Call for papers

Submission deadline: February 22, 2002
Acceptance notification: March 15, 2002
Camera ready deadline: April 12, 2002

New York City, New York, USA
Tuesday, July 9, 2002


Sean Luke, George Mason University
Conor Ryan, University of Limerick
Una-May O'Reilly, MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab.


Submissions may be made by email only, and in PDF format only. Mail submissions to Sean Luke Please mail them with the subject line: GECCO 2002 Graduate Student Workshop Submission

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This single day workshop will involve approximately 12 selected students researching any aspect of Evolutionary Algorithms presenting a a 15-20 minute synopisis of their current research to a mentor panel, other students and other selected participants. Each presentation will be followed by questions and discussion prompted by the mentor panel. A limited number of other students will be invited to attend the workshop where they will have an opportunity to join in discussions.

This format is intended to offer feedback from the panel to the presenters regarding their results, methodology, future directions and presentation style. It should benefit other attendees in terms of learning about the work of others, engaging in technical discussions and meeting researchers with related interests. Workshops with approximately the same goals and format was held at previous GP/GECCO events and were strongly endorsed by both faculty and student participants.

To be eligible to present at this workshop you must submit a paper up to four pages long describing your thesis work involving any area of Evolutionary Algorithms including existing intermediate results. Your submission should be authored solely by you (and your advisor or supervisor if protocol demands).

The group of presenting students will be chosen by the panel with the intent of creating a diverse group of students working on a broad range of topic areas. You are an ideal candidate if your thesis topic has already been approved by your university and you have been working on your thesis for between 6 and 18 months. You are also a strong candidate if evolutionary computation has a role in an undergraduate project or thesis.

Importantly, even if you are not chosen to present, you will be considered for invitation to the workshop and you can expect to derive a lot of benefit from attending. Participation will be limited to preserve the discussion quality of the workshop but students who submit a paper will receive highest consideration.

The papers submitted by students who participate in the workshop and/or presentation sessions will be printed in the GECCO Workshop Papers book.


How does my paper submission relate to GECCO?

This workshop is entirely distinct from submitting to the GECCO conference. You may submit your paper both here and at GECCO. In fact, your workshop paper may overlap with any other paper submission you've made elsewhere, so long as this does not violate copyright agreements made elsehwere.

Can I get a travel grant?

There is a strong possibility of travel grants to authors of accepted submissions. Our goal is a high level of participation by students.

What topics can I submit?

You can submit a paper on any topic that would be acceptable to the original GECCO call for papers. However, your paper must be related in some aspect to your thesis work.

Previous GECCO Graduate Student Workshops

The Graduate Student Workshop has a long history of participation in the GP and GECCO conferences, and has had many notables in the EA community participate both as presenters and as panel members. Previous workshops:

GECCO 2001 Graduate Student Workshop
GECCO 2000 Graduate Student Workshop
GECCO 1999 Graduate Student Workshop
Genetic Programming 1998 Graduate Student Workshop
Genetic Programming 1997 Graduate Student Workshop

For further information, contact Sean Luke

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