2005 - Present:
As of January 1, 2005, the International Society for Genetic Algorithms (ISGEC) was reorganized to become a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The SIG is called SIGEVO -- the Special Interest Group for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation.

ACM GECCO Proceedings are sold only through the Association for Computing Machinery store:

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ACM GECCO Proceedings may also be accessed at the ACM Digital Library (DL). ACM Special Interest Group (SIG) members receive full-text access to all materials sponsored by their respective SIGs in the DL. ACM Members who subscribe to the DL get unlimited access to full-text content, plus additional functionality such as Advanced Search and Personalized Services.

Join SIGEVO: $25/year Professional Membership, $10/year Student Membership

Join ACM:
Professional Membership: $99 (USD)
Professional Membership PLUS Digital Library: $198 (USD)
Student Membership: $19 (USD)
Student Membership PLUS Digital Library: $42 (USD)

ACM membership does not include SIG membership.

1999 - 2004:
In 1999, International Society for Genetic Algorithms (ISGEC) combined the preexisting ISGEC and the Genetic Programming conference organization into one organization. ISGEC combined the world's two largest EC conferences, Genetic Programming (GP) and International Conference on Genetic Algorithms (ICGA), to create a unique opportunity to bring together the best in research in the growing field of genetic and evolutionary computation (GEC). GECCO Proceedings from 1999 - 2004 may be obtained from www.amazon.com.

Where will the proceedings be indexed?

ACM will submit the conference Proceedings to ISI for indexing. All other ACM SIGEVO conference proceedings are indexed by ISI, so it is the expectation that GECCO Proceedings will also be, as the GECCO Proceedings also meet the criteria for indexing by ISI.

The printed index product from ISI is called ISTP, and the on-line version is now called the Proceedings Citation Index (PCI). The PCI is included in the Web of Science product. ACM Proceedings are also completely indexed in SCOPUS.

ACM Proceedings are also included in ACM's Guided to Computing Literature, an on-line bibliographic database that indexes ACM's own publications and those of other major publishers in computer science. It is also a citation index with author profiles showing citation statistics as well as download usage for all the full text articles in the ACM Digital Library.

Because ACM's conference proceedings are published as volumes, not journals, they cannot be included in SCI (or SCIE), because those are JOURNAL indices, so conference proceedings published as volumes are not eligible for indexing there. That is no reflection on the quality of the conference proceedings.

GECCO History

2008, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Conference Chair: Conor Ryan
2007, London, England. Conference Chair: Hod Lipson
2006, Seattle, Washington, USA. Conference Chair: Mike Cattolico
2005, Washington, D.C. USA. Conference Chair: Una-May O'Reilly
2004, Seattle, Washington, USA. Conference Chair: Riccardo Poli
2003, Chicago, Illinois, USA. General Chair: James A. Foster
2002, New York, New York, USA. Conference Chair: Erick Cantú-Paz
2001, San Francisco, California, USA. Conference Chair: Erik Goodman
2000, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. General Chair: Darrell Whitley.
1999, Orlando, Florida, USA. General Chair: David E. Goldberg


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