GECCO Student Travel Grants FAQs and Help

How are Student Travel Grant decisions made?

Applications open after paper review decisions are sent out. Once the application deadline passes, no more applications are accepted. The committee uses a program to make the decisions, which are based upon participation in GECCO - students with accepted full papers and student workshop papers have priority. The program also takes into consideration how many timezones someone is traveling.

What is proof of full time student status?

Proof of full time student status can be a scan of your student ID, or a letter or other document from your professor or university that states you are a full time student. A copy of your class schedule is not a valid form of proof.

What are "original receipts"?

Original receipts are the actual pieces of paper that you receive in exchange for paying for something like a hotel room or food.

I plan to arrive early/extend my stay in the conference city. When I send in my airline ticket receipt, does it matter what the arrival/return date is?

It doesn't matter when your arrival or return date is, as long as the conference dates are within your arrival and departure dates.

What receipts do I send in if I plan to use my airline ticket to claim my travel grant?

To use your airline ticket to claim your travel grant, send in the receipt showing the total amount of the ticket (for example, a printout of the email receipt) and your original boarding pass, that shows you left from your starting point, and boarded the plane for the trip described on your receipt.

What receipts, other than airline tickets, are acceptable to claim my travel grant?

Acceptable receipts include food, hotel, taxi, train, bus, car rental.

Does it matter what the dates are on my original receipts?

Receipts other than for your airline tickets must have a date that coincides with traveling to or from the conference, or on conference days.  For example, since GECCO 2011 will be held from July 12 through July 16, 2011, receipts other than for airline travel must be dated between July 11, 2011 and July 17, 2011.

Does my travel grant cover my conference registration fee?

No. Conference registration fees are not reimbursed by student travel grants.

Am I able to transfer my travel grant to another student?

No. GECCO student travel grants are not transferable.

My coauthor and I each received a travel grant. My coauthor can not come to the conference. Are we able to combine our grants into one for me?

No. GECCO student travel grants are not combinable.

My airline ticket receipt is not in US dollars. Am I able to still use my airline ticket to claim my travel grant?

Yes. There will be no problem with your airline receipt in a currency other than US dollars. We will convert the amount to US dollars for our records.

I missed the application deadline - am I able to still apply for a travel grant?

No. We are sorry, the travel grant program can not accept late applications.

Who funds GECCO travel grants?

The grant money comes from donations from ACM SIGEVO, private companies and corporations, so there is a limited amount of money each year.

Does a travel grant fully fund the budget I put on the application?

No. No student is fully funded.

Thank you for the grant, but it is not enough. Is there a way to increase my grant?

We appreciate that it is disappointing that the grant doesn't cover all travel expenses, but, given the constraints the Conference Chair and Business Committee work with, it is the best that we can do.

The grant money comes from donations from private companies and corporations, so there is a limited amount of money each year. The Conference Chair and Business Committee expend considerable effort each year to obtain these donations. The Committee allocates grants based on the kind of presentations made (accepted paper, poster, student workshop paper), as well as how far the applicant has to travel. No student is fully funded. Some students who apply receive no grant at all.

How can I help the GECCO student travel grant fund?

The grant money comes from donations from private companies and corporations. If you know of a company who might want to support the grants, contact the Conference Chair.

I was awarded a travel grant - how do I receive the check?

To receive your check, please follow the link to the online expense report you received with your notification and follow the instructions on the form.

Please note it can take 3-6 weeks for you to receive your check from ACM headquarters.

What is an expense report? Is there a special form?

An expense report is a listing of each receipt you submit: the receipt date, description, amount, and a grand total. There is no special form.

Is it possible to claim a portion of an expense, up to the grant limit? For example, my hotel bill takes me over the grant limit, but could I claim back as much of the hotel bill as the grant will cover?
Yes, you may submit receipts that total more than your grant amount. You will be reimbursed for as much of the receipts as the grant covers. You will not receive a check for more than your grant amount.

Some of my meals were shared. How do I submit the receipt for my meal?

Mark the receipts to highlight your own food.

How do I submit one receipt to two funding sources? I have a GECCO student travel grant and also funding from another source. My flight ticket cost more than the travel grant, so I am required to submit that receipt to my other funding source too.

Submit a printout of your airline ticket receipt, along with a copy of your boarding pass for your journey TO the conference, and a statement that you have more than one funding source. GECCO staff will be able to verify that you attended the conference, and will approve your grant check.

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