimization? Briseida Sarasola, Enrique Alba
Image Segmentation using a Genetic Algorithm and Hierarchical Local Search Mark Walter Hauschild, Sanjiv Bhatia, Martin Pelikan
Evolving a Best Known Approximation to the Q Function Dao Ngoc Phong, Nguyen Xuan Hoai, Robert Ian McKay, Constantin Siriteanu, Nguyen Quang Uy
Natural Evolution Strategies Converge on Sphere Functions Tom Schaul
CMA-TWEANN: Efficient Neuroevolution via Synthetic Evolution of Network Topology and Synaptic Weights Hirotaka Moriguchi, Shinichi Honiden
Metaheuristic Approaches to Tool Selection Optimisation Alexander Wainwright Churchill, Phil Husbands, Andrew Philippides
Enhancing the Virtual Loser Genetic Algorithm for Dynamic Environments Anabela Simões, Ernesto Costa
Morphologies of Self-Organizing Swarms in 3D Swarm Chemistry Hiroki Sayama
Sensitive Ants Are Sensible Ants Muhammad RezaulKarim, Conor Ryan
Computational Complexity Analysis of Multi-Objective Genetic Programming Frank Neumann
Evolutionary Exploratory Association Discovery: A Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Adoption Application Joseph S. Krupa, Somdeb Chatterjee, Ethan Eldridge, Donna M. Rizzo, Margaret J. Eppstein
An Analysis of the Effects of Composite Objectives in Multiobjective Software Module Clustering Marcio Barros
Complex and Diverse Morphologies Can Develop from a Minimal Genome Jose David Fernandez, Francisco J. Vico, Rene Doursat
ProtRank: A Method for Detecting Protein Complexes Nazar Zaki
GP under Streaming Data constraints: A case for Pareto archiving? Aaron Atwater, Malcolm I. Heywood, Nur Zincir-Heywood
Ants Easily Solve Stochastic Shortest Path Problems Benjamin Doerr, Ashish Ranjan Hota, Timo Kötzing
Filtering Sensory Information with XCSF: Improving Learning Robustness and Control Performance Jan Kneissler, Patrick Oliver Stalph, Jan Drugowitsch, Martin V. Butz
Evolving Distributed Resource Sharing for CubeSat Constellations Adrian Agogino, Chris Holmes Parker, Kagan Tumer
Estimating Markov Switching Model Using Differential Evolution Algorithm in Prospective Infectious Disease Outbreak Detection Rui-tian Xu, Jun ZHANG
A Cell-based Developmental Model to Generate Real Robot Morphologies Sylvain Cussat-Blanc, Jordan B. Pollack
A Genetic and Insertion Heuristic algorithm for solving the dynamic ridematching problem with time windows Wesam M. A. Herbawi, Michael Weber
On the Analysis of the Simple Genetic Algorithm Pietro S. Oliveto, Carsten Witt
An Empirical Approach to the Measurement of Interchromosomal Distances in the Genetic Algorithm Robert Collier, Mark Wineberg
Co-evolution of morphology and control of soft-bodied multicellular animats Michał Joachimczak, Borys Wrobel
On the Efficiency of an Order-based Representation in the Clique Covering Problem David Chalupa
Extracting and Using Building Blocks of Knowledge in Learning Classifier Systems Muhammad Iqbal, Will N. Browne, Mengjie Zhang
Efficient algorithms for extracting biological key pathways with global constraints Jan Baumbach, Tobias Friedrich, Timo Kötzing, Anton Krohmer, Joachim Müller, Josch Pauling
Surrogate Modeling in the Evolutionary Optimization of Catalytic Materials Martin Holena, David Linke, Lukás Bajer
An Evolutionary Approach for the Dubins' Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods Douglas Guimaraes Macharet, Armando Alves Neto, Vilar Fiuza da Camara Neto, Mario Fernando Montenegro Campos            
The Use of Reputation as Noise-resistant Selection Bias in a Co-evolutionary Multi-agent System Nikolaos Chatzinikolaou, David Robertson
PSO Based on Surrogate Modelling as Meta-Search to Optimise Evolutionary Algorithms Parameters Ahmed Kattan, Mohammed Arif
Evolving Flexible Joint Morphologies Jared M. Moore, Philip K. McKinley
Run-Time Analysis of the (1+1) Evolutionary Algorithm Optimizing Linear Functions Over a Finite Alphabet Benjamin Doerr, Sebastian Pohl
Evolving Large Scale UAV Communication System Adrian K. Agogino, ChrisHolmes Parker, Kagan Tumer
Adaptive Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm using Multi-Pareto-Ranking Wahabou Abdou, Christelle Bloch, Charlet Damien, Francois Spies
Exploring and Evolving Process-oriented Control for Real and Virtual Fire Fighting Robots Kathryn Hardey, Eren Corapcioglu, Molly Mattis, Mark Goadrich, Matthew Jadud
Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO) for Feature Selection Bing XUE, Mengjie Zhang, Will N. Browne
Evolutionary Algorithms for the Project Scheduling Problem: Runtime Analysis and Improved Design Leandro L. Minku, Dirk Sudholt, Xin Yao
Two-Cornered Learning Classifier Systems for Pattern Generation and Classification Syahaneim Marzukhi, Will N. Browne, Mengjie Zhang
XCS-based versus UCS-based Feature Pattern Classification System Toktam Ebadi, Mengjie Zhang, Will Browne
Estimating the Evolution Direction of Populations To Improve Genetic Algorithms Andrea De Lucia, Massimiliano Di Penta, Rocco Oliveto, Annibale Panichella
Behavioral Heterogeneity and Collective Construction Geoff Nitschke
Photogrowth: Non-Photorealistic Renderings Through Ant Paintings Penousal Machado, Luis Pereira
Might There Be a Computational Advantage to Representing Evaporation Rate in Ant Colony Optimization as a Gaussian Random Variable? Ashraf M. Abdelbar
Hierarchical task decomposition through Symbiosis in reinforcement learning John A. Doucette, Peter Lichodzijewski, Malcolm I. Heywood
Exact Computation of the Expectation Curves for Uniform Crossover Francisco Chicano, Darrell Whitley, Enrique Alba
Multi-Objective Coevolutionary Automated Software Correction Josh L. Wilkerson, Daniel R. Tauritz, James M. Bridges
Leveraging Indicator-based Ensemble Selection in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms Dung H. Phan, Junichi Suzuki, Isao Hayashi
Dynamic Segregative Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing the Variable Ordering of ROBDDs Cristian Rotaru, Octav Brudaru
LAYGEN II - Automatic Analog ICs Layout Generator based on a Template Approach Ricardo Martins, Nuno Lourenço, Nuno Horta
On Relationships between Semantic Diversity, Complexity and Modularity of Programming Tasks Krzysztof Krawiec
Impact of Neuron Models and Network Structure on Evolving Robot Neural Network Controllers Leo Cazenille, Nicolas Bredeche, Heiko Hamman, Juergen Stradner
An Improved CUDA-Based Implementation of Differential Evolution on GPU Kai Qin, Federico Raimondo, Florence Forbes, Yew Soon Ong
A (1+1)-CMA-ES for Constrained Optimisation Dirk V. Arnold, Nikolaus Hansen
A Dynamic Island Model for Adaptive Operator Selection Caner Candan, Adrien Goeffon, Frederic Lardeux, Frederic Saubion
Evolving Network Motifs based Morphogenetic Approach for Self-Organizing Robotic Swarms Yan Meng, Hongliang Guo
From Neighbors to Global Neighbors in Collaborative Filtering: an Evolutionary Optimization Approach Amine Boumaza, Armelle Brun



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