Paper Presentation Schedule
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Keynote: Martin I. Meltzer, Ph.D

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair:                                                                       



GP-2: Applications I

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair: Nicholas Freitag McPhee (University of Minnesota, Morris)  

10:40-11:05        Automated Shape Composition Based on Cell Biology and Distributed Genetic Programming

        Linge  Bai, Manolya  Eyiyurekli, David E Breen


11:05-11:30        Evolutionary Lossless Compression with GP-ZIP*

        Ahmad  Kattan, Riccardo  Poli


11:30-11:55        Evolution of Hyperheuristics for  the Biobjective 0/1 Knapsack Problem by Multiobjective Genetic Programming

        Rajeev  Kumar, Ashwin H. Joshi, Krishna K. Banka, Peter I. Rockett


GA-1: Best Paper Nominees

Room: Georgia East

Session Chair: Martin Pelikan (University of Missouri in St. Louis)                           

10:40-11:05        Optimal Sampling of Genetic Algorithms on Polynomial Regression

        Tian-Li  Yu, Wei-Kai  Lin


11:05-11:30        Rank Based Variation Operators for Genetic Algorithms  

        Jorge  Cervantes, Christopher Rhodes Stephens


11:30-11:55        Theoretical Analysis of Diversity Mechanisms for Global Exploration

        Tobias  Friedrich, Pietro S. Oliveto, Dirk  Sudholt, Carsten  Witt


11:55-12:20        Rigorous Analyses of Fitness-Proportional Selection for Optimizing Linear Functions  

        Edda  Happ, Daniel  Johannsen, Christian  Klein, Frank  Neumann




BIO-2: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Room: Atlanta A

Session Chair: Clare Bates Congdon (University of Southern Maine)                      

10:40-11:05        Evolution of Discrete Gene Regulatory Models

        Afshin  Esmaeili, Christian  Jacob


11:05-11:30        Finding Consensus Trees by Evolutionary, Variable Neighborhood Search, and Hybrid Algorithms

        Sandro  Pirkwieser, Günther R. Raidl


11:30-11:55        Rapid Evaluation and Evolution o Neural Models using Graphics Card Hardware

        Thomas F Clayton, Leena N Patel, Gareth  Leng, Alan F Murray, Iain A B Lindsay


RWA-2: Financial Engineering

Room: Atlanta B

Session Chair: Christopher D. Clack (University College London)                           

10:40-11:05        Combatting Financial Fraud: A Coevolutionary Anomaly Detection Approach

        Shelly Xiaonan Wu, Wolfgang  Banzhaf


11:05-11:30        Learning to Optimize Profits Beats Predicting Returns - Comparing Techniques for Financial Portfolio Optimisation

        Wei  Yan, Martin D. Sewell, Christopher D. Clack


11:30-11:55        GP Age-layer and Crossover Effects in Bid-Offer Spread Prediction

        Amy  Willis, Suneer  Patel, Christopher D. Clack


11:55-12:20        Mono-Commodity Network Flow Optimization by Evolutionary Algorithms

        Daniel  Delahaye, Stéphane  Puechmorel


Evolutionary Computation in Practice-1:

Room: Atlanta C

Session Chair:                                                                       




Room: Buckhead

Session Chair:                                                                       



ALIFE-1: Best Paper Nominees

Room: Lenox

Session Chair:                                                                       

10:40-11:05        The Influence of Scaling and Assortativity on Takeover Times in Scale-Free Topologies  

        Joshua L Payne, Margaret J Eppstein


11:05-11:30        Designing Multi-Rover Emergent Specialization  

        Geoff  Nitschke, Martijn  Schut


11:30-11:55        A Multi-scaled Approach to Artificial Life Simulation With P Systems and Dissipative Particle Dynamics  

        James  Smaldon, Jonathan  Blakes, Natalio  Krasnogor, Doron  Lancet


11:55-12:20        Modular Neuroevolution for Multilegged Locomotion  

        Vinod K Valsalam, Risto  Miikkulainen


ESEP-1: Best paper nominees

Room: Roswell

Session Chair: Nikolaus Hansen (Evolution Strategies, Evolutionary Programming)                      

10:40-11:05        Why Noise May be Good  

        Silja  Meyer-Nieberg, Hans-Georg  Beyer


11:05-11:30        Functionally Specialized CMA-ES: A Modification of CMA-ES based on the Specialization of the Functions of Covariance Matrix Adaptation and Step Size Adaptation  

        Youhei  Akimoto, Jun  Sakuma, Shigenobu  Kobayashi, Isao  Ono


11:30-11:55        Aiming for a theoretically tractable CSA variant by means of empirical investigations  

        Jens  Jägersküpper, Mike  Preuss


EMO-2: Robustness and Scalability Issues

Room: Peachtree

Session Chair: El-Ghazali Talbi (INRIA)                                                             

10:40-11:05        AMGA: An Archive-based Micro Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization

        Santosh  Tiwari, Patrick  Koch, Georges  Fadel, Kalyanmoy  Deb


11:05-11:30        Embedded Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization for Worst Case Robustness

        Gideon  Avigad, Jürgen  Branke


11:30-11:55        Effectiveness of Scalability Improvement Attempts on the Performance of NSGA-II for Many-Objective Problems

        Hisao  Ishibuchi, Noritaka  Tsukamoto, Yasuhiro  Hitotsuyanagi, Yusuke  Nojima


11:55-12:20        A Robust Evolutionary Framework for Multi-Objective Optimization

        Kalyanmoy  Deb


GP-3: Techniques

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair: Steven Gustafson (GE Global Research)                                 

14:00-14:25        Accelerating Genetic Programming by Frequent Subtree Mining

        Yoshitaka  Kameya, Junichi  Kumagai, Yoshiaki  Kurata


14:25-14:50        Using Differential Evolution for Symbolic Regression and Numerical Constant Creation

