Jörn Mehnen, Cranfield University
Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Cologne University of Applies Sciences David Davis, VGO Associates

The Evolutionary Computation in Practice (ECP) track is dedicated to the discussion of issues related to practical application of Evolutionary Computation. For the past five years, members from industry, governmental agencies and other public sectors have participated in presentations and discussions describing how evolution-related technologies are being used to solve real-world problems. Moreover, subjects on bridging academic training and real-world usage are also addressed.

Evolutionary Computation in Practice has several goals:

Serve as a place for industrial and government attendees to talk and learn of new EC approaches that they can use
Provide top-level presentations of techniques across industries and organizations
Help students learn how to get employment in EC
Provide a forum in which practitioners of real-world systems can describe their approaches in a non-technical way
Provide descriptions of the way that practitioners have created and run successful EC projects

The subject domains include, but are not limited to biomedical; design; energy and resources; finance; government and military; academic training for real-world applications; computer graphics and gaming, and others.

This year´s ECP track includes the following sessions:

Ask the Experts: EC questions from the audience (Open panel discussion)
Managing an EC project for success, Emerging Technologies
EC in Design
EC in Statistics and EA consultancy
Getting a Job: What to do and what not to do




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