Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference GECCO-2003

June 26-30, 2004. Seattle, Washington, USA
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Evolutionary Computation in Industry

For the third year, GECCO in 2004 will have a series of sessions entitled "Evolutionary Computation in Industry". The Evolutionary Computation in Industry sessions are tutorial-style and presenters are invited, but all GECCO participants are invited to attend. The ECI sessions are on June 28-30 (Monday - Wednesday) during the main part of GECCO conference. The detailed program is provide below.

Each session focuses on a different topic related to applications of evolutionary algorithms. The presentations are designed for attendees such as managers, technology scouts, and industrial practitioners, who are seeking less technical presentations on the ways that evolutionary applications can make a difference. Presenters in these sessions are experts in applications and in describing the way that good evolutionary computation projects are planned and executed.

Program for the Evolutionary Computation in Industry track- .doc version    PDF version

The Evolutionary Computation in Industry sessions are organized this year by
--- David Davis (NuTech Solutions) david.davis@nutechsolutions.com
--- Rajkumar Roy (Cranfield University) r.roy@cranfield.ac.uk
--- Mark Jakiela (Washington University in St. Louis) mjj@wustl.edu

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