        Brian M Cerny, Peter C Nelson, Chi  Zhou


14:50-15:15        An Analysis of Multi-Sampled Issue and No-Replacement Tournament Selection

        Huayang  Xie, Mengjie  Zhang, Peter  Andreae, Mark  Johnson


15:15-15:40        Exploiting The Path Of Least Resistance In Evolution

        Gearoid  Murphy, Conor  Ryan


GA-2: GA Theory and Interactive GAs

Room: Georgia East

Session Chair: Xavier Llorà (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)                

14:00-14:25        Theory of the Simple Genetic Algorithm with alpha-Selection

        Andre  Neubauer  


14:25-14:50        Theoretical Analysis of Genetic Algorithms in Noisy Environments based on a Markov Model

        Takehiko  Nakama 


14:50-15:15        Comparing Global and Local Mutations on Bit Strings

        Benjamin  Doerr, Thomas  Jansen, Christian  Klein


15:15-15:40        Graph-Theoretic Measure for Active iGAs: Interaction Sizing and Parallel Evaluation Ensemble

        Xavier  Llorà, Noriko Imafuji Yasui, David E Goldberg


Human- Competitive Results

Room: Atlanta A

Session Chair:                                                                       



RWA-3: Optimization I

Room: Atlanta B

Session Chair:                                                                       

14:00-14:25        The Gene Regulatory Network: An Application to Optimal Coverage in Sensor Networks

        Sanjoy  Das, Praveen  Koduru, Xinye  Cai, Stephen  Welch, Venkatesh  Sarangan


14:25-14:50        Analysis of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms to Optimize Dynamic Data Types in Embedded Systems

        J. Ignacio  Hidalgo, José L. Risco-Martín, David  Atienza, Juan  Lanchares


14:50-15:15        Efficiency Optimization of a Multi-Pump Booster System

        Gerulf K. M. Pedersen, Zhenyu  Yang


15:15-15:40        An Evolutionary Design Technique for Collective Communications on Optimal Diameter-Degree Networks

        Jiri  Jaros, Vaclav  Dvorak


Evolutionary Computation in Practice-2:

Room: Atlanta C

Session Chair:                                                                       




ALIFE-2: Evolutionary Robotics

Room: Buckhead

Session Chair:                                                                       

14:00-14:25        Co-evolution of Active Sensing and Locomotion Gaits ofSimulated Snake-like Robot

        Ivan  Tanev, Katsunori  Shimohara


14:25-14:50        Neuro-Evolution for a Gathering and Collective Construction Task

        G.S.  Nitschke, D.W.F  Krevelen


14:50-15:15        Evolving Cooperative Control on Sparsely Distributed Tasks for UAV Teams Without Global Communication

        Gregory J Barlow, Choong K Oh, Stephen F Smith


EDA-1: Best paper nominees

Room: Lenox

Session Chair: Martin Pelikan (University of Missouri in St. Louis)                           

14:00-14:25        Using Previous Models to Bias Structural Learning in the Hierarchical BOA  

        Mark W Hauschild, Martin  Pelikan, Kumara  Sastry, David E. Goldberg


14:25-14:50        On the Effectiveness of Distributions Estimated by Probabilistic Model Building  

        Chung-Yao  Chuang, Ying-ping  Chen


14:50-15:15        From Mating Pool Distributions to Model Overfitting  

        Claudio F Lima, Fernando G Lobo, Martin  Pelikan


ACO-2: Ant Colony Optimization

Room: Roswell

Session Chair:                                                                       

14:00-14:25        Scaling Ant Colony Optimization with Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Partitioning

        Erik J. Dries, Gilbert L. Peterson


14:25-14:50        Enhanced Generalized Ant Programming (EGAP)

        Amirali  Salehi-Abari, Tony  White


14:50-15:15        A Multi-Objective Ant Colony Approach for Pareto-Optimization Using Dynamic Programming

        Sascha  Häckel, Marco  Fischer, David  Zechel, Tobias  Teich


15:15-15:40        Multivariate Ant Colony Optimization in Continuous Search Spaces

        Fabricio Olivetti de Franca, Guilherme Palermo Coelho, Romis R. de Faissol Attux, Fernando J. Von Zuben


GDS-1: Best Paper Nominees

Room: Peachtree

Session Chair: R. Paul Wiegand (Institute for Simulation and Training / UCF)        

14:00-14:25        Generative Encoding for Multiagent Systems  

        David B. D'Ambrosio, Kenneth O. Stanley


14:25-14:50        A Cellular Model for the Evolutionary Development of Lightweight Material with an Inner Structure  

        Till  Steiner, Yaochu  Jin, Bernhard  Sendhoff


GP-1: Best paper nominees

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair: Julian F. Miller (University of York)                                            

16:10-16:35        Parsimony Pressure Made Easyød:  

        Riccardo  Poli, Nicholas Freitag McPhee


16:35-17:00        The Impact of Population Size on Code Growth in GP:Analysis and Empirical Validation  

        Riccardo  Poli, Nicholas Freitag McPhee, Leonardo  Vanneschi


17:00-17:25        Rapid Prediction of Optimum Population Size in Genetic Programming Using a Novel Genotype - Fitness Correlation  

        David C Wedge, Douglas B Kell


17:25-17:50        Learning to Recognise Mental Activities: Genetic Programming of Stateful Classifiers for Brain-Computer Interfacing  

        Alexandros  Agapitos, Matthew  Dyson, Simon M Lucas, Francisco  Sepulveda


GA-3: Parallel GAs, Performance Analysis and NK Landscapes

Room: Georgia East

Session Chair: Kumara Sastry (Intel Corp)                                                       

16:10-16:35        Empirical Investigations on Parallel Competent Genetic Algorithms

