Papers Nominated for Best Paper Awards

Track Title Authors Author 1 email
ACO-SI A Few Ants are Enough: ACO with Iteration-Best Update
Frank Neumann
Dirk Sudholt
Carsten Witt
ACO-SI Analysis of Algorithmic Components for Multiobjective Ant Colony Optimization: A Case Study on the Biobjective TSP Manuel López-Ibáñez
Thomas Stützle
ALIFE Resource Abundance Promotes the Evolution of Public Goods Cooperation Brian D Connelly
Benjamin E Beckmann
Philip K McKinley
ALIFE Evolution of Vision Capabilities in Embodied Virtual Creatures Marcin L. Pilat
Christian Jacob
ALIFE Crossing the Reality Gap in Evolutionary Robotics by promoting Transferable Controllers
Sylvain Koos
Jean-Baptiste Mouret
Stéphane Doncieux
BIO P System Model Optimisation by Means of\\Evolutionary Based Search Algorithms
Carlos García-Martínez
Claudio Lima
Jamie Twycross
Natalio Krasnogor
Manuel Lozano
BIO The Application of Michigan-Style Learning Classifier Systems to Address Genetic Heterogeneity and Epistasis in Association Studies

Ryan Urbanowicz
Jason Moore
COM An Efficient Algorithm for Generalized Minimum Spanning Tree Problem He Jiang
COM Consultant-Guided Search - A New Metaheuristic for Combinatorial Optimization Problems Serban Iordache
COM A Hierarchical Cooperative Evolutionary Algorithm Shelly Xiaonan Wu
Wolfgang Banzhaf
EDA The Anticipated Mean Shift and Cluster Registration in Mixture-based EDAs for Multi-Objective Optimization
Peter A.N. Bosman
EDA Effective Structure Learning for EDA via L1-Regularized Bayesian Networks Jiadong Yang
Hua Xu
Yunpeng Cai
Peifa Jia
EDA Entropy-Based Substructural Local Search for Bayesian Optimization Algorithm
Hoang Ngoc Luong
Hai Thi Thanh Nguyen
Chang Wook Ahn
ESEP Active Covariance Matrix Adaptation for the (1+1)-CMA-ES
Dirk V. Arnold
Nikolaus Hansen
ESEP Adaptive Strategy Selection in Differential Evolution
Wenyin Gong
Álvaro Fialho
Zhihua Cai
ESEP On the Analysis of Self-Adaptive Evolution Strategies on Elliptic Model: First Results
Alexander Melkozerov
Hans-Georg Beyer
ESEP Exponential Natural Evolution Strategies
Tobias Glasmachers
Tom Schaul
Yi Sun
Daan Wierstra
Jürgen Schmidhuber
EMO A Grid-Based Fitness Strategy for Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization Miqing Li
Jinhua Zheng
Ruimin Shen
Ke Li
Qizhao Yuan
EMO Integrating Decision Space Diversity into Hypervolume-based Multiobjective Search

Tamara Ulrich
Johannes Bader
Eckart Zitzler
EMO The Maximum Hypervolume Set Yields Near-optimal Approximation
Karl Bringmann
Tobias Friedrich
GDS Image Compression of Natural Images Using Artificial Gene Regulatory Networks
Martin Albrecht Trefzer
Tuze Kuyucu
Julian Francis Miller
Andy Tyrrell
GDS Transfer Learning through Indirect Encoding
Phillip Verbancsics
Kenneth O. Stanley
GDS Evolving the Placement and Density of Neurons in the HyperNEAT Substrate

Sebastian Risi
Joel Lehman
Kenneth O. Stanley
GDS The Baldwin Effect in Developing Neural Networks Keith Linn Downing
GA Phenotype Feedback Genetic Algorithm Operators for Heuristic Encoding of Snakes within Hypercubes

Benjamin P Carlson
Dean F Hougen
GA NK Landscapes, Problem Difficulty, and Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms
Martin Pelikan
GP Abstract Functions and Lifetime Learning in Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression
Raja Muhammad Atif Azad
Conor Ryan
GP The Estimation of Hölderian Regularity using Genetic Programming
Leonardo Trujillo
Pierrick Legrand
Jacques Lévy-Véhel
GBML Speeding Up the Evaluation of Evolutionary Learning Systems using GPGPUs
Maria A. Franco
Natalio Krasnogor
Jaume Bacardit
GBML How XCS Deals with Rarities in Domains with Continuous Attributes
Albert Orriols-Puig
Xavier Llorá
David E Goldberg
GBML Negative Selection Algorithms Without Generating Detectors
Johannes Textor
Maciej Liśkiewicz
PS The Benefit of Migration in Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms Jörg Lässig
Dirk Sudholt
PS Shared Memory Genetic Algorithms in a Multi-Agent Context Dana Vrajitoru
PS FPGA Implementation of Population Based Scatter Search Maxwell Walton
Gary Grewal
Gerarda Darlington
RWA A Neuro-Evolutionary Approach to Micro Aerial Vehicle Control
Max Salichon
Kagan Tumer
RWA Robust Neuro-Control for A Micro Quadrotor
Jack Shepherd
Kagan Tumer
RWA Optimization of the Hölder Image Descriptor using a Genetic Algorithm
Leonardo Trujillo
Pierrick Legrand
Gustavo Olague
Cynthia Pérez
RWA Evolutionary-based Conflict-free Scheduling of Collective communications on Spidergon NoCs
Jiri Jaros
Vaclav Dvorak
SBSE Empirically Studying the Role of Selection Operators During Search-Based Test Suite Prioritization Gregory Martin Kapfhammer
Alexander P Conrad
Robert S Roos
SBSE Search-Based Test Data Generation from Stateflow Statecharts
Andreas Windisch
Theory Black Box Search by Unbiased Variation
Per Kristian Lehre
Carsten Witt
Theory Two Characterizations of Success of the Metropolis Algorithm for Optimization
Swagato Sanyal
Raja S
Somenath Biswas
Theory Multiplicative Drift Analysis
Benjamin Doerr
Daniel Johannsen
Carola Winzen
Theory Ant Colony Optimization for Stochastic Shortest Path Problems
Christian Horoba
Dirk Sudholt


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