Thank-you for participating in GECCO 2009!

On this page are instructions for:

Camera Ready File Instructions

The GECCO Proceedings of accepted full papers and posters, along with GECCO's related presentations of Workshop Papers, Late Breaking Papers, and tutorial slides will be published on CD and included in the ACM Digital Library.

All material to be included on the CD must be submitted to Sheridan Printing Company in an electronic format which conforms to ACM specifications. Authors must submit both their source file (.doc or .ps) and a PDF.

Authors submitting material to be included on the CD must also mail or fax, to Sheridan Printing Company, a completed and signed ACM copyright form or permission to publish form. The correct form will be automatically generated for the author(s) when the electronic files are submitted.

Electronic submissions are due on or before the deadline, 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time (USA). Page limits are set by the type of paper.
Refer to the publisher's instructions for preparation of your final electronic files:

Type of Paper Page Limit Camera Ready Deadline
Accepted Full Papers 8 pages Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Accepted Posters 2 pages Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Student Workshops 4 pages Friday, April 17, 2009
Workshop Papers 8 pages Friday, April 17, 2009
Late Breaking Papers 6 pages Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Tutorial Slides
50 pages (200 slides, 4 per page)
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About the Registration Requirement for Authors and Presenters

By submitting material to be included on the GECCO 2009 Proceedings and Related Presentations CD, the author(s) agree that they will complete a paid conference registration for at least one author by Monday, April 27, 2009. At least one author must pay a registration and attend the conference, so that someone is at the conference to present the research.

A paid registration is the like the "cost" of a "ticket" to attend the GECCO conference. A paid registration entitles the registered person to entrance to the workshops, tutorials, conference technical sessions, keynotes, and special events, like the Sunday evening Opening Reception.

If an author has more than one paper to present at the conference, there are NO additional registration fees. The author registers one time (pays for 1 registration), and presents as many papers as have been accepted.

If a paper has more than one author, and more than one author will attend the conference, then each author in attendance must pay for a registration.

Instructions for Paper Presentations

GECCO will provide an LCD projector in each meeting room. Presenters must bring their own laptop, or arrange to use a laptop for your presentation.

Speakers presenting papers are allotted the following presentation times, which includes equipment set up, presentation, and questions period. If a session is without a chair, we ask the last scheduled speaker to perform those duties.

  • Speakers presenting accepted full papers during the track technical sessions are allocated 25 minutes for each presentation: 20 minutes for set up and presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions.
  • Speakers in the Late Breaking Papers sessions are allocated 15 minutes minutes for each presentation: 10 minutes for set up and presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions. The last scheduled speaker in an LBP session is asked to chair the session.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

  • Format: Posters should be portrait orientation, and no larger than 30 inches/76.2 cm wide x 40 inches/101.6 cm tall. Use large sans-serif font (e.g. Arial) that is easily readable from 3 feet away.
  • Content: Remember that a poster is essentially a visual communication tool: Most people do not read a poster throughout, but glance through it to see if there is anything interesting. Use an abstract to summarize in simple language what you have achieved and why it is significant. Use diagrams, pictures, and layout to naturally guide the viewer’s attention, rather than explaining it all using text. Provide an explicit take-home message.
  • Setup: Poster authors will set up their posters on Thursday, July 9, in the late afternoon. Tacks will be provided.
  • Presentation: The poster session will take place the evening of Thursday, July 9.


Instructions for Session Chairs

  • Keep the session on schedule: use a watch, clock, or timer. Signal the presenter when 5 minutes are left in presentation time, when presentation time is finished (and therefore, questions period begins), and finally signal that question time is finished (and therefore the presentation is over).
  • Please adhere to the scheduled order of talks, as well as presentation times. If a speaker is absent, we ask you to announce a short break until the next presentation is due to start. Do not start early, as participants may be moving between sessions/presentations.
  • Please inform the staff at the registration desk of any absent speakers.
  • Introduce each speaker.
  • Moderate questions.
  • Arrive a few minutes early to check on room and equipment set up. Please inform the registration desk immediately if problems arise or adjustments are needed.


If you have questions or problems with the preparation or submission of your final, camera-ready files, check the formatting instructions here or contact Lisa Tolles, Sheridan Printing Proceedings Coordinator at by phone: +1-908-213-8988 (New Jersey, USA) or via email with the conference name (GECCO'09) in the subject line.

If you have questions or problems related to your scheduled presentation, please contact. To ensure a quick reply to your email, please include "GECCO" in your subject line.



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