        Miwako  Tsuji, Masaharu  Munetomo, Kiyoshi  Akama


16:35-17:00        Voronoi-Initializated Island Models for Solving Real-Coded Deceptive Problems

        Santiago  Muelas, José M Peña, Víctor  Robles, Antonio  LaTorre


17:00-17:25        An Enhanced Statistical Approach for Evolutionary Algorithm Comparison

        Eduardo G. Carrano, Elizabeth F. Wanner, Ricardo H.C. Takahashi


17:25-17:50        Analysis of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms and Genetic Algorithms on NK Landscapes

        Martin  Pelikan



Room: Atlanta A

Session Chair:                                                                       



RWA-4: Optimization II

Room: Atlanta B

Session Chair:                                                                       

16:10-16:35        Optimizing Hierarchical Menus by Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing

        Shouichi  Matsui, Seiji  Yamada


16:35-17:00        Estimation of Pump-Curves using Genetic Algorithms

        Gerulf K. M. Pedersen, Zhenyu  Yang


17:00-17:25        Evolutionary Algorithms for Automated Drug Design towards Target Molecule Properties

        Johannes W. Kruisselbrink, Thomas  Bäck, Ad P. IJzerman, Eelke  van der Horst


17:25-17:50        Discovering Performance Bounds for Grid Scheduling by using Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization

        Christian  Grimme, Joachim  Lepping, Alexander  Papaspyrou



Room: Atlanta C

Session Chair:                                                                       

16:10-16:35        An Empirical Comparison of Evolution and Coevolution for Designing Artificial Neural Network Game Players  

        Min  Shi  


16:35-17:00        Managing Team-Based Problem Solving with Symbiotic Bid-Based Genetic Programming

        P.  Lichodzijewski, M. I. Heywood


17:00-17:25        A No-Free-Lunch Framework for Coevolution

        Travis  Service, Daniel  Tauritz


17:25-17:50        Fitnessless Coevolution

        Wojciech  Jaskowski, Krzysztof  Krawiec, Bartosz  Wieloch


ALIFE-3: Multi-Agent Systems

Room: Buckhead

Session Chair:                                                                       

16:10-16:35        Individual-Based Artificial Ecosystems for Design and Optimization

        Srinivasa Shivakar Vulli, Sanjeev  Agarwal


16:35-17:00        Multi-Agent Task Allocation: Learning When to Say No

        Adam  Campbell, Annie S. Wu, Randall  Shumaker


17:00-17:25        Selection for Group-Level Efficiency Leads to Self-Regulation of Population Size

        Benjamin E Beckmann, Philip K McKinley, Charles  Ofria


17:25-17:50        Modeling Ant Colony Foraging in Dynamic and ConfinedEnvironment

        Elton Bernardo Bandeira de Melo, Aluízio Fausto Ribeiro Araújo


EDA-3: Multimodal and Dynamic Optimization

Room: Lenox

Session Chair: Claudio M F Lima (University of Algarve)                                  

16:10-16:35        UMDAs for Dynamic Optimization Problems

        Carlos M. Fernandes, Cláudio  Lima, Agostinho C. Rosa


16:35-17:00        Investigating Restricted Tournament Replacement in ECGA for Non-Stationary Environments

        Claudio F Lima, Carlos  Fernandes, Fernando G Lobo


17:00-17:25        Going for the Big Fishes: Discovering and Combining Large Neutral and Massively Multimodal Building-Blocks with Model Based Macro-Mutation

        David  Iclanzan, D.  Dumitrescu


Late Breaking Papers-1

Room: Roswell

Session Chair:                                                                       

16:10-16:25        Opportunistic Evolution: Efficient Evolutionary Computation on Large-Scale Computational Grids

        Keith  Sullivan, Sean  Luke, Curt  Larock, Sean  Cier, Steven  Armentrout


16:25-16:40        Evolutionary Facial Feature Selection

        Aaron K Baughman 


16:40-16:55        Attack Analysis & Bio-Inspired Security Framework for IPMultimedia Subsystem

        Aliya  Awais, Muddassar  Farooq, Muhammad Younus Javed


16:55-17:10        A Fuzzy-Genetic Approach to Network Intrusion Detection

        Terrence P. Fries  


17:10-17:25        Developing Neural Structure of Two Agents that Play Checkers Using Cartesian Genetic Programming

        Gul Muhammad Khan, Julian Francis Miller, David M. Halliday


GDS-2: Generative and Developmental Systems

Room: Peachtree

Session Chair: Kenneth Stanley (University of Central Florida)                                

16:10-16:35        An Evolvability-enhanced Artificial Embryogeny for Generating Network Structures

        Hidenori  Komatsu, Yasuhiro  Hashimoto, Yu  Chen, Hirotada  Ohashi


16:35-17:00        Measures of Complexity for Artificial Embryogeny

        Taras  Kowaliw 


17:00-17:25        Evolutionary Design of Dynamic SwarmScapes

        Namrata  Khemka, Scott  Novakowski, Gerald  Hushlak, Christian  Jacob


17:25-17:50        Phenotypic, Developmental and Computational Resources: Scaling in Artificial Development

        Gunnar  Tufte  




Keynote: PZ Myers

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair:                                                                       



GBML-1: Applications of Genetics-Based Machine Learning

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair: Pier Luca Lanzi (Politecnico di Milano)                                     

10:40-11:05        Context-Dependent Predictions and Cognitive Arm Control with XCSF  

        Martin V Butz, Oliver  Herbort


11:05-11:30        An Efficient SVM-GA Feature Selection Model for Large Healthcare Databases

        Rick  Chow, Wei  Zhong, Michael  Blackmon, Richard  Stolz, Marsha  Dowell


11:30-11:55        Genetic-Guided Semi-Supervised Clustering Algorithm with Instance-Level Constraints

        Yi  Hong, Sam  Kwong, Hui  Xiong, Qingsheng  Ren


GA-4: Applications 1

Room: Georgia East

Session Chair: Conor Ryan (University of Limerick)                                         

