Check in and out time and Directions

Renaissance Atlanta Hotel Downtown

It's easy to get from the Airport to the Renaissance Hotel Downtown.
MARTA Rail Service has a station in the baggage claim area of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Fee: $2.25 USD one way. Approximate taxi fare: $30.00 USD

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
South Airport Terminal
near Baggage Claim Area
RED (North-South Rail Line) service until 9pm
ORANGE (Northeast-South Rail Line) service until 1am

Approximate travel time: less than 20 minutes

North Avenue Rail Station address:
713 West Peachtree Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30308
Cross Street/Intersection:
West Peachtree Street at North Avenue

Walk 2 1/2 blocks north to hotel:

Renaissance Hotel Address:
590 West Peachtree Street NW
Cross Street/Intersection:
West Peachtree Street between 3rd NW and 4th NW

GA Tech Dorm

1) Map

Please print this map out and bring it with you on your trip.

GA Tech customized their campus map to help you find the check in, dorm, and breakfast buildings, and also how to get from the dorm to the conference hotel.

The dorm is:
Blue building on the map
Hemphill Dormitory
900 Hemphill Ave NW

Breakfast is:
Brown building on the map
Woodruff Dining Hall
890 Curran Street, N.W.

We will have copies of the map at the Registration Desk at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown. The Registration Desk will be open from 4-7pm on Friday, 11 July, and we will be there just prior to that, setting up.

2) Check-IN

Anytime between 7AM - Midnight, daily at:

Pink building on the map Office of Conference Services Commander Commons 871 McMillan St. Building 105 on the campus map

3) Check-OUT

Signage around the residence hall will remind you of these procedures/options.

If you need to store your bags after checkout, the conference hotel will be able to store your bags. Ask the bellstaff in the hotel lobby.

If you check out ON 16 July:
At the check-out table in the lobby of the residence hall
Drop off your linens in the lobby

If you check out on a day other than 16 July: ==============================================

Drop your linens off in the lobby Drop your key off at:

Pink building on the map
Office of Conference Services
Commander Commons
871 McMillan St.
Building 105 on the campus map


If you are leaving between midnight and 7am: ============================================
Drop your linens off in the lobby
Leave the keys on the desk in your bedroom.

4) Some GA Tech rules and regulations.

This isn't likely the first dorm you've stayed in, so this should all sound familiar to you. :) Please adhere to the rules. Thank you for your cooperation.

Room Keys.
Each Guest may check out only his or her own room key. Guest understands and agrees that a lost key charge of $50.00 per lost key will be charged to the Guest. Guest will incur lost key charge(s) immediately upon conclusion of above stated check-out date/time.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Policies.
Guest agrees to adhere to all of Georgia Tech's (GA Tech) policies, regulation, guidelines and all local, state and federal laws. Failure of Guest and/or any of its participants to comply with these laws, regulations or policies may result in forfeiture of the privilege of using owner’s facilities. GA Tech's regulations and policies include but are not limited to the following:

a. No smoking will be permitted in any room or apartment or in GA Tech's buildings.
b. No firearms, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, explosives or highly flammable materials will be permitted within GA Tech's buildings or on GA Tech's property.
c. No animals will be permitted in rooms or apartments or in GA Tech's buildings.
d. No hot plates or other cooking appliances will be permitted in rooms or apartments. Cooking may be allowed in kitchen areas only.
e. No remodeling or renovating of rooms or furniture will be permitted, including but not limited to tampering with the electrical or mechanical fixtures, placement of antennas or appliances out of the windows, removal of or addition of furniture, lowering of lofted beds without permission of GA Tech.
f. No alterations whatsoever of the rooms or apartments will be permitted, including attaching any object by adhesives, nail or screw without permission of GA Tech.
g. No tampering with or removal of windows or window screens from any part of any GA Tech's building will be permitted.
h. No tampering with the fire system or fire fighting equipment will be permitted.
i. No removal of lounge or common area furniture into individual rooms or apartments will be permitted without permission of GA Tech.
j. No gambling or solicitation in any form will be permitted.
k. No parking in the service or fire lanes adjacent to GA Tech's buildings will be permitted.

Guest’s Property Brought Onto Premises.
All property brought onto the premises by the Guest shall be at the sole risk of the Guest. Georgia Tech or ACM GECCO shall not be responsible for such property nor liable for any damages or injury to Guest, its agents or employees.

Compliance With Alcohol Guidelines.
At all times while on the premises Guest shall comply with the Georgia Institute of Technology alcohol guidelines and shall insure that its agents, employees, or invitees comply with the same:

All persons must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and the policies of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology, governing the use, possession, manufacture, distribution, dispensation, and sale of alcoholic beverages while on the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21 years of age.

Compliance With No Smoking Policy.
Premises are designated as a no smoking facility and Guest agrees to comply with such policy.

Compliance With Fire Safety Standards.
In accordance with accepted standards for fire safety, Guest agrees to ensure that all exits are unlocked and that access thereto is free from all obstructions at all times during occupancy. If applicable, Guest further agrees to ensure that all aisles will be kept clear, that no seating in the aisles will be permitted and that every exit light is burning at all times during the Event(s). Guest shall not obstruct any sidewalks, entries, passages, vestibules, hallways, elevators, doors, skylight, stairways, hallways, corridors, passageways, radiators, house lighting attachments and all openings or ways of access to public utilities of the premises.

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