One Conference – Many Mini-Conferences

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Saturday, July 7:

Free Workshops and Tutorials
Sunday, July 8:
Free Workshops and Tutorials
Monday, July 9:
Paper presentations
Monday evening, July 9:
Keynote: Professors Richard Dawkins, Steve Jones, Lewis Wolpert will take part in a public debate, discussing the emergence of complexity in evolution
Tuesday, July 10: Paper presentations
Wednesday, July 11: Paper presentations

Keynote Event: Public Debate on Complexity and Evolution
Richard Dawkins, Lewis Wolpert and Steve Jones

Monday evening, 9 July 2007, Central Hall, Natural History Museum.

The Debate is supported by the Science Department of the Natural History Museum

We are pleased to announce that Professors Richard Dawkins, Steve Jones and Lewis Wolpert will take part in a public debate, discussing the emergence of complexity in evolution.
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Program Tracks:
Three days of presentations of the latest high-quality results in 14 separate and independent program tracks specializing in various aspects of genetic and evolutionary computation.

Free Tutorials and Workshops:
Two days of free tutorials and workshops (included with conference registration) presented by some of the world’s foremost experts in topics of interest to genetic and evolutionary computation researchers and practitioners.

Proceedings will be published and distributed to all registered attendees.

GECCO "Job Shop"
GECCO will host a special lunchtime session for participants looking for positions in academia or in industry, and for employers looking to hire. Bring copies of your resume, publications, and job descriptions. Specific time, format and location to be advertised shortly.


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