10:40-11:05        A Transformation-Based Approach to Static Multiprocessor Scheduling

        Alan  Sheahan, Conor  Ryan


11:05-11:30        Adapting Palettes to Color Vision Deficiencies by Genetic Algorithm

        Luigi  Troiano, Cosimo  Birtolo, Maria  Miranda


11:30-11:55        On the Genetic Programming of Time-Series Predictors for Supply Chain Management

        Alexandros  Agapitos, Matthew  Dyson, Jenya  Kovalchuk, Simon Mark Lucas



        Iraj  Mahdavi, Mohammad Mahdi  Paydar, Armaghan  Heidarzade, Maghsud  Soleimanpur


ACO-3: Artificial Immune Systems and Probability

Room: Atlanta A

Session Chair:                                                                       

10:40-11:05        Improving Accuracy of Immune-inspired Malware Detectors by using Intelligent Features

        M. Zubair  Shafiq, Syed Ali  Khayam, Muddassar  Farooq


11:05-11:30        Optimizing Task Schedules Using An Artificial Immune System Approach

        Han  Yu 


11:30-11:55        A Sense of Danger: Dendritic Cells Inspired Artificial Immune System for MANET Security

        Nauman  Mazhar, Muddassar  Farooq


11:55-12:20        Discriminating Self from Non-Self with Finite Mixtures of Multivariate Bernoulli Distributions

        Thomas  Stibor 


RWA-1: Best Paper Nominees

Room: Atlanta B

Session Chair: Daniel Howard (QinetiQ)                                                           

10:40-11:05        Speeding Online Synthesis via Enforced Selecto-Recombination  

        Shunsuke  Saruwatari, Xavier  Llora, Noriko Imafuji Yasui, Hiroshi  Tamura, Kumara  Sastry, David E. Goldberg


11:05-11:30        Evolved Bayesian Networks as a Versatile Alternative to Partin Tables for Prostate Cancer Management  

        Ratiba  Kabli, John  McCall, Frank  Herrmann, Eng  Ong


11:30-11:55        Genetic Algorithms for Mentor-Assisted Evaluation Function Optimization  

        Omid  David-Tabibi, Moshe  Koppel, Nathan S. Netanyahu


11:55-12:20        Multiobjective Robustness for Portfolio Optimization in Volatile Environments  

        Ghada  Hassan, Christopher D. Clack


Evolutionary Computation in Practice-3:

Room: Atlanta C

Session Chair:                                                                       



Late Breaking Papers-2

Room: Lenox

Session Chair:                                                                       

10:40-10:55        Potential Fitness for Genetic Programming

        Krzysztof  Krawiec, PrzemysBaw  Polewski


10:55-11:10        Multi-Task Code Reuse in Genetic Programming

        Wojciech  Jaskowski, Krzysztof  Krawiec, Bartosz  Wieloch


11:10-11:25        Multi-objective Memetic Approach for Flexible Process Sequencing Problems

        Jian-Hong  Chen, Jian-Hung  Chen


11:25-11:40        A Synergistic Approach for Evolutionary Optimization

        Maumita  Bhattacharya 


SBSE-1: Best paper nominees + SBSE Verification and Validation

Room: Roswell

Session Chair: Giuliano Antoniol (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal)                       

10:40-11:05        Empirical Analysis of a Genetic Algorithm-based Stress Test Technique  

        Vahid  Garousi  


11:05-11:30        Fitness Calculation Approach for the Switch-Case Construct in Evolutionary Testing

        Yan  Wang, Zhiwen  Bai, Miao  Zhang, Wen  Du, Ying  Qin, Xiyang  Liu


11:30-11:55        Searching for Liveness Property Violations in Concurrent Systems with ACO  

        Francisco  Chicano, Enrique  Alba


11:55-12:20        Handling Dynamic Data Structures in Search Based Testing

        Kiran  Lakhotia, Mark  Harman, Phil  McMinn


THEORY-1: Best-Paper Nominees

Room: Peachtree

Session Chair: Benjamin Doerr (MPI Saarbruecken)                                        

10:40-11:05        Computing Minimum Cuts by Randomized Search Heuristics  

        Frank  Neumann, Joachim  Reichel, Martin  Skutella


11:05-11:30        Memetic Algorithms with Variable-Depth Search to Overcome Local Optima  

        Dirk  Sudholt


11:30-11:55        Precision, Local Search and Unimodal Functions  

        Martin  Dietzfelbinger, Jonathan E Rowe, Ingo  Wegener, Philipp  Woelfel



EMO-4: Global Optimization and Decision Making

Room: Atlanta A

Session Chair: Eckart Zitzler (ETH Zurich)                                                        

14:00-14:25        Integrating User Preferences with Particle Swarms for Multi-objective Optimization

        Upali K Wickramasinghe, Xiaodong  Li


14:25-14:50        Reference Point Based Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Group Decisions

        Jella  Pfeiffer, Uli  Golle, Franz  Rothlauf


GP-5: Applications III

Room: Atlanta B

Session Chair: Riccardo Poli (University of Essex)                                          

14:00-14:25        Coevolution of Data Samples and Classifiers Integrated with Grammatically-based Genetic Programming for Data Classification

        Douglas A Augusto, Helio J.C. Barbosa, Nelson F.F. Ebecken


14:25-14:50        Multiobjective design of operators that detect points of interest in images

        Leonardo  Trujillo, Gustavo  Olague, Evelyne  Lutton, Francisco  Fernández de Vega


14:50-15:15        Genetic Programming for Finite Algebras

        Lee  Spector, David M. Clark, Ian  Lindsay, Bradford  Barr, Jon  Klein


Evolutionary Computation in Practice-4:

Room: Atlanta C

Session Chair:                                                                       



