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Organisation ECP Track 2012

Session Schedule 2012

ECP 2012





S-1: Ask the Experts: EC questions from the audience (Open panel discussion)

Mon 9th July

Jörn Mehnen, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein

Open panel discussion


S-2: Managing an EC project for success,
Emerging Technologies

Tue 10th July

Jörn Mehnen, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein

Jörn Mehnen(Cranfield Uni),Ronan Nugent

S-3: EC in Design and Optimization

Tue 10th July

Jörn rn Mehnen, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein

Jörn Mehnen (Cranfield Uni),

Ron Averill
(Red Cedar Technology, Inc.)

S-4: EC in Statistics and EA consultancy

Tue 10th July

Thomas Bartz-Beielstein

Thomas Bäck
Mark: divis intelligent solutions GmbH

Mark Kotanchek:
Evolved Analytics. Data Modeler

Mike Preuß: sOptimo: Single- and Multi-objective Challenges in the Optimization of Distributed Energy Supply Systems



S-5: Getting a Job:
What to do and what not to do

Wed 11th July

Jörnrn Mehnen, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein

Open panel discussion

Ask the Experts
This lively session consists of a panel of experts with decades of real-world application experience answering questions posed by attendees of the sessions. In the past, we have always had two or three discussions on industrial problems that lie on the cutting edge of EA development. This session gives you the opportunity to get free consulting from the experts!

Managing an EC project for success
Experts in real-world optimization with decades of experience share their approaches to creating successful projects for real-world clients. Some of what they do is based on sound project management principles, and some is specific to our type of optimization projects. In this session a panel of experts describes a range of techniques you can use to identify, design, manage, and successfully complete an EA project for a client.

EC in Design and Optimization
In this session industry speakers will be presenting. They actually run companies in the field of optimization and applied statistics. If you attend, you will learn multiple ways to extend EC practice beyond the approaches found in textbooks.

EC in Statistics and EA Consultancy
Statistics play a prominent role in today's industrial and business processes. New buzzwords like Data Mining or Big Data come up regularly. This session presents background and insider information about the true meaning a modern statistical approaches.

Getting a Job
Getting a job with training in evolutionary computation can be much easier if you know the things to do and the things not to do in your last year or two of study. In this session you will hear from a panel of experts who have trained students and who have hired students to carry out real-world optimization. Highly recommended if you will be looking for a job in the next few years - or if you are thinking of changing jobs.



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