Birds-of-a-feather Workshops:

Individual workshops can be two hours, half day, or full day in length. Although the format of the workshops will be determined by their organisers, all organisers will be strongly encouraged to allocate significant time to interactive sessions (discussions, panels, question and answer sessions, group problem-solving, brainstorming, etc.) that cannot normally be accommodated within a larger conference programme.

Proposals for workshops should not exceed THREE pages in length and should contain the following information:

1. A description of the workshop topic. Identify the specific issues on which the workshop will focus.

2. A brief discussion of why the topic is of particular interest to the GEC community at this time.

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3. A brief description of the proposed workshop format and identification of the points where the workshop will encourage the participation of all workshop attendees. (For example, workshops have often included a combination of the following: panel discussion, question and answer sessions, hands-on demonstrations, small group problem solving sessions, brainstorming sessions, short paper presentations, poster sessions, general discussion).
4. The names and full contact information (e-mail and postal addresses, fax, and telephone numbers) of the workshop organiser(s) and brief descriptions of their relevant expertise.
5. A brief description of the preferred length (2hr, half day, or full day).
6. An indicative list of potential attendees.

Organisers' whose proposals are accepted for GECCO workshops will be responsible for co-ordinating the workshop and gathering abstracts for publication if applicable. Attendance of the workshops will be open to all GECCO attendees. All organisers, participants, and presenters must register for the GECCO-2002 conference. Where workshops include paper or poster presentations abstracts and/or full papers from each workshop will be published in the separate workshop p proceedings. Details and additional deadlines will be provided once decisions have been made on the proposals.

Workshop proposals should be submitted as soon as possible and must be received no later than November 1, 2001. Please submit proposals in PLAIN TEXT e-mail format. Please do not send html formatted text or encoded attachments. Organisers will be notified of the committee's decisions by
November 16, 2001.

Updated information about the workshop program will be provided at
as it is received.

Please send proposals and inquiries regarding workshops to:

Dr Alwyn Barry,

Director of Studies,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Bath,
Bath, BA2 7AY,
United Kingdom


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