EDA-2: BOA, hBOA, and EDNA

Room: Buckhead

Session Chair: Tian-Li Yu (National Taiwan University)                                    

14:00-14:25        iBOA: The Incremental Bayesian Optimization Algorithm

        Martin  Pelikan, Kumara  Sastry, David E. Goldberg


14:25-14:50        Finding Ground States of Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Spin Glasses with Hierarchical BOA and Genetic Algorithms

        Martin  Pelikan, Katzgraber G. Helmut, Sigismund  Kobe


14:50-15:15        Improved EDNA (Estimation of Dependency Networks Algorithm) Using Combining Function with Bivariate Probability Distributions

        José A. Gámez, Juan L. Mateo, José M. Puerta


GBML-3: Evolution and Genetics-Based Machine Learning

Room: Lenox

Session Chair: Lashon Booker (The MITRE Corporation)                                

14:00-14:25        Evolving Neural Networks for Fractured Domains

        Nate  Kohl, Risto  Miikkulainen


14:25-14:50        Accelerating Neuroevolutionary Methods Using a Kalman Filter

        Yohannes  Kassahun, Jose  de Gea, Mark  Edgington, Jan Hendrik  Metzen, Frank  Kirchner


14:50-15:15        Hierarchical Evolution of Linear Regressors

        Francesc  Teixidó-Navarro, Albert  Orriols-Puig, Ester  Bernadó-Mansilla


GA-5: Applications 2

Room: Roswell

Session Chair: Kalyanmoy Deb (IIT Kanpur)                                                     

14:00-14:25        A Tree-based GA Representation For The Portfolio Optimization Problem

        Claus C. Aranha, Hitoshi  Iba


14:25-14:50        In Search of No-loss Strategies for the Game of Tic-Tac-Toe using a Customized Genetic Algorithm

        Anurag  Bhatt, Pratul  Varshney, Kalyanmoy  Deb


14:50-15:15        An Asynchronous Hybrid Genetic-Simplex Search for Modeling the Milky Way Galaxy Using Volunteer Computing

        Travis  Desell, Boleslaw  Szymanski, Carlos  Varela


15:15-15:40        Strategic Positioning in Tactical Scenario Planning

        James M. Whitacre, Hussein A. Abbass, Ruhul  Sarker, Axel  Bender, Stephen  Baker


ECO-1: Best paper nominees

Room: Peachtree

Session Chair: Frank Neumann (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Informatik)                      

14:00-14:25        Understanding Elementary Landscapes

        Darrell  Whitley, Andrew M Sutton, Adele E Howe


14:25-14:50        Hyper-heuristics for the Dynamic Variable Ordering in Constraint Satisfaction Problems

        H.  Terashima-Marín, J. C.  Ortiz-Bayliss, P.  Ross, M.  Valenzuela-Rendón


14:50-15:15        A Study of NK Landscapes' Basins and  Local Optima Networks  

        Gabriela  Ochoa, Marco  Tomassini, Sebastien  Verel, Christian  Darabos


15:15-15:40        Crossover Can Provably be Useful in Evolutionary Computation  

        Benjamin  Doerr, Edda  Happ, Christian  Klein


ACO-1: Best Paper Nominees

Room: Atlanta A

Session Chair:                                                                       

16:10-16:35        Collective Intelligence and Bush Fire Spotting  

        David  Howden, Tim  Hendtlass


16:35-17:00        Convergence Behavior of the Fully Informed Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm  

        Marco A. Montes de Oca, Thomas  Stützle


17:00-17:25        Evolutionary Swarm Design of Architectural Idea Models  

        Sebastian  von Mammen, Christian  Jacob


17:25-17:50        Theoretical and Empirical Study of Particle Swarms with Additive Stochasticity and Different Recombination Operators  

        Jorge  Peña  


RWA-5 Prediction and Control

Room: Atlanta B

Session Chair:                                                                       

16:10-16:35        Design of Fractional Order PID Controllers with an Improved Differential Evolution

        Ajith  Abraham, Arijit  Biswas, Swagatam  Das, Sambarta  Dasgupta


16:35-17:00        Branch Predictor On-line Evolutionary System

        Karel  Slany 


17:00-17:25        An Analysis of Adaptive Windowing for Time Series Forecasting in Dynamic Environments: Further Tests of The DyFor GP Model

        Neal  Wagner, Zbigniew  Michalewicz


17:25-17:50        Fault Tolerant Control using Cartesian GeneticProgramming

        Yoshikazu  Hirayama, Tim  Clarke, Julian Francis Miller


EMO-1: Best Paper Nominees

Room: Atlanta C

Session Chair: Kalyanmoy Deb (IIT Kanpur)                                                     

16:10-16:35        In this paper we propose a novel iterative search procedure for multi-objective optimization problems. The iteration process -- though derivative free -- utilizes the geometry of the directional cones ofsuch optimization problems, and is capable both of m  

        Oliver  Schuetze, Gustavo  Sanchez, Carlos A. Coello Coello


16:35-17:00        Introducing MONEDA: Scalable Multiobjective Optimization with a Neural Estimation of Distribution Algorithm  

        Luis  Martí, Jesús  García, Antonio  Berlanga, José Manuel  Molina


17:00-17:25        Pattern Identification in Pareto-Set Approximations  

        Tamara  Ulrich, Dimo  Brockhoff, Eckart  Zitzler


17:25-17:50        Benefits and Drawbacks for the Use of epsilon-Dominance in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization  

        Christian  Horoba, Frank  Neumann


GP-4: Applications II

Room: Buckhead

Session Chair: Christopher D. Clack (University College London)                           

16:10-16:35        A Genetic Programming Approach to Business Process Mining

        Chris J Turner, Ashutosh  Tiwari, Jorn  Mehnen


16:35-17:00        Discovering Causes of Financial Distress by Combining  Evolutionary Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks

