As part of the double blind scientific peer review, the following papers were nominated for consideration by the conference for a Best at GECCO prize.

The final winners will be chosen after these papers are presented in New York by secret ballot of the GECCO registrants.

Names and authors of the nominated papers:

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A Comparison of Two Competitive Fitness Functions, Liviu Panait and Sean Luke
A DNA-based three-state device, Bernard Yurke and Friedrich C. Simmel
A Genetic Hybrid for Critical Heat Flux Function Approximation, Yung-Keun Kwon, Sung-Deok Hong, and Byung-Ro Moon
A Modified Compact Genetic Algorithm for the Intrinsic Evolution of Continuous Time Recurrent Neural Networks, John C. Gallagher and Saranyan Vigraham
A Permutation Genetic Algorithm for Variable Ordering in Learning Bayesian Networks from Data, William H. Hsu, Haipeng Guo, Benjamin B. Perry, and Julie A. Stilson
A re-examination of the Cart Centering problem using the Chorus system, R. Muhammad Atif Azad, Conor Ryan, Mark E. Burke, Ali R. Ansari
A Savings based Ant System for the Vehicle Routing Problem, Marc Reimann, Michael Stummer, and Karl Doerner
A Survey and Analysis of Diversity Measures in Genetic Programming, Edmund Burke, Steven Gustafson, and Graham Kendall
Adaptive Reconfiguration of Data Networks Using Genetic Algorithms, David Montana, Talib Hussain, and Tushar Saxena
An Analysis of the Role of Offspring Population Size in EAs, Thomas Jansen and Kenneth De Jong
Application of Genetic Algorithms to the Discovery of Complex Models for Simulation Studies in Human Genetics, Jason H. Moore, Lance W. Hahn, Marylyn D. Ritchie, Tricia A. Thornton, and Bill C. White
Archiving with Guaranteed Convergence and Diversity in Multi-Objective Optimization, Marco Laumanns, Lothar Thiele, Eckart Zitzler, and Kalyanmoy Deb
Creation of a Learning, Flying Robot by Means of Evolution, Peter Augustsson, Krister Wolff, and Peter Nordin
Efficient Reinforcement Learning through Evolving Neural Network Topologies, Kenneth O. Stanley and Risto Miikkulainen
Evolutionary Computation as a Form of Organization, Alexander Kosorukoff and David Goldberg
Evolving Neural Networks for the Classification of Galaxies, Erick Cantú-Paz and Chandrika Kamath
Fitness Distance Correlation and Problem Difficulty for Genetic Programming, Manuel Clergue, Philippe Collard, Marco Tomassini and Leonardo Vanneschi
Gaphyl: An Evolutionary Algorithms Approach for the Study of Natural Evolution, Clare Bates Congdon
Genetic Algorithms and Fine-Grained Topologies for Optimization, Xiaotong Wang, Lawrence Davis, and Chunsheng Fu
Genetic Programming and Multi-Agent Layered Learning by Reinforcements, William H. Hsu and Steven M. Gustafson
Hyper-heuristics: learning to combine simple heuristics in bin-packing problems, Peter Ross, Sonia Schulenburg, Javier G. Marín-Blázquez, and Emma Hart
IDynamic Search with Charged Swarms, T. M. Blackwell and P. J. Bentley
Improving Evolutionary Testing by Flag Removal, Mark Harman, Lin Hu, Robert Hierons, André Baresel, and Harmen Sthamer
Intelligent Packets for Dynamic Network Routing Using Distributed Genetic Algorithm, Suihong Liang, A. Nur Zincir-Heywood, and Malcolm I. Heywood
Is the Perfect the Enemy of the Good?, Sean Luke and Liviu Panait
Lens System Design and Re-Engineering with Evolutionary Algorithms, Julie Beaulieu, Christian Gagne, and Marc Parizeau
On The Convergence Properties of a Simple Self-Adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm, John DeLaurentis, Lauren Ferguson, and William E. Hart
On the Dynamics of Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimisation, Tatsuya Okabe, Yaochu Jin, and Bernhard Sendhoff
On the Search Biases of Homologous Crossover in Linear Genetic Programming and Variable-length Genetic Algorithms, Riccardo Poli, Christopher R. Stephens, Alden H. Wright, and Jonathan E. Rowe
Search Heuristics, Case-Based Reasoning and Software Project Effort Prediction, Colin Kirsopp, Martin Shepperd, and John Hart
Voronoi Quantized Crossover for Traveling Salesman Problem, Dong-Il Seo and Byung-Ro Moon


  Winners of the BEST-PAPER AWARD at
GECCO- 2002

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