        Antonio M. Mora García, Eva  Alfaro Cid, Pedro A. Castillo Valdivieso, Juan J. Merelo Guervós, Anna I. Esparcia-Alcázar, Ken  Sharman


17:00-17:25        Analysis of a Genetic Programming Algorithm for Association Studies

        Robin  Nunkesser 


17:25-17:50        Evolutionary Synthesis of Low-Sensitivity Equalizers Using Adjacency Matrix Representation

        Leonardo Bruno Sá, Antonio  Mesquita


BIO-1: Best-Paper Nominees

Room: Lenox

Session Chair: Jason Moore (Dartmouth College)                                            

16:10-16:35        An Efficient Probabilistic Population-Based Descent for the Median Genome Problem  

        Adrien  Goeffon, Macha  Nikolski, David J. Sherman


16:35-17:00        Structure and Parameter Estimation for Cell Systems Biology Models  

        Francisco J. Romero-Campero, Hongqing  Cao, Miguel  Camara, Natalio  Krasnogor


17:00-17:25        Mask Functions for the Symbolic Modeling of Epistasis Using Genetic Programming  

        Ryan J Urbanowicz, Nate  Barney, Bill C White, Jason H Moore


GBML-2: Foundations of Learning Classifier Systems

Room: Roswell

Session Chair: Stewart W. Wilson (Prediction Dynamics)                               

16:10-16:35        Self-Adaptive Constructivism in Neural XCS and XCSF

        G D Howard, Larry  Bull, Pier-Luca  Lanzi


16:35-17:00        Self-Adaptive Mutation in XCSF

        Martin V. Butz, Patrick  Stalph, Pier Luca  Lanzi


17:00-17:25        An Analysis of Matching in Learning Classifier Systems

        Martin V Butz, Pier Luca  Lanzi, Xavier  Llorà, Daniele  Loiacono



Room: Peachtree

Session Chair: Tobias Friedrich (MPI Saarbrücken)                                         

16:10-16:35        Feasibility-Preserving Crossover for Maximum k-Coverage Problem

        Yourim  Yoon, Yong-Hyuk  Kim, Byung-Ro  Moon


16:35-17:00        Orientation Matters: How to Efficiently Solve OCST Problems with Problem-specific EAs

        Wolfgang  Steitz, Franz  Rothlauf


17:00-17:25        An Iterated Greedy Algorithm for the Node Placement Problem in Bidirectional Manhattan Street Networks

        Fubito  Toyama, Kenji  Shoji, Juichi  Miyamichi


17:25-17:50        Enhancing Solution Quality of the Biobjective Graph Coloring Problem Using Hybridization of EA

        Rajeev  Kumar, Paresh  Tolay, Siddharth  Tiwary




SIGEVO Business Meeting, Awards Presentations

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair:                                                                       



GA-6: Representations, Adaptive Operators

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair: Ying-ping Chen (National Chiao Tung University, TAIWAN)             

10:40-11:05        CrossNet: A Framework for Crossover with Network-based Chromosomal Representations

        Forrest  Stonedahl, William  Rand, Uri  Wilensky


11:05-11:30        The Node-Depth Encoding: Analysis and Application to the Bounded-Diameter Minimum Spanning Tree Problem

        Telma W. Lima, Franz  Rothlauf, Alexandre C. B. Delbem


11:30-11:55        Adaptive Operator Selection with Dynamic Multi-Armed Bandits

        Luis  DaCosta, Alvaro  Fialho, Marc  Schoenauer, Michèle  Sebag


11:55-12:20        Adaptive Discretization on Multidimensional Continuous Search Spaces

        Jiun-Jiue  Liou, Ying-ping  Chen


EMO-3: Algorithm Development

Room: Georgia East

Session Chair: Carlos A. Coello Coello (CINVESTAV-IPN)                               

10:40-11:05        G-Metric: an M-ary Quality Indicator for the Evaluation of Non-dominated Sets

        Giovanni  Lizarraga-Lizarraga, Arturo  Hernandez-Aguirre, Salvador  Botello-Rionda


11:05-11:30        A Pareto Following Variation Operator for Fast-Converging Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms

        A.K.M. Khaled Ahsan Talukder, Michael  Kirley, Rajkumar  Buyya


11:30-11:55        Computing Finite Size Representations of the Set of Approximate Solutions of       an MOP with Stochastic Search Algorithms

        Oliver  Schuetze, Carlos A. Coello Coello, Emilia  Tantar, El-Ghazali  Talbi


11:55-12:20        Objective Reduction Using a Feature Selection Technique

        Antonio  López Jaimes, Carlos A Coello Coello, Debrup  Chakraborty



Room: Atlanta A

Session Chair: Anne AUGER (INRIA)                                                                

10:40-11:05        Mutative $\sigma$-Self-Adaptation Can Beat Cumulative Step Size Adaptation when Using Weighted Recombination

        Hans-Georg  Beyer, Alexander  Melkozerov


11:05-11:30        Performance Analysis of Derandomized Evolution Strategies in Quantum Control Experiments

        Ofer M. Shir, Jonathan  Roslund, Thomas  Baeck, Herschel  Rabitz


11:30-11:55        Application Domain Study of Evolutionary Algorithms in Optimization Problems

        P.  Caamano, F.  Bellas, J. A.  Becerra, R. J.  Duro


RWA-6 Telecommunications and Image Processing

Room: Atlanta B

Session Chair:                                                                       

10:40-11:05        Metaheuristics for Solving a Real-World Frequency Assignment Problem in GSM Networks

        Francisco  Luna, César  Estébanez, Coromoto  León, José M. Chaves-González, Enrique  Alba, Ricardo  Aler, Carlos  Segura, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez, Antonio J. Nebro, José M. Valls, Gara  Miranda, Juan A. Gómez-Pulido


11:05-11:30        VoIP Speech Quality Estimation in a Mixed Context with Genetic Programming

        Adil  Raja, R. Muhammad Atif Azad, Colin  Flanagan, Conor  Ryan


11:30-11:55        Robust Method of Detecting Moving Objects in Videos Evolved by Genetic Programming

        Andy  Song, Danny  Fang


Evolutionary Computation in Practice-5:

Room: Atlanta C

Session Chair:                                                                       



ACO-5: Particle Swarm Optimization

Room: Buckhead

Session Chair:                                                                       

10:40-11:05        Runtime Analysis of Binary PSO

        Dirk  Sudholt, Carsten  Witt


11:05-11:30        A New Quantum Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization

        Millie  Pant, Radha  Thangaraj, Ajith  Abraham


11:30-11:55        Particle Filtering with Particle Swarm Optimization in Systems with Multiplicative Noise

        A. D. Klamargias, K. E. Parsopoulos, Ph. D. Alevizos, M. N. Vrahatis


11:55-12:20        Social Interaction in Particle Swarm Optimization, the Ranked FIPS, and Adaptive Multi-Swarms

        Johannes  Jordan, Sabine  Helwig, Rolf  Wanka


ALIFE-4: Artificial Life

Room: Lenox

Session Chair:                                                                       

10:40-11:05        Cooperative Network Construction Using Digital Germlines

        David B. Knoester, Philip K. McKinley, Charles  Ofria


11:05-11:30        On Hopeful Monsters, Neutral Networks and Junk Code in Evolving L-Systems

        Stefan  Bornhofen, Claude  Lattaud


11:30-11:55        On the Evolution of Motility and Intelligent Tactic Response

        Laura M Grabowski, Wesley R Elsberry, Charles  Ofria, Robert T Pennock



Room: Roswell

Session Chair: Thomas Jansen (Technische Universität Dortmund)                      

10:40-11:05        Focused No Free Lunch Theorems

        Darrell  Whitley, Jonathan  Rowe


11:05-11:30        Simulated Annealing, its parameter settings and the Longest Common Subsequence Problem

        Dennis  Weyland  


11:30-11:55        A Tunable Model for Multi-Objective, Epistatic, Rugged, and Neutral Fitness Landscapes

        Thomas  Weise, Stefan  Niemczyk, Hendrik  Skubch, Roland  Reichle, Kurt  Geihs


Late Breaking Papers-3

Room: Peachtree

Session Chair:                                                                       

10:40-10:55        Towards Memoryless Model Building

        David  Iclanzan, D.  Dumitrescu


10:55-11:10        A Comparison Of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms with Informed Initialization and Kuhn-Munkres Algorithm For The Sailor Assignment Problem

        Dipankar  Dasgupta, German  Hernandez, Deon  Garrett, Pavan Kalyan Vejandla, Aishwarya  Kaushal, Ramjee  Yerneni, James  Simien


11:10-11:25        Incorporating Model Identifiability into Equation Discovery of ODE Systems

        Dirk J.W. De Pauw, Bernard  De Baets


11:25-11:40        Using Feature-based Fitness Evaluation in Symbolic Regression with Added Noise

        Janine H Imada, Brian J Ross


11:40-11:55        Parameterizing Pair Approximations for Takeover Dynamics

        Joshua L. Payne, Margaret J. Eppstein


GA-7: Dynamic Optimization, Noise, Surrogate Models

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair: Khaled Rasheed (University of Georgia)                                   

14:00-14:25        A Self-Organized Criticality Mutation Operator for Dynamic Optimization Problems

        Carlos M. Fernandes, J. J. Merelo, Vitorino  Ramos, Agostinho C. Rosa


14:25-14:50        Dual-population Genetic Algorithm for Nonstationary Optimization

        Taejin  Park, Ri  Choe, Kwang Ryel  Ryu


14:50-15:15        On Selecting the Best Individual in Noisy Environments

        Wojciech  Jaskowski, Wojciech  Kotlowski


15:15-15:40        ASAGA: An Adaptive Surrogate-Assisted Genetic Algorithm

        Liang  Shi, Khaled  Rasheed


RWA-9 Planning

Room: Georgia East

Session Chair:                                                                       

14:00-14:25        3-D Path Planning for the Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Using Evolutionary Algorithms

        Isil  Hasircioglu, Haluk Rahmi Topcuoglu, Murat  Ermis


14:25-14:50        Computational Scenario-based Capability Planning

        Hussein A. Abbass, Axel  Bender, Hai Huong  Dam, Stephen  Baker, James  Whitacre, Ruhul  Sarker


14:50-15:15        Evolutionary Path Planner for UAVs in Realistic Environments

        Jesus Manuel de la Cruz, Eva  Besada-Portas, Luis  Torre-Cubillo, Bonifacio  Andres-Toro, Jose Antonio Lopez-Orozco


ACO-4: Swarm Applications and Topics

Room: Atlanta A

Session Chair:                                                                       

14:00-14:25        Swarm Intelligence in e-learning: A Learning Object Sequencing Agent based on Competencies

        Luis  de-Marcos, José-Javier  Martínez, Jose-Antonio  Gutierrez


14:25-14:50        Denial of Service Detection and Analysis Using Idiotypic Networks Paradigm

        Marek  Ostaszewski, Pascal  Bouvry, Franciszek  Seredynski


14:50-15:15        A Formal Performance Modeling Framework for Bio-inspired Ad Hoc Routing Protocols

        Muhammad  Saleem, Syed Ali Khayam, Muddassar  Farooq


15:15-15:40        Criticality Dispersion in Swarms to Optimize N-tuples

        M.A. Hannan Bin Azhar, Farzin  Deravi, Keith  Dimond


RWA-7 User Interaction Advances

Room: Atlanta B

Session Chair:                                                                       

14:00-14:25        EFIT-V - Interactive Evolutionary Strategy for the Construction of Photo-Realistic Facial Composites

        Ben  George, Stuart J. Gibson, Matthew I.S. Maylin, Christopher J. Solomon


14:25-14:50        Eye on the prize: Using Overt Visual Attention to Drive Fitness for Interactive Evolutionary Computation

        Tim  Holmes, Johannes  Zanker


14:50-15:15        Genetic Algorithms and the abc Music Notation Language for Rock Music Composition

        Tomasz Michal Oliwa


15:15-15:40        Using Coevolution to Understand and Validate Game Balance in Continuous Games

        Ryan  Leigh, Justin  Schonfeld, Sushil J. Louis


Evolutionary Computation in Practice-6:

Room: Atlanta C

Session Chair:                                                                       



EMO-5: Combinatorial Problems

Room: Buckhead

Session Chair: Carlos M Fonseca (University of Algarve)                                 

14:00-14:25        Graph Partitioning Through a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm: A Preliminary Study

        Dilip  Datta, Jose Rui Figueira, Carlos M. Fonseca, Fernando  Tavares-Pereira


14:25-14:50        Pareto Analysis for the Selection of Classifier Ensembles

        Eulanda  M. Dos Santos, Robert  Sabourin, Patrick  Maupin


14:50-15:15        Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Dynamic Multi-objective Route Planning with Predicted Traffic in a Real-World Road Network

        Hitoshi  Kanoh, Kenta  Hara


Late Breaking Papers-4

Room: Peachtree

Session Chair:                                                                       

14:00-14:25        Bond-Graphs + Genetic Programming: Analysis of an Automatically Synthesized Rotary Mechanical System

        Saheeb Ahmed Kayani, Muhammad Afzaal Malik



        Juan Carlos Serrato, Luis A. Caicedo, Jonatan  Gomez


14:50-15:15        Self-Managing Agents for Dynamic Scheduling in Manufacturing

        Ana  Madureira, Filipe  Santos, Ivo  Pereira


15:15-15:40        Logarithmic Differential Evolution (LDE) for Optimization of Kinetic Parameters in Pyrolysis of Biomass

        Pratik N Sheth, B V  Babu


GA-8: Linkage, Constrained Optimization and Memetic GAs

Room: Georgia West

Session Chair: Quang Huy Nguyen (Nanyang Technological University)                 

16:10-16:35        Search Space Reduction Technique for Constrained Optimization with Tiny Feasible Space

        Abu S. S. M. Barkat Ullah, Ruhul  Sarker, David  Cornforth


16:35-17:00        Non-genetic Transmission of Memes by Diffusion

        Quang Huy  Nguyen, Yew Soon  Ong, Meng Hiot  Lim


GP-6: Representations

Room: Georgia East

Session Chair: Lee Spector (Hampshire College)                                            

16:10-16:35        Memory with memory:  Soft assignment in Genetic Programming

        Nicholas Freitag McPhee, Riccardo  Poli


16:35-17:00        Genetic Programming with Polymorphic Types and Higher-Order Functions

        Franck  Binard, Amy  Felty


17:00-17:25        Advanced Techniques for the Creation and Propagation of Modules in Cartesian Genetic Programming

        Paul  Kaufmann, Marco  Platzner


RWA-8 Security Applications

Room: Atlanta B

Session Chair:                                                                       

16:10-16:35        MLS Security Policy Evolution with Genetic Programming

        Yow Tzu  Lim, Pau-Chen  Cheng, Pankaj  Rohatgi, John Andrew Clark


16:35-17:00        Evolving Similarity Functions for Code Plagiarism Detection

        Vic  Ciesielski, Nelson  Wu, Seyed  Tahaghoghi


17:00-17:25        Multi-Resistant Radar Jamming Using Genetic Algorithms

        Hans Jonas Fossum Moen, Stein  Kristoffersen


SBSE-2: SBSE Modeling and Resource Constraints

Room: Buckhead

Session Chair: Vahid Garousi (University of Calgary)                                       

16:10-16:35        Searching for Resource-Efficient Programs: Low-Power Pseudorandom Number Generators

        David R White, John  Clark, Jeremy  Jacob, Simon M Poulding


16:35-17:00        Avida-MDE: A Digital Evolution Approach to Generating Models of Adaptive Software Behavior

        Heather J. Goldsby, Betty H.C. Cheng


17:00-17:25        Finding Deadlocks in Large Concurrent Java Programs Using Genetic Algorithms

        Marco  Ferreira, Enrique  Alba, Francisco  Chicano, Juan  Gomez-Pulido


Late Breaking Papers-5

Room: Peachtree

Session Chair:                                                                       

16:10-16:25        Threshold Selecting: Best Possible Probability Distribution for Crossover Selection in Genetic Algorithms

        Jörg  Lässig, Karl Heinz  Hoffmann, Mihaela  Enachescu


16:25-16:40        Using Quotient Graphs to Model Neutrality in Evolutionary Search

        Dominic  Wilson, Devinder  Kaur


16:40-16:55        A Novel Methodology For Diversity Preservation In Evolutionary Algorithms

        Giovanni  Squillero, Alberto Paolo Tonda


16:55-17:10        Evolutionary Algorithm Considering Program Size: Efficient Program Evolution using GRAPE

        Shinichi  Shirakawa, Tomoharu  Nagao


17:10-17:25        Double-deck Elevator System using Genetic Network Programming with Genetic Operators based on Pheromone Information

        Lu  Yu, Jin  Zhou, Fengming  Ye, Shingo  Mabu, Kaoru  Shimada, Kotaro  Hirasawa,      Sandor  Markon  


17:25-17:40        Risk Prediction and Risk Factors Identification from Imbalanced Data with RPMBGA+

        Topon K Paul, Ken  Ueno, Koichiro  Iwata, Toshio  Hayashi, Nobuyoshi  Honda



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